2013 IBJJF World Championships/Mundials Live Stream Play by Play and Results

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Live play by play and results of the 2013 IBJJF Mundials. Follow the angry pajama hugging action with Ben Thapa to see who wins their way to the top of the best collection of Brazilian jiu jitsu grapplers ever. Join us again tomorrow for the divisional finals and open class finals as well.

At 9:00 AM PT, the 2013 Mundials will start streaming the brown and black belt divisions through their PPV stream at IBJJFtv.com. Also at that time, I will have two computers, a heck-ton of caffeine and an unbridled enthusiasm for seeing some of the best grappling available on Planet Earth.

The PPV stream (crystal clear and displays 12 separate mat feeds to be selected from) is available for Saturday and Sunday at $24.95 over on www.ibjjftv.com. Today and tomorrow will have a commentary team (Caleb from BJJ Radio, Budo Jake from BudoVideos and several guest commentators at regular intervals) that is among the best in any sport and working a main feed, while allowing us viewers to play around with other feeds as well.

The schedule is here: http://www.ibjjf.org/mundial2013schedule.htm

The official brackets are available for all belts and age divisions here: http://www.usbjjf.org/bracket_viewer/Bracket.html

My preview is here, although some injuries and bracket mix-ups may have altered the landscape in each division. The reader "Heel-Hook" really seems to know what's up, so if Heel-Hook pops up in the comments with a correction, pay attention to that.

Once the action gets going, I'll update the matches I'm watching. In general, I'll pay attention to notable people that the populace demands the news of, but I will switch to find a more exciting match if a dud match develops.

Play by Play:

Brown belt men's heavies are going first. Commentary steam is showing a see-saw match between Matheus, a Marcelo Garcia player, and another in a sponsor-less black gi. I believe Matheus is up on points due to some side control time and a sweep from deep half.

Keenan vs Kit Dale in the first match. Keenan played spider for a while until he worked a DLR to a sweep situation and tried to pass. Dale got back up and Keenan went to guard. Now a 50/50 battle, with Keenan trying to get to Kit's back. I'm also paying attention to several other matches to try and find cool stuff. Kit Dale stands up in the 50/50 and cannot get past Keenan's guard despite many shifts and twists. Keenan tries to get up, but Kit sprawls on top and goes back and forth between the knees and standing to try and work past the DLR hooks and spider guard work. Time elapses and Keenan wins due to advantages in a very close match over Kit Dale.

In the early going, it looks like most of the brown belts matches are showing a clear disparity between skill levels, but very few people are getting tapped quickly. It's mostly dominant positions, inching out of half guards or what would be called "riding time" in folkstyle wrestling on top of turtled opponents.

Rockhold started his match before I switched over. He's sitting down with an opponent who has dived into his guard and is sprawled full bore trying to hold on for dear life. Luke picks him up and flips him over. Top of a weird half guard for Luke now. He's balancing atop the squirmy opponent and looking to basically crush the life out of his opponent with weight and positioning. Oooof. Rockhold still chilling out atop his opponent's deep half guard and looking to control a collar. He lets go and then surfs his way to the full guard to start anew. Posturing up on his knees and toes. Spins into a Boston crab situation and then spins again to return to full guard. I think he avoided the crab due to the spinal lock prohibition - otherwise, that'd have been a submission situation. Rockhold now looking to come up on one leg and open up the guard. Guard opens, but Rockhold's posture has been broken and he's chilling. Rockhold stands and starts shifting his feet to drive a knee into the opponent's head/neck. Opponent opens up the guard and turns over. Rockhold follows and works a collar choke, scramble ensues and Rockhold ends up in top of half guard. Rockhold slides over to a quarter mount/deep half guard situation and slides all the way around back to regular half guard on the flattened opponent. Rockhold now working an arm triangle on a very, very uncomfortable opponent. Has the arm flattened and across the chest. Tries to squeeze, no luck. Opponent gets up on his side and then flattens himself out again. Rockhold takes advantage of that and gets to mount. Time runs out and his opponent looks very dismayed.

Awesome triangle on the commentary stream by a brown belt from guard. Gets the tap. Now we're about an hour away from the black belt absolutes. Commentary stream is on the brown male middles. Flips over to other heavies and a competitor nicknamed "Little Jacare" gets a flying triangle on his opponent. Whoof. That was quick and smooth.

A very neat flying triangle elsewhere too, but this one takes much longer to get the finish. Plenty of brown belts playing deep half successfully. Watching a competitor use the lapel-style to off-balance his opponent, but he cannot quite come up for points yet. Now he switches to a single leg and the opponent is hunched over his body perhaps threatening an inverted triangle. They're battling to get primo position and the opponent is now doing a reverse/inverted triangle and armbar combo, but it is not in good position to succeed. Yep, pops free and starts crushing to pass the half guard. Slow, boring battle for inches, so I'm flipping away.

Rockhold again! He's circling his opponent and the opponent does a very telegraphed shoot. They clinch up and Luke starts grip fighting and looks to flip the opponent over his leg in a reverse, but exposes his back! Opponent hops on, but can't clinch the double hooks and secure points. Luke is standing and bent over, fending off chokes and trying to enlist gravity to shrug off the opponent. No luck. Luke goes to the ground and the opponent has an advantage. Luke comes up and muscles his opponent over to full guard. Posture is down and he seems to be unable to strip grips and get up right away. Luke breaks free and tries to hop over the open guard, but got swept. Now in Luke's half guard and Luke's trying to burrow underneath. Luke switches tactics and goes to butterfly to try a guillotine. Opponent stands up and Luke is in open guard. Looking to try a sit-out briefly on a shot, but opponent stands and then inches back in. Luke working head control to prevent a guard pass and stands, only to be shoved back down. Luke's guard gets passed and his opponent sprawls on top of Luke who has gotten to his knees and is working a single leg.

