2013 IBJJF World Championships Finals Results and Play-by-Play

Live play by play and results of the 2013 IBJJF Mundials Finals, the crown of the 2013 World Champions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Starting at 10:00 am PT the action resumes in Long Beach, California and the fields have been reduced to just two grapplers in each weightclass. For a recap of yesterday's action check out Ben Thapa's play-by-play of Day 1 in the black belt divisions. To take you the rest of the way is T.P. Grant, and here is a link to the Quarter and Semifinal action from earlier today.

If you want to watch live there is still time, you can buy the stream at IBJJF.tv .

Roosterweight Final: Bruno Malfacine vs Caio Terra

These two have met many, many times in finals and know each other's games so well. Double guard pull and Terra is on a footlock, but lets it go. Malfacine is up and going for a leg drag. Terra trying to get deep on the half guard, Malfacine stuffing it. Malfacine sneaks out and goes for the back, but Terra is too crafty and gets back to half guard. Terra comes back to guard, gets Malfacine down but couldn't come up for the sweep.

Score is 2 advantages to 1 in favor of Malfacine. Terra trying to work a 50/50 sweep but Malfacine is defending very well. Very tactical battle here as Malfacine is constantly re-positioning himself to stop Terra's attempts to off balance him. Terra gets the back hook grip and comes up to the top, earning him a 2-0 lead in points. Malfacine has a chance for the back.

Bruno sweeps back and it is tied 2-2, and now Malfacine is back up on advantages. Terra gets the back leg hook again but Malfacine is able to get it out and not get swept. Minute left and Terra working very hard to get back up. Terra spins for a great leg lock attack and the match is tied on advantages.

30 seconds left to win. Terra comes to the top as Malfacine goes for a leg attack and Terra gets 2 points for a sweep with seconds left. Terra wins.

Caio Terra defeats Bruno Malfacine by points (4-2)

Light Featherweight Final: Ary Farias vs Gabriel Moraes

Farias leaps at Morase and they both pull guard. They are fighting to come up and Farias is the first to come up for an advantage. Moraes with a super active half guard, almost gets Farias' back, but Farias saves it at the last second. A second advantage awarded to Farias and he kicks over the other side of half guard. Farias has a strong cross face and looking to free his leg and Morases is super dynamic almost catches back, Farias almost gets back and both end up in sitting guard, what a scramble!

Break to fix belts, score is 3-1 advantages for Farias. Fighters start standing and both leap to double guard. Moraes attacks a footlock and comes up on top, no sweep but and advantage for him, now 3-2 Farias.

More leg battles, just under 2 minutes left. Moraes is working really hard for a pass, smashes down Farias' knees and has his grips. Farias works his hips and gets his knees free. No pass, Farias holds on to win. Wait, penalties being given! Gabriel Moraes just won due to a possible over and disrespectful celebration penalty on Farias.

Gabriel Moraes defeats Ary Farias by advantages

Featherweight Final: Rafael Mendes vs Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho"

Tanquniho shoots in quickly and starts match with 2 points for a takedown. Mendes getting his grips in guard, a deep collar grip and working a closed guard. Reset in the center of the mat. Mendes shoots a triangle, Tanquinho is able to pull out, Mendes goes for a Bermibolo, Tanquinho defends well.

Mendes gets under Tanquinho and elevates, but Tanquinho is able to keep his balance. Tanquinho backs out the the guard and then dives back in. Still 2-0 from Tanquinho's early takedown. Nice scissors sweep attempt from Mendes, Tanquinho again backs out of guard and gets a penalty. Mendes inverting and then sitting up, working very hard to create some movement of Tanquinho's base. Mendes gets under through a berimbolo off a footlock.

Tanquinho protects his back and gets to 50/50 guard, no points for Mendes. Rafa comes up in 50/50 getting sweep points and now takes the lead with advantages. 50/50 see-saw battle now, Mendes trying hard not to get swept back.

Two minutes left, Mendes holding a toe hold but not seriously threatening with it right now. As Tanquinho tries to come up Mendes went harder on the toe hold but lost it, half a minute left and the 50/50 see-saw continues. Tanquinho escapes for an advantage and gets a takedown but it was out of bounds as time runs out. Tanquinho gets an advantage for it with no time left on the clock! Tanquinho wins.

Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" defeats Rafael Mendes by advantages (2-1)

Lightweight Final: Lenadro Lo vs Michael Langhi

Match starts with a nasty foot sweep attempt by Langhi, almost looked like a leg kick. Langhi then drops back to guard without a grip but no penalty given. Lo is now working in Langhi's spider guard and is spinning Langhi around trying to pass.

Lo stuffs a de la Riva hook, and Langhi trying hard for a sweep, has rather large knee reap that is uncalled. Lo gets Langhi to turtle up, but Langhi rolls back to guard. Advantage for Lo. Reserve de la Riva guard now for Langhi and this is slowing Lo down quite a bit. Lo nearly catches the back in an attempted pass but Langhi recovers very nicely. Another advantage for Lo with about four and half minute left.

