Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Saturday's UFC on Fuel 10 went down and I was stuck in a situation whose potential I thought had passed in my progression as a fan of the sport...

I didn't care. I mean not one little bit. I had plans to go over to my cousins house for his birthday and it only barely crossed my mind to mention turning it on while there. This is a radical departure from what I usually do when forced into a social situation during fight time. I won't go into details but it involves lots of twitching like a crack fiend while I try to carry on conversations like it aint no thing. Last night was weird though.

Sure, there were a few fights that looked interesting... A rematch between Big Nog and Werdum just has to make your heart happy just a little and is especially interesting with the way Werdum's game has steadily improved over the years and given the fact that a decent win would seem to put him in the proverbial "mix". Silva vs. High looked good if only because Erick Silva was in it. Despite what Jon Fitch would have you believe, any fight with Erick Silva is a hide yo wife, hide yo kids moment. Also Thiago is back and hopefully brought a clean set of urine with him. Some good fights but nothing that was able to channel my inner giddy school girl.

Granted, I don't think that in this circumstance the UFC is going to be too worried about losing my eyeballs for the night. This event was all about Brazil. It closed out a fairly universally panned Brazilian TUF and it was meant to be a showcase for some of the UFC's young Brazilian fighters. Brazil is a potentially crazy lucrative market and it is the birthplace of this whole thing so throwing events at that market with the North American market being an afterthought kinda makes my heart glad just a little. Giving back while getting and all that...

The card seemed to be filled with a ton of lopsided matches with a trip down memory lane to cap it off and that's pretty much what it delivered. However, the main event really did have a lot of divisional significance. Werdum has to get the shot at the winner of Cain/JDS now. With his recent record, his amazing growth as a fighter and this performance tonight. He just has to.

Well, plans get blown apart and I got to watch the event and I have to admit that I was wrong. I loved this card. Super fun card all the way around. Even the freaking post fight press conference was more fun than usual, the Brazilians were having a blast all up in there. Why was this card great? Let me count the ways... A UFC record number of eight submissions in one card? Check. A first time sweep by the Brazilian fighters? Check., Thiago Silva going back to murder-killing people? Check . Tons of awesome grappling fights? Check

The Brazilian crowed was loud and doing what it is they do. (Although apparently 100 degrees in the stadium dampened some of the enthusiasm). We even got to see a heartfelt moment between two fighters with Jose Aldo and Santos crying over Santos' win. A moment that was made all the more poignant knowing their background. That was a special moment and signifies a lot of the spirit behind Martial Arts.

In short, I robbed myself of a good night of watching fights and that's a shame. Next time I have to remember and channel my inner GSP. I must never underestimate my opponent, err... a potential card. Besides, Uncle Dana wouldn't like it and we can't have that now can we?

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