Luke stands and goes for a belly to belly suplex, but the opponent hips away and they remain clinched. They break and Luke rests for a bit as there seems to be a time clock issue. They tie their belts and circle again. Opponent shoots, Luke sprawls, shoves to the ground and starts trying to pass high over butterfly hooks. It's really athletic balancing, but he can't quite get past. Opponent shifts to deep half and Luke digs a hand in to circle the head before shifting his legs to push the thigh down and drag the trapped leg higher. Luke nearly gets swept while trying to circle around and out, so his opponent is now up pretty big on points and advantages. Luke gets swept going for a collar choke and has to play guard. Luke reaps (crosses a foot outside over to the inside over the knee of the oponent - a stupid rule) and is summarily DQ'ed. Darn it. Good showing for Luke, even though he lost pretty decisively here.

Keenan finishes an Alliance opponent by mounted cross choke after a fairly dominant grappling session by Keenan. Darragh O'Connail is working heavily from top of half guard and guard on an opponent. Darragh working an omoplata and the opponent has lifted him completely off the ground. Little Jacare is scrambling around and appears to have lost by kneebar after giving up a bad position in the scramble. Awesome.

Darragh drops the omoplata and now goes for a half butterfly guard. Time elapses and he's the winner by points. Commentary stream now on a Gracie Barra brown belt who is mounted and very dominant over his opponent. He wins.

A bit of a lull finding a good match. Keenan comes up again and his opponent pulls guard. Keenan's guard passing is indeed not quite as good as his guard work, so it's a viable strategy. Keenan decides to go to the half guard, work an underhook around the back collar, stuff the topside leg and pull the trapped leg up and free. Keenan balancing on his head to avoid a sweep. The opponent circles around to try for a triangle and Keenan postures out, stands up and is now in the DLR guard. Keenan now hopping all over the place to work free. Now in a double unders pass situation, then scrambling back to the deep half/ top. They both stand and the opponent tries a single leg. Keenan works a kimura, flips the opponent over and is in the half guard, kicking free. Keenan trying for the back and now an armbar! Wow! Opponent rips free and Keenan is now playing spider, both feet in the biceps and shifting to his left. Now does a chop sweep with one spider hook on the opposite side and gets on top of half guard. Now basing out enormously and quickly stands up to rearrange his grips and get past the legs. It works enough for an advantage, but they are now back to open guard. Opponent is working half guard and spider. Keenan setting up a gi brabo from half and has that lapel/collar clenched in his hand. Keenan preventing the spin out with the collar and then flips entirely over the legs to the other side. Threatening a back take, working for the hooks, got them and still working the lapel/collar grips. Now trying to collar choke from the back as the opponent rolls, looking for an escape. The submission didn't happen and there appears to be a stoppage for blood from the mouth of the opponent. They reset from the feet and Keenan is on top of guard. Opponent tries for a kneebar, while Keenan dives for the back and an arm triangle. Keenan in kesa gatame and the opponent is trying to upa loose. Time runs out and Keenan wins on points.

A bit of a downtime in action as the black belts are preparing to go and most of the brackets for the brown heavier weights are wrapping up. Looking at a few different matches featuring some guard work. Jackson Souza has passed the half guard and is looking to drive in from side control, steps over to the back with only one hook in. Now working a collar choke/arm triangle. Gets the choke super fast without the hooks. Excellent work there. 90 second match for Jackson.

Flipping around to find good matches. Some boring as heck clinchfests from the heavies, some 50/50 guard work from the middle weights. The 50/50 has morphed into a triangle with a leg inside - a la Cobrinha's famous being submitted moment in no-gi a while back. Guy got out here though. Dang. Some very cool back and forth in the guard for both and there's finally another Jackson Souza match.

Opponent pulls spider guard/RDLR, Jackson pulls loose the leg, is avoiding an omoplata move and nearly gets swept, but Jackson sprawls. He circles around a trapped arm to try and kick his legs free, but it doesn't work. Opponent is now working a leg cuff grip and leg lasso. Jackson trying to circle away from the leg grip and goes to the knees to prevent the grip.

Jackson sort of very still and slowly working to push the free leg past. The small stocky guy nearly sweeps Jackson! They now end up with intertwined legs and Jackson decides to pull his leg free and roll up over the leg. It works the second time and Jackson is looking to pass with an arm stuck in the leg lasso. Jackson standing and circles around, gets the arm free, but has to accept being pushed back to guard. Leg lasso set up once more and he's shoving the free leg away from him. Jackson yanks free his arm and stands. Opponent stands and Jackson pulls half guard. Jackson shoving one hand far down, working to get a leg in to push the opponent away, but there's no space. Now in the open guard. Space aplenty, spider guard being worked and now back to the half. Jackson backs up and stands up. They grip up with collars and elbows. Time for belt retying and they reset. One advantage each. Jackson shoots in for a single leg and the opponent is standing. Leg sweep for the finish and two points for Jackson there as he holds the opponent down. They edge out of bounds and are reset in the middle. Jackson trying to come around the backside, but the opponent is shoving the face and using a knee shield in conjunction with a collar bone push as well. Opponent gets the knee shield up and looks to try and invert. Jackson shifts and opponent goes for DLR. Nearly gets a sweep, but Jackson posts out and prevents it. Stands up and the opponent gets an advantage. Opponent stays sitting and butt scoots in. Jackson collar and elbow grips, the opponent pulls leg lasso guard once more. The opponent does an amazing leg lasso sweep that involves inversion, spinning and Jackson basically out-athletes his way to top of half guard once more. Amazing sweep work and just exceptional athleticism prevented the points. Advantage. Opponent nearly sets up a beautiful deep half sweep, but more athlete-ing prevents it. Great, great match and Jackson won it due to his speed, balance and strength.

