2013 IBJJF World Championships Finals Results: Quarterfinals and Semifinals

Live play by play and results of the 2013 IBJJF Mundials Day 2, featuring the Quarterfinals and Semifinals of the different weightclasses.

Starting at 10:00 am PT the action resumes in Long Beach, California and the fields have been reduced to just eight grapplers. For a recap of yesterday's action check out Ben Thapa's play-by-play of Day 1 in the black belt divisions. To take you the rest of the way is T.P. Grant. For an in-depth preview of some of the action for today click here for a more casual fan preview please check this article out.

If you want to watch live there is still time, you can buy the stream at IBJJF.tv .

Now down to today's action. I will bring you some play by play, but I will focus on bringing you some very accurate results.


Quarterfinal: Bruno Malfacine vs Raul Gomes 10:00 am PT

Both come out low, Malfacine pulls guard right to an arm lock. Gomes just barely escapes. Malfacine berimbolos and is looking to get the back. Malfacine working for a gi choke. Gomes escapes to Malfacine's guard. Malfacine goes X-guard, gets a scrambling sweep. Malfacine working from inside the closed guard of Gomes now. Malfacine passes, gets the points Gomes escapes to standing. They hit the mat and Gomes turtles, roles to guard and Malfacine passes again. Gomes reverse position but gets swept, and escapes to standing. They hit the mat again and Malfacine gets a quick knee bar.

Bruno Malfacine wins by kneebar

Quarterfinal: Felipe Costa vs Igor Rodrigues 10:00 am PT

Igor pulls half guard, Costa working and heavy top attack. Prolonged battle here. Costa gets a leg drag and gets to the side, Costa going for a crotch ripper now. Gets the tap, Igor looks like he pulled something.

Felipe Costa wins by banana split

Quarterfinal: Koji Shibamoto vs Ivaniel Oliveira 10:11 am PT

Koji shots but Oliveira sprawls away and then pulls guard. Koji tries to stand and Oliveira attacks a kneebar, Koji rotates to keep the knee from getting stretched. Oliveira sweeps and is now looking to pass guard. Koji showing a very active guard. Very active work from Oliveira, trying to explode past the half guard, Koji doing very well to hold on. Oliveira rolls, almost takes back, Koji almost escapes and then ends up giving up back. Oliveira gets a collar choke.

Ivaniel Oliveira wins by choke from the back

Quarterfinal: Caio Terra vs Fabbio Alencar 10:11 am PT

Double guard pull, Terra berimbolos and comes up in leg lock position. Terra comes up on top and leg drag passes to side control. Alencar now attack Terra's foot , but Terra slips out and is now standing, Alencar working his guard. Terra getting his grips and working his knee in to pass, Terra working hard and settles into his half guard attack position. Grip fighting to keep Terra from passing. Alencar escapes and Terra, up by 3 advantages, pulls guard to defend against a takedown. Terra scoops under and is playing 50/50 guard. Alencar stops a sweep attack, working very hard to pass, seconds tick down. Terra gets kneebar as time runs down.

Caio Terra wins by kneebar.

Semifinal: Bruno Malfacine vs Felipe Costa 11:28am PT

Malfacine gets on tip early, looking to knee slide to side control, Costa trying to sit up an sweep. Malfacine is past the guard, now needs to get Costa on his back to get the points and he finishes the pass. Malfacine jumps to triangle mount and gets the finish.

Bruno Malfacine advances to finals

Semifinal: Caio Terra vs Ivaniel Oliveira 11:28am PT

Terra shoots on a leg and then pulls guard. Oliveira very actively trying to pass guard. Terra threatens an omoplata and then switches to foot, now working on a triangle but Oliveira is smashing the guard. Scramble ensues and Oliveira passes Terra's guard, Terra rolls to stomach and Oliveira is on him.

Terra not letting the hooks in and escapes the back with out giving up any points. Terra coming up from a berimbolo attack into a leg drag, Oliveira uses a calf slicer counter to stop that sweep. Terra comes up on top and gets an advantage, now Terra is trying to pass.

Oliveria tries a sweep and Terra locks right on to a toe hold, switches to a kneebar, and a fight is ensuing to see who comes out on top. Terra working very hard to get the sweep and the points. Terra gets the sweep and smoothly moves to the back an the locks up triangle from back. Oliveria tries to get up, but stuck in triangle and Terra switches to armlock, but time expires before tap.