Langhi stands and Lo pulls guard, working his own spider guard now. Two minute left as Langhi is trying to untangle Lo's guard. Lo gets a stall penalty but he is still up 3-0 on advantages. Lo gets on open guard sweep and now working to pass with a 2-0 lead on points. Langhi trying for footlocks as time runs out.

Lenadro Lo defeats Michael Langhi by points (2-0)

Middleweight Final: Otaivo Sousa vs Claudio Calassans

Both fighters take their time engaging, looking for grips. Calassans charges in and Sousa pulls guard. Calassans stands in Sousa's closed guard and Sousa comes up with him but Calassans opens up the guard. Sousa working a de la Riva guard and Calassans is basing very low. Action has slowed, tied at zero.

Stalling penalties for everyone!

Calassans trying to berimbolo from the top into a leg drag and Sosua is using it to his advantage, one grip is keeping Sousa down. He breaks it, comes up and gets two points for a sweep. Sosua now working on sliding his knee through Calassans' half guard. Calassans goes to 50/50 guard to stop the pass, a see-saw battle is coming.

Calassans comes up, and Sousa attacks with that lighting quick armlock. Calassans turns his arm, steps over the omoplata and gets two points for a sweep, Sousa gets an advantage for the attempted armbar. One and half minutes left.

Calassans trying to stack with pants grips, Sousa puts in a de la Riva hook, Calassans tries for foot lock and Sousa is able to come up and knock Calassans over for the sweep. Time running out with Sousa having a 4-2 lead.

Otaivo Sousa defeats Claudio Calassans by points (4-2)

Medium Heavyweight Final: Braulio Estima vs Romulo Barral

Teammates close out the bracket.

Romulo Barral defeats Braulio Estima by forfeit

Heavyweight Final: Rodolfo Vieira vs Lucas Leite

Lucas pulls guard and Rodolfo goes right to his knee slide. Rodolfo gets to side control and is now sliding a knee across to mount. Leite sneaks Rodolfo's knee back into the half guard, but is down 5-0. Rodolfo moves to mount again and it is now 10-0, and Leite puts him back in the half guard. Rodolfo passes again, moving to 13-0 and then gets a Brabo choke.

Rodolfo Vieira defeats Lucas Leite by brabo choke

Super Heavyweight Final: Bernardo Faria vs Joao Rocha

Rocha charges right at Faria, and Faria drops down for a leg. Rocha flattens Faria and almost gets a guard pass. Faria back up on a single leg, Rocha being very heavy. Faria loses leg and drops back to half guard. Rocha almost passes again and again Faria comes up on a single leg. Score is one advantage for Rocha.

Faria going for a high crotch life, switches to single leg, but gets reversed by Rocha. Advantage for Faria, all tied up. Faria in on a double and gets Rocha down to a sitting position and gets the two points. Now he is working in Rocha's guard. Rocha going for an inverted triangle and then attacking the foot, but Faria turns out of both attacks.

Rocha looking for a straight ankle lock, a scramble ensues and Rocha almost catches the back, but no points for Rocha. Three minutes left and now it is Faria on the back after passing guard, score is now 9-0 with two minutes left.

Score revised to 6-0, Rocha reverses back to guard. Rocha breaks guard standing, trying to pass, turns for a foot with less than a minute left to get something. A decent toe hold attempt by Rocha, Faria defending will with less than 30 seconds left. Time ticks down.

Bernardo Faria defeats Joao Rocha by points (6-0)

Ultra Heavyweight Final: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs Rodrigo Cavaca

Cavaca is Buchecha's coach, so a close out is expected.

Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida defeats Rodrigo Cavaca by forfiet

Men's Absolute Final: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs Rodolfo Vieira

The crowd is going nuts as this match is getting ready to start. Both fighters come out low, and Buchecha goes for an outside double Rodolfo stops it and Buchecha pulls guard. Buchecha gets a very quick sweep, Rodolfo looking for X-guard. Buchecha flattens him out and is in an open guard now.

Buchecha breaks Rodolfo's grips, Rodolfo it sits up, lays back and rolls under for X-guard. Rodolfo looking to get the back, Buchecha now working on a kneebar. Buchecha switches to side control, Rodolfo fighting tooth-and-nail and doesn't give up points, advantage to Buchecha.

Rodolfo gets Buchecha over with a swept, but it is Buchecha who ends up on the back, 6-0 Buchecha. Match half over and Buchecha is looking for a choke. Rodolfo fighting off grips and looking to turn, he stands with Buchecha on his back. Slowly working Buchecha off his back, and into guard. Buchecha drops for a foot and Rodolfo drops with him. And Buchecha black magics his way to the top with two minutes left. Rodolfo putting in spider guard grips, but it is looking more and more futile.

Buchecha steps into mount and now looking for armbar with 30 seconds left. Rodolfo doesn't want easy way out, loses on points.

Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida defeats Rodolfo Vieira by points (9-0)

Women's Light Featherweight: Gezary Matuda vs Nyajh Easton

Easton goes for a flying guard pull. Gezary steps over a leg. Easton establishes de la Riva guard and gets Gezary down but not able to come up for the sweep. Gezary looking for a knee slide and Easton fights it off, back to DLR guard. Gezary pulls Easton's leg over for a leg drag but they go out of bounds and restart in the center.