Keenan appears to be in the semi finals and has pulled guard on his opponent. Working the DLR and the opponent responds by hipping down and twisting to a side. Keenan fends him off with some combination of hand framing and foot in belly/hip. Keenan looks to be in his comfort zone of open guard. Opponent has sat down to his knees and they are a-gripfightin'. Keenan chilling out and the opponent is also resting. Hand and wrist control appears to be what both are paying attention to. Opponent stands and then drops to one knee. Keenan looking to swivel from side to side, particularly to the right first and goes for a waiter sweep! Clamps on a triangle! Opponent gets out! Now back to open guard. Wow.

Keenan doing his thing with the splayed legs and chilling out. Opponent backs out and Keenan tries to work a single leg, but can't seize it fast enough. Back to the full guard. Keenan seems to be attacking the left side a bit more than previously. Keenan goes berimbolo and gets on top of half guard. Wow. Now standing and is trying to slide up out of the half guard while controlling the farside underhook and flattening out. THe opponent goes for the deep half and Keenan posts on his forehead to stabilize himself as he shifts to top of x-guard. They both stand and go out of bounds for a reset. Belt tying time as well.

They're grip fighting and the opponent pulls half guard. Keenan working a head/arm pressure to the back step pass. Gets it and starts to walk around. Opponent trying to reclaim guard. Keenan stabilizes in side control, by reaching down to block a hip and using the other arm to control the far arm. Now pulling the farside lapel under the back and wiggling to north/south. Working the gi brabo again with knee on belly, now choke from the back and I'm not sure if he got the tap or time ran out. Either way, Keenan wins with a dominant last minute.

Jackson Souza in a clinchfest over on another mat. Opponent pulls half guard and Jackson starts pressuring to slide up into mount. Opponent has a gi lapel strapped over his foot and then abandons it to go to RDLR. Jackson stuffs the free foot and bases out to bring some pressure. Slowly circling around to see if he can get past the knee or if his opponent will overcommit with the free foot. They edge out of bounds. Reset in the middle.

Jackson does get past the free leg and comes around to the backside, but the opponent scrambles around until they stand. Belt tying break. They circle around cautiously and it appears that Jackson is now playing it safe as the opponent strives for some sort of grip on the legs Jackson stalling as the opponent gets collar and elbow, drops to DLR. Jackson shoving a collarbone grip up and basing out to keep position. Time running out and the opponent goes for a slow armbar as time runs out. Jackson Souza wins on points.

Some very intense final brown belt matches and the women start.

Tracey Goodell and her opponent.on the commentary. Tracey briefly threatens an omoplata, but has to spin out and back to open guard. Tracey closes guard and the opponent stands to grip break. Tracey works her way to a spider guard position and goes omoplata to triangle. Tracey possibly looking to clench the head down instead of rolling the opponent over. Triangle's on pretty good and the opponent edges them out of bounds. Reset in the middle, standing. Tracey coming forwards and the opponent backs away. Tracey pulls DLR/spider with a same side sleeve/collar grip on the DLR side. Interesting. Tracey possibly setting up a triangle once more. Some careful gripwork to prevent the set-up from the opponent and They stay in the open guard. Tracey works her way to a triangle set up with an arm inside, but is rolled up on her shoulder/neck. A triangle is sort of on, but the positioning isn't right to truly be a choke. Her knee is right on her own face, so she lets go and swivels to an omoplata and then back to half guard as her opponent sprawls out of it.

Tracey using the same triangle set-up to the other side now after some double unders attempts by her opponent. Still can't get a great choke on due to forwards pressure. Tracey shifts to an armbar and really has a better shot here, but the opponent stacks her and stands. Escapes and they stare at each other. Belt tying break. Tracey pulls half guard and is trying to spin under for deep half. Stuffed and the opponent back steps neatly to ensure it doesn't happen. Opponent bringing lots of pressure, but not in a great passing situation. Tracey clinging pretty tenaciously to a collar and a knee. A back step attempt goes a bit off and transitions into a straight ankle lock attempt, but it's off. Tracey rides out time and wins on points.

Gustavo Dias on the commentary broadcast. Very quick bown and arrow off an omoplata. Now to back mount. Slowly setting the collar chokes despite the best efforts of his opponents.

Keenan up now in another match. Pulls guard and after a bit of a scramble ends up in a knee shield guard. Open guard work to deal with a very scrambly opponent.

There are women black belts going right now. A Checkmat lady is winning. Batista Peinado and Oli Geddes are also going right now too. Oli has pulled half guard and Batista is shoving Oli around to find the best way to get that leg free. Batista ends up on top of turtle and spins around to the back and gets a collar for a choke and gets the tap. Oof.

Keenan is working to get on teh back of his opponent from the berimbolo position and gets one hook in and a collar. Body triangle for Keenan from the back. Flipping over to the women, where a back take is also in progress. Sweet. A RNC choke being applied and a tap! Whooo! Nice work for the Checkmat lady.

Keenan got a choke or something. I wasn't paying attention. Eduardo Telles is up. Love this guy's game. He's so scrambly and willing to work out of anything. He's working head control in a weird position that looks like it could be top of half, but isn't. Now past to side control and securing it. Back collar secure and up to knee on belly for Telles. Back to knee shield. Telles got past again, went up to knee on belly, got shunted to half guard, followed a spin out to top of turtle and is now ridding and baiting a knee bar. Baited it successfully and is now past the guard in side control, working for a farside armbar. Sets it up so slowly and smoothly it was awesome. Either time ran out or Telles got the tap from the armbar. Just a great, great match for him.