Cai Terra to finals, wins by points

Light Featherweight

Quarterfinal: Samuel Braga vs Yukinori Sasa 10:22 am PT

Braga pulls guard goes right to berimbolo and now attacking a footloock and ends up in 50/50 guard. Barga works on berimboloing again, lots of leg position fighting. Sasa using his grips to keep Braga's foot from getting in proper position. Braga's pants ripped, he goes to change.

Back to action here, both fighters start out low, after a penalty on Braga, double guard pull and Barga sits up, working to pass guard. Sasa using his legs well to stop pass. Sasa inverts and Braga complaining about an illegal grip, ref comes in for a closer look. Ref adjusts Braga's gi and restarts action.

Sasa loses his grips, Braga very nearly passes, Sasa recovers the half guard but now Braga in good position to pass. Sasa comes up in the final seconds, this is very close looks like Sasa might win on a illegal grip penalty on Braga.

Yukinori Sasa wins by points

Quarterfinal: Laercio Fernandes vs Ary de Melo Farias 10:22 am PT

Farias on bottom, Fernandes working very hard to pass. Farias working spider guard, switches to X-guard and now to 50/50 guard. Rocking battle in 50/50 guard, both fighters looking for an advantage. Farias gets under Fernandes and working a toe hold, locking up a body triangle. Farias looking to get the right angle on that toe hold, Fernandes reaches back and gets Farias' foot and forces him to scramble before a counter-footlock follows. Advantage awarded to Farias.

Now it is Fernandes attack in a foot, but Farias slipped out and got the back. Gets the points, time expires and the win goes to Farias.

Ary de Melo Farias by points

Quarterfinal: Gabriel Furley vs Gabriel Afonso do Santos 10:33 am PT

Furley on top working from half guard, looking to knee slide through. Santos gets a grip on the belt forces Furley gives up on knee slide. Santos able to sweep and is now on top. Furley gets under Santos and going hard on a toe hold, ends up getting a sweep. Santos response with a sweep and gets swept right back by Furley. Crazy srambles to finish the match.

Gabriel Afonso do Santos wins by points

Quarterfinal: Daniel Beleza vs Gui Mendes 10:33 am PT

Flying double guard pull, both are working from the double guard. Mendes looking to berimbolo, Beleza defending well. Mendes really attacking for ankle locks here, then sits up to take advantage and looking to stack guard, goes out of bounds. Mendes working on a leg drag now, close but Beleza wiggles his leg back into guard.

Mendes attacking a foot and Beleza comes up to get the advantage as time expires, discussion about who should get advantages between refs. Decision leaves fighters tied at one advantage each, time for a ref decision. Refs pick Beleza! Mendes is out.

Daniel Beleza wins by points.

Semifinal Ary de Melo Farias vs Yukinori Sasa 11:39 am PT

Double guard pull. Farias stands and is now working very hard to pass, finally some action! Sasa looking to work a X-Guard sweep, Farias is sitting back. Farias attacks for pass, Sasa works very well and recovers guard. Farias flips Sasa with pants grips and looks to take back. Sasa rolling to avoid hooks and gets half guard.

Sasa gets back to the guard and fighting to sweep. Farias hops past guard and gets to north/south, Sasa is able to get back to guard but points are awarded.

Ary de Melo Farias advances to finals on points

Semifinal Daniel Beleza vs Gabriel Afonso do Santos 11:39 am PT

Double guard pull, foot position battle. There isn't much happening at this point. Both fighters rolling but nothing develops. Hey, Beleza went to half guard, got swept and then swept Santos right back. Match ends right as the action actually starts.

Gabriel Afonso do Santos advances to finals by ref decision


Quarterfinal: Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" vs Theodoro Canal 10:44 am PT

Cobrinha pulls guard and working a De la Riva guard right away. Cobrinha gets a very nice sweep. Cobrinha has a strong underhook and looking to slide his knee out of half guard. Cobrinha working to pass the half guard and gets swept. Tied 2-2, but Cobrinha has an advantage.

Canal working to pass with pant grips, picks Cobrinha with the pant grips, walks him to center of mat and restarts. Cobrinha looking very relaxed, holding on to his guard. Canal pushing hard to pass, driving and jumping wildly, brings his knee in, time runs out.

Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" wins by points

Quarterfinal: Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" vs Eduardo da Silva Ramos 10:44 am PT

Ramos pulls guard, Tanquinho moves to half guard. Ramos slips away and now they are wrestling from the knees. Tanquinho went for a takedown, got on top and Ramos went for a single leg, they go out of bounds and end up restated. Ramos pulls guard and Tanquinho getting his knee down into the center of the guard, smashing it.

Ramos inverting and spinning, Tanquinho disengages and comes back into the guard. Right as time expires Tanquinho passing guard, Ramos very upset.

Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" wins by points

Quarterfinal: Mario Reis vs Osvaldo Augusto Honorio 10:55 am PT

Honorio pulls guard, Mario working to a standing half guard. Honorio going hard for a footlock, comes up in 50/50, and nearly slides through to side control. Honorio fighting from the half guard, looking to pass. Now it is Ties on a foot and it looks like Honorio's knee is hurt.

The was an illegal submission, Honorio is ok, so they restart on the feet. Reis runs at Honorio to pull guard and Honorio jumps over to side control, but not long enough to get points. Reis gets a sweep on to the back and now in the half guard. Reis goes to mount, Honorio scrambles and ends up in a triangle, Reis switching to armbar and back to the triangle. Honorio rolls out of bounds, 2 points to Reis and Honorio calls over medics to look at his knee again.

Match restarts and Reis jumps guard and goes right to the sweep that injured Honorio's knee. Footlock battle and Honorio looking to sweep. Time runs out.

Mario Reis wins by points

Quarterfinal: Rafael Mendes vs Mayko Borges 10:55 am PT

Mendes pulls guard against Borges, who is looking to sprawl and pass, and locks up a triangle out of bounds. Not very tight, they are restarted in the center of the mat. Mendes pulls guard, inverts and gets an armbar.

Rafael Mendes wins by armbar

Semifinal Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" vs Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho"11:50 am PT

Tanquinho pulls guard and Cobrinha looking to slide around the guard. Tanquinho is able to defend, get a leg and stands up with a chance to sweep. Tanquinho gets the sweep and the points. Cobrinha working an interesting position of an omoplata with no arm, stands up and takes Tanquinho's leg and is working on a single leg. Tanquinho's balance is so good it is proving very hard. Tanquinho escapes and now fighters restart at center of mat.

Cobrinha pulls guard to stop Tanquinho from pulling and riding out clock. Cobrinha inverting, looking for a sweep or an armbar. Almost gets a sweep, but Tanquinho is just able to base out, time is running out. And the clock runs down.

Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" advances to finals by points.

Semifinal Rafael Mendes vs Mario Reis 11:50 am PT

Rafa pulls guard, de la Riva to berimbolo, both fighters spin across the mat and end up with their legs entangled. Rafa takes the back and is now looking for a collar choke. A grip fight to stop Rafa from putting hooks in is slowing match down a bit but Mario is in danger here. Mario gets Rafa to attempt an ill-advised armbar and escapes to standing.

Fighters are rolling through foot attacks. Rafa scores by emerging on top. Rafa holding on to end match on top. Rafa gets a negative to stalling and now Reis could win with a sweep. Rafa's balance doesn't fail him and he stays on top to win.

Rafael Mendes advances to finals on points


Quarterfinal: Michael Langhi vs Zack Maxwell 11:06 am PT

Maxwell looking to pull guard but gets penalty for not having a grip, Langhi pulls guard. Langhi spider guard sweeps and now Maxwell is fighting to maintain his guard. Maxwell playing spider guard, switching to De la Riva. Maxwell going to deep half guard, Langhi hops over, Maxwell goes to knees and now Langhi on the back. Maxwell doesn't let hooks in and is now on top.

Langhi working his spider guard again and switches to 50/50 guard. Langhi sweeps, now free and looking to pass, Maxwell inverting and escapes to feet. Maxwell working against Langhi's de la Rive guard. Maxwell's actively rate goes up as time expires and Langhi able to get sweep to seal match.

Michael Langhi wins by points

Quarterfinal: Rodrigo Caporal vs Claudio de Mattos Cardoso 11:06 am PT

Caporal pulls guard and gets Cardoso off balance, they are now both down fighting to see who can come up. After a long time it is Cardoso who comes up into half guard. Lots of scrambling now, out of bounds restarting standing, Cardoso pulls guard working for omoplata, Caporal stands up and gets the win on points.