Easton working very hard to off balance Gezary, but she is again able to step over Easton's free leg, looking for a knee slide. Again Easton is able to get Gezary to fall but can't come up for the sweep. Score still tied at all zeros.

Very active and difficult guard from Easton. Quick scramble, Easton almost gave up back trying to escape a knee slide and Gezary gets an advantage. Now Gezary threatening the back, but Easton turns into half guard, second advantage to Gezary. Almost passes guard, but Easton inverts and fights off pass, another two advantages for Gezary.

Two and half minutes left and Easton still working on trying to sweep. Easton's teammates start chanting to try to fire her up, she tries a sweep and gets an advantage, still 4-1 in Gezary's favor. Another very near sweep for Easton stopped by Gezary. Easton gets another advantage and another close sweep, but Gezary is just refusing to go down.

Gezary Matuda defeats Nyajh Easton by advantages (4-2)

Women's Featherweight: Luiza Monteiro vs Marina Soares

Both sit to guard, and it is Luiza who comes up to the top getting the first advantage of the match. Marina is working a spider guard. Marina looking for an omoplata and has a leg free to threaten with. Luiza stands up to step over Marina's free leg. Grip fighting to gain the edge in a loose half guard.

Marina goes for a loop choke, it fails and now Luiza is in the driver's seat grip-wise. Marina quickly recovers back to spider guard. Just about 4 minutes left . Luiza momentarily passes guard, loses it and now has her posture broken down. Fighters spin as Luiza tries to pass to no avail.

Two minutes left and Luiza picked up another advantage for her near pass, now up 2-0. Marina setting up her grips for an attack, one minute left. Marina sweeps and gets her two points as time expires!

Marina Soares defeats Luiza Monteiro by points (2-0)

Women's Lightweight: Beatriz Mesquita vs Fabiana Borges

Borges pulls guard into sitting guard, Mesquita looking to drive her knee forward. Borges pops up for a low double leg. Two points for Borges.

Mesquita goes for an over the head sweep and as soon as Borges catches her balance Mesquita snatches up an armbar to win.

Beatriz Mesquita defeats Fabiana Borges by Armbar

Women's Middleweight: Vanessa Oliveira vs Luanna Alzuguir

Fighters start very low and sit guard. Stalling penalties issued to both grapplers as they fight from the double guard position. Luanna stands and gets the first advantage of the match. Reverse de la riva battle here as Vanessa sweeps to earn 2 points.

Luanna attacking a kneebar, rolls to the top and earns a sweep. Score is 2-2 with Luanna owning an advantage. Luanna working on freeing Vanessa's left leg, which is triangled in a classic kneebar defense. Luanna struggling for this and Vanessa has slipped her knee to the floor and appears to be safe for now.

Vanessa moves to the half guard, avoids the kneebar but is down an advantage with a minute left. Luanna driving into the guard of Vanessa, stacking it. Vanesse goes reverse de la riva and goes for the sweep she got earlier in the match but Luanna stops it. They are on their feet and Luanna stops several desperate takedown attempts to try to get a takedown.

Luanna Alzuguir defeats Vanessa Oliveira by advantages (3-1)

Women's Medium-Heavyweight: Feranda Mazzelli vs Michelle Nicolini

Nicolini sits to guard and start working a spider guard against Mazzelli. Nocolini goes to a closed guard and looks to be setting up a triangle. Mazzelli gets her arm free from an overhook and postures up, Nicolini goes to a butterfly guard and then an omoplala, then a kneebar, then to a toe hold in a matter of about a second. Mazzelli is in real danger here and she taps.

Michelle Nicolini defeats Feranda Mazzelli by toe hold

Women's Heavyweight: Gabby Garcia vs Andresa Correa

Two Alliance teammates close out the bracket.

Andresa Correa defeats Gabby Garcia by forfeit

Women's Absolutes: Beatriz Mesquita vs Gabby Garcia

They lock up and Gabby runs Bea out of bounds, advantage Gabby. Bea tries to pull guard on the restart but Gabby snaps her down for the takedown. Bea has turtled and Gabby putting down the pressure, looking for clock choke grip. Bea sits to guard, matched stop for hair band.

Bea gets to full guard and Gabby working for a low pass, steps over to half guard and has escapes the the half guard. Bea gets to her knees and avoids side control. Gabby working for a clock choke again, Bea defending well but not doing much.

Gabby has a lapel passed down between Bea's legs and is trying to roll her as boos rain down. Gabby lifts Bea by her belt and puts her on her back. Another break for hair fixing. Bea has double underhooks from guard, but Gabby able to sit back and put Bea back down. Bea tries for armlock, but Gabby just stands, puts Bea down and passes to side control. Gabby going to work on that far arm, but Bea is working hard to get to her side. Bea gets to her knees again and rolls for a kneebar attempt but Gabby stuffs it.

Gabby Garcia defeats Beatriz Mesquita by points (5-0)

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