Some women brown belts and black belts going now. Not sure which weight classes are being contested right now, so it's really hard to keep track of names. Quite a bit of deep half going from many. A brown belt match between Jen Flannery and Chelsea BD going. Double guard pull. Chelsea seems to want top position a bit more. Jen getting a leg lasso and Chelsea stands to free herself. Chelsea out of leg lasso and looking to hip pressure into the leg drag, does, Jen spins to turtle and CBD is working for a collar grip on the stalled Jen. One hook now in for back control and Jen spins. CBD re-rolls to try for a back take and they edge out of bounds. Belt tying reset in the middle. CBD pulls RDLR and Jen comes up to try and knee slide. CBD goes for a sit-up guard and then flips RDLR sides as Jen switches sides. Going to knee shield/half guard now for CBD. Jen working to get to quarter mount, nearly gets swept into mount herself and tries a back step. CBD trying to roll up top and has to settle for deep half and then sets a very nice toehold up. Jen falls back to defend and it looks like CBD gets a kneebar that hurts Jen's knee. Ouch. But a really nice sub combination by CBD.

The commentary stream is shifting back and forth between a boring match with Bruno Bastos (almost all his matches are such) and women black belt matches. It's the absolute divisions. Jackson Souza has apparently won his division and is now celebrating. I'm going back to watching the women brown belts for more action. Hah. Luiza Monteiro is winning her match, but it's an awfully slow affair in deep half and half top.

A very sweet triangle attempt from high guard between two Japanese brown belt women. The trianglee is keeping great posture. Eh, time runs out with no sub.

Luiza Monteiro's match is the worst stall-fest I've seen thus far. Someone finally gets into a berimbolo, but is giving up a toehold. Gets to the back anyways. Now setting a collar choke on her opponent. Very, very slow pace even now. Jeez. This is not a good match.

Watching Joao Assis and Keenan go right now with their respective opponents. Joao on top of his opponent's scrambling half guard and Keenan going to the open/spider. Keenan working a kneebar into a sweep using a lapel, turns to top of guard, so it's a sweep. Keenan shifts to a back take from a leg drag and now has one hook in and a seatbelt grip. This dude is greased lightning on a mat. Joao is working from the guard top and nearly passing. Keenan working a double collar choke.and they edge too close to the boundary. Rolled over and reset exactly as is in the middle. Still the double collar choke set-up. No double hooks for points yet. Joao nearly has his guard passed, but rolls out to full guard. Keenan nearly motionless waiting for the choke to fall into place. After some slow hand fighting, it does and Keenan gets the double collar choke. Wins his finals.

Joao slowly working from top. His opponent seems to be giving up turtle and half guard fairly regularly.

Bia Mesquita slowly squeezing the life out of Tracey Goodell's defense from mount and rear mount. Tracey manages to slowly fight her away to side control and regains half guard, but may have give up a kimura. She's hiding her right arm and Bia decides she wants to start shifting to an underhook and head control. Tracey going back to open, high guard. Bia relaxing and eventually gets the win over Tracey, after shutting down her offense to ride out time. Jake McKenzie having an awful time against Orlando Sanchez, who is much, much bigger. Jake is being tossed around, nearly having his guard passed and somehow magics his way to top and a mount of sorts. Orlando flips his hips and goes for a single leg on the vastly outweighed Jake. Jake sprawls, but cannot maintain good position. They are head to head with Orlando on his knees.

Ida Hansson grappling against Luana Alzugui right now. Flipping over to that. Ida (pronounced Eeeda) is working to keep Luana from taking her back. Has one hook in and is trying to free her left hand from Ida's grip. Ida on her side, keeping a foot trapped and seems to be trying to sit out or shrimp free. Orlando wins his match on points, despite having two penalties for stalling.

Luana has her hands free and is looking to turn Ida a bit to get the second hook or perhaps get a bow and arrow set up. Ida really playing tight defense with her hands, but her hips are very immobile right now. Luana has opened up a bit and Ida gets her bucked off, goes to a leg entangled double guard position. The score ties up after some slow action and Luana is still up 2 points.

Galvao is now on commentary stream. Gets in the guard of his opponent and starts passing to the right on top of a knee shield guard. Galvao sprawling and walking his way around, using tremendous pressure to get past the legs. His opponent is using flexibility to stay in this and appears to be in danger of a leg drag. Galvao shelves the leg, but cannot get around yet. Does get around, but the opponent goes to a wide open guard, then back to being leg dragged. Galvao to side control very firmly and is consolidating position, flattening any and all upas and guard reclaiming. Galvao is just amazingly good at switching side to side and keeping past the guard.

Galvao working a hand back to the collar behind the neck and is trying to get up to knee on belly. Scramble, Galvao nearly ends up on top of turtle, but they settle back in side control because the opponent did not want to give up the collar grip. Galvao to knee on belly. Galvao surfing, but gets shunted back to half guard, knee slides past and spins all the way around the opponent to the other side for side control. Galvao working a two on one grip to a kimura, shoving his opponent up on his side and flattening the upas. Galvao looking to get to the back, but can't get there yet or the collar grips he wants. Back to side control. Andre bumps up to knee on belly and gets to kesa gatame. A choke somehow develops and wow, Andre magicked something there.

More black belt open mat action happening now. Some funky x-guard action happening with a match I don't know who the competitors are. Magid Hage and DJ "Open Warrant for His Arrest" Jackson are grappling right now. Telles and Peinado are rolling. Tammy and Gabi Garcia are rolling also. Gabi shoving people around. Peinado appears to have made Telles bleed a bit from teh face somehow. Gabi took a knee to the face and is bleeding also. Whoops.