Rodrigo Caporal wins by points

Quarterfinal: Leandro Lo vs Vincius Marinho 11:17 am PT

Lo shoots a double leg and comes up on top, now working to pass. Lo trying to work his knee slide, but Marinho is defending very well. Sorry for lack of updates, fairly standard Lo win. Several guard passes to get up on points.

Lenadro Lo wins by points

Quarterfinal: Lucas Lepri vs Rodrigo Freitas 11:17 am PT

Lepri pulls guard into De la Riva guard, Freitas stands working to get ride of Lepri's hook. Lepri gets a X-guard sweep to score. Freitas now playing spider guard, Lepri finally works free and tries to pass. Lepri able to pass, Freitas turns away and Lepri takes the back, one hook in. Lepri looking for a collar choke and gets it.

Lucas Lepri by collar choke

Semifinal Rodrigo Caporal vs Michael Langhi 12:01 pm PT

Double guard pull, Langhi comes out on top and Caporal goes to stomach, stands up and forces Langhi to pull guard. Caporal stacking the guard heavy, goes out of bounds. Restarted and Caporal trying to smash Langhi's guard.

Langhi gets a slick spider guard sweep, Langhi tries to take back and Caporal is able to escape to feet. Langhi gets a wonderful sweep to go up 6-2 with 2 minutes left. Caporal gets a nice footsweep from a standing restart and is now looking to pass. Langhi is inverting and stuffing all attempts to pass his guard and then uses a kneebar to threaten Caporal.

Michael Langhi advances to finals on points

Semifinal Lucas Lepri vs Lenadro Lo 12:01 pm PT

Lo pulls guard and Lepri right away looking to pass, is stacking Lo's guard. Lo gets a very nice sweep from his guard, but Lepri is able to stand without giving up points. Lo pulls guard and is holding on very tough as Lepri is working to pass while down an advantage.

Lo trying for a de la Riva sweep, Lepri doing well to stop the sweep. A last push from Lepri, but Lo holds on to win.

Lenadro Lo advances to final by points.


Quarterfinal: Otaivo Sousa vs Davi Ramos 12:12 pm PT

Sousa comes out hand fighting with Ramos, double guard pull. Ramos berimbolos, Sousa rolls through and comes up into guard. Ramos is able to get on top and is now in Sousa's de la Riva guard, Davi gets rid of the hook and is now looking to stack pass.

Dai stands up and drops back for a foot, Sousa escapes and gets a sweep. Sousa looking to pass the guard and Ramos tries to make a move and Sousa takes the back.

Otaivo Sousa wins by points.

Quarterfinal: Murilo Santana vs Vitor Henrique Oliveira 12:12 pm PT

Santana pulls guard, now looking to work an X-guard attack on Vitor, but Vitor looks like he is slipping over into the deep half guard. Scrambling but the match stays in Santana's half guard. Sanatan slips out to a kneebar attempt, Santana escapes to standing and pulls half guard again.

Vitor Henrique Oliveira wins by points

Quarterfinal: Claudio Calassans vs Augusto Vieira 12:23 pm PT

Calassans working form the bottom of 50/50 guard, threatens a kneebar and looking to sweep. Calassans goes for a berimbolo, but Viera recovers nicely. Calassans attacking a foot and has locked up 50/50 guard, and manages to sweep. Vieira escapes and Calassans pulls guard, and again goes to the 50/50 guard.

Claudio Calassans wins by points

Quarterfinal: Victor Estima vs Clark Gracie 12:23 pm PT

Vitor pulls guard on Clark and has a deep collar grip. Victor has Clark broken down in his guard. Clark fighting for posture and to open the guard. Clark passing, trying to get rid of an arm lasso, but Victor is able to get back to guard. Clark goes to an armlock, Estima pushes him off with feet and threatens leg lock. Victor then tries for a calf slicer, Clark escapes but gives up a sweep in the escape.

Clark is able to recover the guard and is able to stand up. Victor pulls guard with seconds left and the match ends.

