Round 5 announces exclusive figures for UFC Fan Expo 2013

Tito Ortiz limited edition action figure - Round 5 MMA Facebook Page

The UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas will feature five exclusive limited-edition figures of some big moments in MMA history.

Collectors, rejoice! MMA action-figure maker, Round 5, is bringing some exclusive goodies to the upcoming UFC Fan Expo!

At this year's UFC Fan Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, which is happening to coincide with the weekend of UFC 162, Round 5 is offering not one, but five exclusive limited-edition action figures at their booth. First on the line-up is their retro-style Tito Ortiz figure, which represents "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" from his middleweight title defense (since that is what it was called back then) at UFC 30 against Evan Tanner. The figure comes with an old school style UFC title belt, a flag of Mexico to recreate his walkout, and packaging reminiscent of the event poster.

A variant of this figure will also be available that will come with an American flag instead of the Mexican flag.


Next on the line-up is Cain Velasquez, dressed in his walkout shirt from UFC 155, the event where he defeated Junior Dos Santos in a rematch from UFC on Fox 1 to regain the UFC heavyweight title. This figure also comes with the current design of the UFC championship, which can be fit around the waist of any figures (in case you feel like putting the gold on someone else).


Lastly, Anderson Silva gets himself two figures from Round 5! First, this one above representing his time in Pride FC. Dressed in his black Chute Boxe tights and his blue Pride FC gloves, this Silva figure is based on his fight against Carlos Newton at Pride FC 25: Body Blow, which would become Silva's third consecutive win in the company.

Additionally, another Silva figure will be released, featuring his walkout wear from UFC 117 when he first fought Chael Sonnen. This figure comes dressed in his Silver Star walkout gi and his UFC middleweight championship belt.

None of the figures feature new or unique head-sculpts or bodies, but the unique accessories are what set them apart and make fans of their figures go crazy. Each of these figures will individually numbered and limited to a mere 500 pieces, except for the UFC 117 Silva which will be limited to 1000, so get them while you can!

Also available at their booth will be older figures, including the twelfth wave of their Ultimate Collector line, which features Jose Aldo, Chan-Sung Jung, Nate Diaz, BJ Penn, Brian Stann, and Junior Dos Santos. There will most likely be a few prototypes on display as well of upcoming figures, so keep your eyes open for Round 5 when you are marching around the UFC Fan Exo (and buy me that Ortiz figure while you are there).

You can find more images of Round 5's upcoming releases on their Facebook page. Round 5 will be at booth # 7101, hosted by Walkout Wear, during the duration of this two-day event.

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