Bia vs. Luana right now. Bia pulls DLR. Sets up a triangle on Luana! Magid loses his match based on takedowns and a pass. Telles turtled up under Peinado. Bia still working to finish the triangle, cutting the angle and seems to really have this dialed in. Luana is standing up and chilling out.

Buchecha has guard pulled on him and after two seconds of scrambling, decides to chill in the half guard to tire his opponent out first. Peinado still on top of Telles's turtle and gets the back! Telles tries to go out the back door, but has to give up s-mount. Telles turtles back up and Peinado spins behind. If this were wrestling, Batista would have tech-falled Telles a couple times over.

Buchecha slides up from half to nearly mount and then side con trol, steps over to mount. pulls up the arm and is looking to go for an armbar. But gets shunted back to open guard. Buchecha steps lightly around the spider guard and sets up an americana. Wow. Sub. That was amazing. Not even a fast, flashy move. Just super-effective.

Bia still has the triangle on Luana. Nobody's scored yet. Dang. That's a long, long time.

Diego Herzog vs. Diego Silva happening too. Telles cannot get out of turtle vs. Peinado. Granted, Peinado apparently cannot get a clean seatbelt or hooks in either. Bia flips Luana (still in the triangle) to her back and is on top in a mounted triangle. Luana pulling Bia's skirt up to create space and still isn't in much danger of being submitted.

Telles still scrambling around trying to get out of turtle. Peinado pulling him upright and setting a double collar choke if he can get it. Bia/Luana still going on the triangle. Daaaaang.

Galvao and Rodolfo on two different mats. Rodoflfo has dyed his hair blonde. Galvao on top of full guard with a knee up the middle. Rodolfo scrambling around trying to knee slide. Staying very mobile. Galvao slowly grinding that knee up the middle with a grip on the backside of the skirt. Rodolfo knee sliding to the right and maybe looking to hop over to the other sdie. Does so and gets to side, but doesn't stabilize it long enough. Gets past the guard once more, now stabilizes the position. Andre and his opponent Martell, I thinkgo out of bounds. Rodolfo gets a super quick tap. Wow. It was a north/south gi guillotione/choke.

Martell tries to get something off a jump guard pull. Andre gets to leg drag position, nearly gets the back and Martell manages to turn over just barely and is on top of full guard. Andre is chilling out. Bernardo Faria got a very fast tap over on another mat. Andre keeping a very tight and high guard right now, working for an armbar/omoplata. Andre gets the armbar set up and is trying to buck his hips up to sweep or submit. Martell keeping his position and trying to pull out. Andre inverts, spins and ends up in a half guard after contemplating a back take that Martell defended. Andre working the half guard still. Galvao working some knee shield on Martell.

Galvao stands up, trying to get a single leg, chucks Martell down and still bulling forwards for the single. Gets it! Martell goes for a toehold and Andre does too. Martell abandons it and Andre goes for a single leg as a counter. They go out of bounds. High pace and scrambling from both. Orlando Sanchez coming up on another mat. Belt tying reset in the middle. Andre comes forwards and Martell grips up. Andre fakes a guard pull to a single leg. Abraham tries to reverse, but fails and goes down. Andre working a high shoulder pass to side control. Andre secures the pass and the points. Has Martell locked down in side control.

There is a heavyweight match that is on another mat, one does a flying guard pull and goes to DLR. Galvao gets to mount and is up on points big over Martell. Puopolo does something wrong and ends up in a near armbar position against his opponent. Galvo working a cross choke, gets turned over and Martell postures up. Andre setting up an armbar again. Puopolo won, I think. Andre working DLR and half guard against the much larger Martell. Martell takes a risk on a high flying pass and nearly pays with an overhead sweep by Galvao, but scrambles back to top of guard. Martell shoots in, Andre jumps guard. Andre working an x-guard to knee bar. Whoa! Gets an insta-tap from Martell.

Joao Assis just put his opponent to a momentary sleep with a ridiculous gi choke from the crucifix. Leo Leite vs. DJ "Open Warrant for His Arrest" Jackson. It's a grip fight on the feet right now. DJ pulls guard after deciding he can't get the takedown. Leite goes for head control and a very tight and low position.

Buchecha hits a giant double leg and gets to side on Bruno Bastos. Leo still in the half guard of DJ. Buchecha working head and arm control. Leo shoving DJ's head all teh way over and sliding to mount. Leo to mount, but cannot hold it long enough to get points. Gets shoved back to guard. DJ to his belly and gets flattened by a sprawling Leo Leite. Buchecha up 5-0 on Bruno Bastos. Leite spins around with a collar grip on DJ. Buchecha goes to mount and has a triangle locked on. Bruno trying to stave it off. Buchecha pulling the head up and leaning forwards. Leo to side control and Buchecha has the tap from Bruno. Leo Leite going to north/south, trying to work a gi choke. Leo still working for a gi choke.

Faria coming up as well. Leo Leite just dominating from north/south. Faria pulls deep half as per usual. Faria gets a double leg off a scramble leading from the deep half. Excellent shift to penetration on the hips and a lift for the finish using the pants and lapel. Leo trying to step over DJ, but goes back to half guard. Faria working to pass the half guard. Faria driving his head down and his shoulders into the guard of Diego Silva. Leite in the top of half guard still.

Time elapses and Leo Leite wins a dominant points victory. Faria has dropped back to butterfly and a belt tying reset is happening. So it's Leite vs. Galvao in one quarter-finals. Joao Assis appears to have worked his way to another. Batista vs. Rodolfo.