Victor Estima wins by points

Semifinal: Vitor Henrique Oliveira vs Otaivo Sousa 2:00 pm PT

Vitor driving in on Sousa, and Sousa flying guard pull. Reset in the center, Vitor stands and Sousa looking for an open guard sweep and then a knee bar and then back to open guard. Otaivo hits a lighting quick inverted armbar

Otaivo Sousa advances to finals by inverted armlock

Semifinal: Claudio Calassans vs Victor Estima 2:00 pm PT

Calassans aggressively pulls guard to attack Victor's foot. They roll out of bounds and are reset in the center battling for a footlock. Victor seems to be getting the better of it and now Calassans looking to sit up. Victor stays on the foot, looking to get his ankle lock, but they get stood up and each are issued a penalty. Calassans again pulls guard and again Estima goes for his foot lock.

Victor now working on a kneebar, but Calassans out and gets on top for a sweep. Victor is down on puts despite all the close submissions. Victor gets a sweep and closes to within 2 points of Calassans. Victor again goes for his footlock and Calassans is attacking Victor's foot. Neither looks close.

Footlock battle continues as Calassans keeps Victor's foot stuck. Calassans manages to burn the clock and get the win, so booing for the stalling.

Claudio Calassans advances to finals by points

Medium Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Romulo Barral vs Kleber de Oliveira Paulino 12:34 pm PT

Both are from Gracie Barra and Kleber bows out to allow Barral to advance.

Romulo Barral advances

Quarterfinal: Tarsis Humphreys vs Gustavo Campos 12:34 pm PT

Campos pulls guard on Humphreys. This was a 50/50 battle with not much action, Campos won by virtue of coming up the top.

Gustavo Campos wins by points

Quarterfinal: Andre Galvao vs Dimitrius Souza 12:45 pm PT

Galvao grabs Souza has he pulls guard and stacks. Real battle here as Galvao has been stacking for a while and finally works to the side. Great pass by Galvao and he is now working on taking the back. Bow and arrow choke to finish, total domination by Galvao.

Andre Galvao wins by bow-and-arrow choke

Quarterfinal: Braulio Estima vs Rodrigo Fejardo 12:35 pm PT

And Braulio is on a foot right away, looking for a straight ankle lock. Fejardo grimacing but escapes. Now Braulio working one of his awkward angle triangles, now Braulio is on a kimura but Fejardo is able to escape into Braulio's guard. Another inverted triangle to an armlock to finish.

Braulio Estima wins by armbar

Semifinal: Romulo Barral vs Gustavo Campos 2:13 pm PT

Grip fighting on the feet and Campos pulls guard right to a sweep, Barral is able to base out. Campos tries for a berimbolo sweep Barral moves to half guard and trying to flatten Campos. Barral is looking to knee slide, but Campos is fighting hard. Barral has a strong cross face now, and gets his leg free, and gets a pass.

Campos able to get back to standing, pulls guard and working de la Riva, sits up into single leg, Barral fights it off. Standing grips battle, neither guy wants to pull right now. Campos pulls guard to a very near sweep and follow up triangle but Barral gets a knee through to knee slide position and passes the guard. Camoos rolls up to a double leg, Barral sprawls down on him. They stand and Campos tries a desperation guard pull, to no avail.

Romulo Barral advances to finals by points

Semifinal: Andre Galvao vs Braulio Estima 2:13 pm PT

Braulio pulls guard and almost instantly goes for a kneebar, Galvao slips away. Braulio drops back for a footlock, doesn't get it but Estima comes up on top and gets the sweep. Galvao now using the spider guard, Braulio's signature guard, against him. Galvao swings under for the kneebar and Braulio is able to defend. Braulio hops over Galvao's guard, and takes the back. Braulio now looking for the mount. Galvao gets back to guard and gets a sweep, making up two points.

Braulio looking for the X-Guard and comes up with Galvao's leg, but Galvao's balance is excellent and he stops the sweep. Galvao now very close to a pass but Braulio is keeping a foot in Galvao's face. He has been very close to a pass several times and Braulio just able to stop it. Braulio almost gets a sweep and is now attacking a foot, but Galvao going for a toe hold, Braulio is making faces and now pointing at the camera as time expires.

Braulio Estima advances to final by points


Quarterfinal: Rodolfo Vieira vs Yuri Simoes 12:56 pm PT

We get to see some stand up action as Yuri dives for a leg and Rodolfo sprawls. Rodolfo gets Yuri down into half guard. Rodolfo passes to side and Yuri able to get his legs back in and goes for single leg, Roldofo sprawls hard and is now working onto Yuri's back. Yuri spins out and escapes to feet.

Rodolfo fakes a guard pull into a takedown to get another 2 points and this match is all over but the crying.

Rodolfo Vieria wins by points

Quarterfinal: Nivaldo Oliveira vs Fabiano Junior Leite de Souza 12:56 pm PT

Missed most of this match due to some tech issues, Oliveira took the back late and got the win.

Nivaldo Oliveira wins

Quarterfinal: Xande Ribeiro vs Maxmiliano Paulino de Freitas 1:07 pm PT

Xande gets a grip and is pulling Freitas, who is trying to foot sweep. Grip fighting on the feet, a nice Judo battle developing here. Freitas pulls guard and Xande gets to the half guard, Freitas working very hard on an omoplata sweep, Xande fights it off and passes guard. Freitas tries a desperation scramble and gives up back to Xande. Rolls over to mount and Xande snatches up a cross choke.

Xande Ribeiro wins by cross choke

Quarterfinal: Lucas Leite vs Roberto Alencar 1:07 pm PT

Alencar on top in half guard, Leite trying hard to get to his knees, he does and gets Alencar down for the sweep. He then drops for a footlock but then is able to take Alencar's back. Standing back take by Leite and Alencar gets rid of one hook and Leite is working to get it back in. Leite gets the back again and Alencar stands to get rid of a hook again.

Back to standing. Leite is up 10-0 with three minutes left. Leite on top looking to pass guard and he is able to go over the leg and Alencar gives up the back again.

Lucas Leite wins by points

Semifinal Rodolfo Vieria vs Nivaldo Oliveira 2:24 pm PT

Oliveira pulls half guard and Rodolfo is going to work. Rodolfo works his way to mount. Rodolfo finishes an arm triangle choke twin.

Rodolfo Vieria advances to final by arm triangle

Semifinal Xande Ribeiro vs Lucas Leite 2:24 pm PT

Xande on his back, Leite looking to step over a leg. Big battle here to pas guard, Xande not making it easy at all. Leite over commits on a pass attempt and Xande gets an elevator sweep to go up 2-0. Xande now working on a knee slip but Leite uses an underhook to threaten the back and force Xande to the ground, a nice sweep for Leite. All tied at 2-2.

Leite working hard to pass again, but he cannot get around Xande's guard. Xande stands and they are locked in a Judo fight on the feet. Going to a ref decision. The refs pick Lucas Leite.

Lucas Leite advances to finals by ref's decision

Super Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Bernardo Faria vs Lucas Branco Sachs 1:18 pm PT

Faria on top of Lucas, past the guard. Faria moves to mount and then triangle mount and gets a shoulder crank to finish.

Bernardo Faria wins by shoulder crank from mount

Quarterfinal: Luiz Fernando de Azevedo vs Joao Assis 1:18 pm PT

Assis pulls half guard and now Luiz is attacking a footlock. Luiz stands up and Assis is now trying to sweep from 50/50 guard. Luiz drops again for an ankle lock and gets Assis to tap! The footlocker gets footlocked.

Luiz Fernando de Azevedo wins by footlock

Quarterfinal: Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Antonio Peinado 1:29 pm PT

Lovato pulls guard after a short standing battle. Peinado into half guard, Lovato making a frame to keep Peinado at bay. Lovato threatens a kimura and sweeps Peinado over. Peinado looking for a footlock sweep, but Lovato using clever grips to keep from going over. Lovato gets his foot to the floor, Peinado gets his foot on Lovato's hip and knocks him over, Lovato bounces back up to his feet. Lovato is able to get around the guard and is now working a heavy side control.

Rafael Lovato Jr wins by points

Quarterfinal: Leo Leite vs Joao Gabriel Rocha 1:29 pm PT

Rocha pulls guard on Leite, just out of bounds. Now it is Leite on top and he is working to pass Rocha's guard. Missed how it happened but Rocha is on top and now is looking to take the back. He got the hooks in and and Leite rolls out of bounds.

Rocha gets a choke from the back to win.