We get Batista/Rodolfo first. Rodolfo charges forwards and nothing happens. Reset in the middle. Faria pulls half guard and slides under Diego Silva. Rodlfo and Peinado are clinched up in the middle, collar/elbow. Rodolfo tries his drop seoi nage, but nothing happens. Faria trying for a single leg from his knees. Peinado trying for some foot sweep fakes to see if he can avoid the drop throw from Rodolfo. Rodolfo trying a foot sweep of his own. Faria and Diego back to Faria's full guard after a stand-up. Peinado really trying to stay on the feet with Rodolfo. Faria working an omoplata on a standing Diego. More grip fighting from Peinado and Rodolfo. Bernardo gets a sit-up sweep out of bounds. Rodolfo still trying a drop seoi nage and Peinado isn't going down right for it to happen. Rodolfo trying for a single leg he got off the penetration from the drop seoi nage. Gets it out of bounds. Faria on the back of a turtled up Diego and gets his hooks in. Belt tying reset for Peinado and Rodolfo.

Rodolfo shoves past Peinado's guard into side. Up 7-0 right now I think. Rodolfo just chilling in the side control and pops up for knee on belly to get to a leg drag position. Peinado has a hand over the back and is trying to shrimp backwards and get back to guard. Rodolfo clamped down and gets to half then his knee slide gets both legs free. Another two and then mount right away. Peinado is just unable to deal with the pressure of Rodolfo here. Oooof. Rodolfo working for collar grips from s-mount and slowly squeezing as well. Back to half guard and Rodolfo high steps, then hops over the guard, passes it and hops to mount. Peinado cannot keep up with the pace of the momentum shifts either and has to give it up. Rodolfo trying to flatten Peinado out, gets to rear mount and goes for a bow and arrow. Faria wins his match 17-0 and Rodolfo finishes.

Leandro Lo vs. Orlando Sanchez. Whoo... crazy good guard vs. immovable object game going on here. Leandro working spider guard and Orlando kinda slowly working to break the grips or pull Leandro's legs down. Basically Lo's flexibility is allowing him to not get his guard brute force-passed. Orlando working a knee slide, but cannot pin down Lo's thigh long enough. Joao Assis is battling another Joao for a berth against Rodolfo in the quarters. Lo has swept Orlando!

Lo is now trying for a knee slide on Orlando himself, but has decided to place that knee straight up to get the foot way up high. Orlando trying to pull Lo's hands up and around. Orlando is now trying to get onto his side, but Lo shifts to his pressure side and scrambles around to the back of a turtled up Sanchez. Lo is now setting up a double collar choke. The two Joaos are trading 50/50 sweeps in a snoozer of a match. Lo still has Orlando's back and is working slowly for a choke. The Joaos are still going back and forth. Joao Gabriel was a brown belt this time last year and he's really doing well here. Joao Assis trying to come over for a toe hold, but ends up back in 50/50 again.

Orlando gets away from Lo and they clich up on the feet. Lo pulls guard. The Joaos break free of 50/5 and Assis goes for a kneebar, while Gabriel tries to get the back from the legdrag position. Looks like Joao Gabriel wins the points victory, if the celebration is a good indicator. Orlando Sanchez now stalling out kind of. Lo working spider and RDLR. Lo sweeps! He stands up immediately and tries for a knee slide, ends up freeing his leg and going to side control on Orlando. The big man rolls free after gathering his wind and they get up to the feet. Time runs out. Lo wins.

Galvao vs. Leite up now. They're circling on the feet and grip fighting. Galvao sits guard. Leo dives in. Andre goes knee-shield and seems to want to set Leo up for a sit-up sweep. Gets Leo to back out and Andre sits up, pulls Leo, but no cooperation. Leo nearly passes and Andre ends up in full butterfly. Leo trying to out-quick his way past the guard and it's not happening. Andre keeping the open guard alive and now is trying to cross-collar and triangle his way to top. Knee shield now. More slow knee shield work. Very intense grips for both grapplers. Leo maybe working an ankle lock, rips free and stands up. Andre butt scooting into a better position and tries to kneebar, ends up in a single leg position and a reset occurs.

Buchecha vs. a GF Team guy. Buchecha gets past the guard and into side, while GF was trying for a kneebar. Leite and Galvao are standing and tired, circling. Andre tries for a single and Leo dashes away. Buchecha trying for a hop over step or something. Joao sitting up slowly. Andre and Leo still grip fighting. Andre pulls half guard. Buchecha slowly twisting GF around so a back take could be possible with a big scramble. Andre and Leo reset in the middle in half guard. Buchecha scrambles and nearly gets the back take. GF Team avoids it and stays free. Buchecha only up 3 and they are now resetting on the feet. Leo fending off a single leg from Andre right now. Ricardo Evangelista is the GF Team guy, tries a drop seoi nage twice in a row and gets his back taken. Oof. Collar choke now. Leo Leite trying for the knee slide on Andre. Buchecha to the mount. Andre stands and drives Leo out of bounds. Buchecha gets the cross collar choke win! Leo and Andre belt tying reset in the middle on the feet. Too bad for Ricardo, he was doing very well. Andre and Leo are both tired. They're barely engagin and Andre drops for a single from way too far out. Leo dancing away. Andre being far more aggressive. They careen out of bounds. Andre still shooting in from too far out and pulls half guard as a result. Leo trying to knee slide as time ticks off. Time is over and it looks like there's going to be a refeee's decision. Not sure who wins here. I'd go with Andre due to activity, but Leo played top all the time. Top game wins. Leo Leite advances.

Rodolfo vs. Joao Gabriel now. They circle cautiously and Joao looks like he's pulling Rodolfo into a snapdown or hip toss. Rodolfo sticking with his usual seoi nage set-up. They're gripfighting in the middle for some time and Rodolfo tries his drop throw. Gets an advantage (kind of liberal with that one). Joao trying to get a single leg and throws Rodolfo briefly before a spin-out and return to the feet. It's even on advantages now. Neither grappler wants to concede guard and both have good throws. Rodolfo goes for another drop throw, yet arranges it so he doesn't give up the back when he knows it's not going to work. Joao yanks free and starts bulling into Rodolfo. They reset in the middle. More grip fighting.

Rodolfo drops down for a single leg and gets it! Joao clings to half guard and is trying to frame into Rodolfo to turn onto his side. Rodolfo trying to kick back the trapped leg with the underhook around the collar. Gets free and now is in side control. Rodolfo hopping around to try and find a way through Joao's arm frames. Rodolfo in half guard, but could slide free and hop to the other side if he gets the pressure right. Slides free, into side control and puts a knee on belly. To mount now. Joao helpless. Rodolfo bent over and just flattening Joao Gabriel out. Still in mount. Rodolfo can't quite get his hands in a good position to choke, but Joao's not going anywhere at all. Joao fends off a weak americana attempt, which leads to Rodolfo walking the elbow further and further up, trying to get a higher mount. Gets the higher mount. Joao trying to squirm out the back door with some flutter kicks. It looks like Rodolfo is setting up a lapel loop here, but I cannot see due to the angle of the camera work. Rodolfo is now working Joao's arms as high up a possible. Armbar attempt as Joao rolls over!. Rodolfo's angle seems to be off, but Joao isn't out yet. Standing and drops to his knees as Rodolfo goes belly down. A tap! Bellydown armbar and Joao appears to be hurt.

Leandro Lo vs. Bernardo Faria now. Lo circles around. Faria cautiously chases. Faria pulls half guard and Lo starts working the knee up the middle and kick back. Faria keeps the leg, but Lo might have worked his way out. Nope. Just an advantage. Faria to a sit-up double leg. Gets it. Lo to double spider guard now. Faria very, very tight, working cuff grips. Tries to yank free. Lo isn't having much of it and starts scrambling away. Faria trying to clamber up and shove Lo's legs together on one side. Lo goes to spider once more. Faria stands up and immediately abandons it as Lo had a nice jump on something. Faria down to double unders pass. Lo wiggles to spider. Faria slides down, isn't doing much and has a grip on Lo's seat and an ankle cuff. Lo working the spider and knee positioning is crucial here.

Lo resting and Faria again gets the ankle cuff he wants. Lo starts to extend his leg to get Faria's arm up and posture different. Faria gets up to one knee and starts pushing down, crunching Lo up. Lo still keeping the open guard alive and is chilling out. Faria now in double unders with a seat grip, trying to bull to his own right and Lo's left. Back to low spider guard. I stepped away briefly for a food break. Looks like the same stuff kept happening here. Faria cannot pass and Lo cannot set anything up. Time runs out and Faria moves forwards, despite the rib injury.

Looks like Faria vs. Rodolfo and Buchecha vs. Leite. Great, great absolute bracket to come.

Rodolfo vs. Leo Leite right now. In terms of size, Rodolfo is larger and has the better submissions. Leo definitely has the better judo, but Rodolfo might out-athlete him to something. They are very cautious in the opening seconds. Rodolfo pulls guard and Leo goes for a knee slide. Rodolfo keeping a collar grip and RDLR, trying for a leg lasso as well. Leo trying to get the elbow to knee connection as well. Rodolfo's guard is so mobile, even when he's not hooked on anything or working a sweep. Leo charges in and ends up in RDLR. Rodolfo goes for x-guard on the standing Leite. After moving around, Rodolfo grabs a leg and charges forwards into a single leg. While sprawling, it looks like Leo's knee or leg twisted too much and he landed on something badly. Ugh. Sorry to see that. Leo might be out due to this injury. Leo wants to keep going and Rodolfo looks like he's really hesitant to do this.

They restart after Leo assures everyone he's going to be okay. Rodolfo is driving forwards and shunts around Leo's guard after some driving forwards to a back take/armbar. Looks like Leo is aware of the armbar threat and is keeping the free leg from clamping over his head. Leo trying to pull out the other way and Rodolfo is looking to turn Leo over onto his back. Leo tries to spin out and ends up having to tap to a conventional armbar. He deserves credit for continuing on, but really, he shouldn't have risked it.

It'll be Rodolfo Vieira vs. the winner of Buchech and Faria in the absolute finals.

Faria and Almeida carefully circle each other fora while. Faria pulls guard and immediately works to get an omoplata or triangle. Buchecha stands and Faria has to open up, drop down and go for a sit-up sweep. Buchecha now in reverse kesa gatame and Faria has a knee right up in his face. Faria starting to pass a lapel under the leg and Almeida stands. Faria driving for a single leg, but cannot tilt Buchecha yet. Faria drives Buchecha down to the mat! Establishes control!. Now has a potential opportunity to pass, if he can ride out the scramble. Almeida goes for a hip heist and starts doing an oil check to scramble around. Gets to the back on a flattened Faria. Shoves a knee into knee on belly and seems to have gotten points for that. Faria regains half guard.

They rest and are reset in the middle. No action from both. Faria trying to pull up a knee and Almeida sprawls out after thinking about head control. Faria making room for a deep half play and Almeida seems to be pulling in his legs and free the legs. Faria flattened out, but has half guard and a knee grip, which is actually an ankle cuff that has ridden all the way up. Buchecha pops free a foot and nearly gets to mount. Faria somehow manages to keep half guard on a very active Buchecha, who gets an advantage for his work. Faria is down, looking to get back up to sit-up guard or deep half. Buchecha switching sides and trying to overwhelm Faria over the top. Faria grabs a leg and Buchecha grabs a leg in return. Buchecha back steps, but doesn't really go anywhere. Faria trying to keep Buchecha from switching all over the place. Faria trying to take the back in a standing position, but Buchecha is spinning out. Single leg from the knees. Buchecha shoving the head down

Faria pulls Buchecha down! He's up on points now and looking to consolidate and ride out time. Buchecha working a keylock or kneebar! Sweeps him! Nearly passes the guard and gets an advantage for it. Faria has his guard passed again and Buchecha is up majorly on points in what was once a close match. Faria now fending off an armbar, Almeida switches to a farside armbar immediately, which is defended and Almeida keeps scrambling as time runs out. What a gas tank he has! Bernardo Faria came close, but lost momentum after his sweep to go up on points and couldn't deal with the pace.