Joao Gabriel Rocha wins by collar choke

Semifinal: Bernardo Faria vs Luiz Fernando de Azevedo 2:35 pm PT

Faria in a triangle right away and Luiz looking to finish this quick. Faria escapes, Luiz sweeps, and then Faria reverses with a double leg takedown. Faria around the guard of Luiz. Faria is able to get the win with a triangle choke from his guard.

Bernardo Faria advances to finals by triangle choke

Semifinal: Rafael Lovato Jr vs Joao Rocha 2:35 pm PT

Standing grip battle to start, Lovato pulls guard, tries a tornado sweep but Rocha lands back in guard. Rocha now working his way around Lovato's guard. Rocha has passed to side control and Lovato fighting pretty well from side control here, but Rocha is smothering him.

Rocha goes to mount, but Lovato just able to a knee in to push Rocha off, back to the feet. Lovato struggling to break Rocha's grip standing, Rocha showing some well rounded skills. Rocha gets a take down, Lovato working on an arm for a kimura. Lovato has a foot on the hip and gives up kimura to try to get a sweep.

Ref trying to restart them, Rocha and Lovato disagreeing ref just gives up and say "go". Rocha escapes back to feet. Rocha gets a great seoi nage and now Lovato is fighting from his guard. Lovato is clearly frustrated with this match, he is down 10-0. Rocha now looks to be running out the clock, a final warning before DQ given to Rocha. Rocha holds on to win.

Joao Rocha advances to finals by points

Ultra Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Marcus Almedia "Buchecha" vs Igor Silva 1:40 pm PT

Super active start Buchecha gets a takedown and Silva sweeps him when Buchecha dropped back for a footlock. Buchecha is able to get back to guard and then get a sweep back on Silva. Buchecha picks Silva up, how releases guard and goes for a double leg and Buchecha is just able to escape from a takedown.

Double stalling penalty on the feet. Silva tries to jump guard, Bichecha backs away, lets him fall and then jumps on his back. Buchecha gets an arm and a tap.

Marcus Almedia "Buchecha" wins by armbar

Quarterfinal: Alexander Trans vs Robert "Cyborg" Abreu 1:40 pm PT

Trans pulls guard right away and Cyborg looking to pass heavy. Cyborg postures up and is in a high half guard. The drop back into a 50/50 battle. Trans working on a toe hold but Cyborg looks less than impressed, he pops up and takes Trans' back.

Trans rolls over into guard and looking to work a low pass. Trans now trying to go over a leg, Cyborg inverts and goes to de la Riva guard. Trans attacks a foot and Cyborg able to stand, Trans pulls guard as time expires. Score is tied, ref decision coming. They pick Trans as the winner.

Alexander Trans by ref decision

Quarterfinal: Rodrigo Cavaca vs Gustavo Dias 1:51 pm PT

Cavaca pulls guard and Dias putting a knee up in guard, looking to slide it through. Cavaca looks for a wrist lock and Dias jumps around guard, but Cavaca's flexible legs keeps his guard from being passed. Dias now in the deep half guard and Cavaca snaps up a quick straight ankle lock from the top to win.

Rodrigo Cavaca wins by footlock

Quarterfinal: Ricardo Evangelista vs Abraham Marte 1:51 pm PT

Marte pulls guard and Evangelista tries to pass. Evangelista smashing down in half guard, Marte able to escape and they are standing. Sorry my attention went to semifinals, Marte wins 2-0.

Abraham Marte wins by points

Semifinal: Marcus Almedia "Buchecha"vs Alexander Trans 2:46 pm PT

Trans pulls guard into the de la Riva, Buchecha treats a footlock, Trans escapes into another footlock and Trans escapes that one also. Trans goes deep half guard on Buchecha, slow developing battle here. Trans rolls up for a single leg, goes for a trip but Buchecha comes up on top and they scramble as time expires. Advantage for Buchecha, no ref is waving it off. Ref decision coming here and Buchecha wins.

Marcus Almedia "Buchecha" advances to finals by ref decision

Semifinal Rodrigo Cavaca vs Abraham Marte 2:46 pm PT

Marte shots a double, right into a triangle by Cavaca!! Marte walks out of bounds with a fully locked triangle and is DQed, clearly didn't know the rule there.

Rodrigo Cavaca advances to finals by DQ

Once the action wraps up be sure to switch over to our Finals Play-by-Play page for the crowning of our 2013 world champions.

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