Rodolfo vs. Buchecha! The match all of us are waiting for!

Penny Thomas working right now from quarter mount. Trying to get an ezekiel or collar choke set up on Ida Hansson. Ida works back to DLR guard and Penny stands. Ida tries a sit-up sweep and Penny fends it off. Bel tying reset in the middle. Penny pulls guard and Ida now has an inverted Penny to deal with. Penny works to a triangle and hugs Ida to keep the set-up intact as Ida stands. Penny hooks the leg and unfortunately, she loses the triangle set-up and Ida nearly takes her back. Penny escapes out the back door and Ida goes for a kneebar. Penny trying to work a back take of her own. Ida grimacing with effort as time runs out. Ida wins on points.

Now we're starting to get into the male divisional matches. Looks like roosterweight is up with Koiuchi vs. somebody. Bruno Malfacine is rolling also. Tammy Griego vs. another black belt woman also. Very fast paced match so far.

Gabi Garcia had a 5 second match. She pulled guard and got an armbar right away.

Caio Terra might be DQ'ed due to weight.

Tammy Griego and Talita Nogueira are battling it out. Tammy has some incredibly funky deep half work and Talita has been dealing sort of well with it by 50/50ing up and looking to get a toe hold. Tammy comes up top, works a cross choke on Treta, but loses it. Treta stands up and Tammy nearly takes her back! Treta turtled up and Tammy working to get the two hooks in and a choke. Fast pace! Tammy working an arbmar from a near back take. Treta somehow survives to take the win despite being clearly dominated over the last few minutes of the match.

Looks like the light featherweights are in full bore right now for the men's side. Ana Carolina Vidal also going, has quarter mount on her opponent. Fernanda Mazelli up too. Commentary broadcast has flipped to Laercio Fernandes, who is a likely finalist.

Brandon Mullins doing pretty well. Samir Chantre up also against a GF Team guy (maybe Pimenta?).

Took a little break to clear the head. Gui Mendes has passed the guard already due to a leg drag and has gone back to the half guard to knee slide. Gui mashing the head of his opponent from the side and is trying to pull his way to side control and flatten out the upper body. Finally gets the switch and the side control. Trying to pop up for knee on belly points and gets them. Brabo choke with the gi to get the tap! Super fast. Baseball choke for him. Looks like he had a triangle finish also.

Treta in a match against Vidal and Dern has her first round opponent as well. Treta pulls guard and Dern has the back of her opponent. Vidal won by choke or lock. Dern probably is winning on points. Does win.

Tracey Goodell wins on points in her division. Looks like the commentary has Holanda vs a Japanese competitor on. Holanda trying to invert and go for the back. One weird looking game of footsie going on here as they tangle up.

Luana getting some work done in her division now as well. Holanda and Dai are in a leg weaving/twisting and turning battle. Holanda really going for a toe hold, but loses it. Dai looking very nonchalant. Neither wants to really come up right now as sweeps are so fast at lighterweights. Dai rolling to defend a toe hold again.

Bruno Malfacine, beard in full bloom, is up now. He crouches down, double guard pull. Working for collar and butt grips to come up top or spin out to the back. Now leg weaving/fighting to take the back. Now has the back. Wow. Setting for mount now, I think. S-mount now, as the opponent tries to squirm away. Bruno staying glued up top and goes for a collar choke set-up. Now kicks back to knee on belly, to north/south. Bruno to north/south. Bruno to knee on belly, has a farside knee grip and a behind the neck collar grip. Is not letting his opponent circle away at all. Bruno to mount and going hard after a cross choke from s-mount. Gets a tap from his opponent after what looks like an awful time inside that choke.

Dai nearly has Holanda's back from a berimbolo-ish position. Loses a points match. Megaton Dias is on and he's having his usual, really entertaining match that ends up in a loss against Batata, the loop choke king. But wait! He manages to get a couple points off a sweep! Dias wins!

Tanquinho, the man who will do MMA soon, is furiously working to take the back of his opponent and pass the guard. Ary Farias is on his way to the back of his opponent also after a leg drag set-up from the bottom of guard. Tanq is now going for side control and has it. He looks strong as heck and rips a straight armbar for the submission win.

Cobrinha! Yeah! Pulls guard after a leg trip attempt and does a sit-up sweep that turns into a switch and near back take. Back to the feet and Cobrinha pulls guard after securing the advantage for the work. Cobrinha trying to sit-up once more. Cobrinha sweeps and stands. Is working to shove the legs right and gives up the DLR hook, but stuffing the free leg. RDLR now and CObrinha starting to back step or slid through.

Cobrinha spent quite a while setting up a brabo choke/baseball bat choke, but eventually lost it, briefly fell back to guard and then re-swept for the top. Cobrinha gets the back, with a seat belt. Cobrinha gets a tap with a collar choke from the back. Good match.

Mario Reis working from the back. Has a very dominating lead over his opponent. Wins a points win. Fabio Passos having a close 50/50 battle with another roosterweight.

Fabio Passos vs. Barata going on, but I'm flipping for another match as it looks like Fabio has a good sized lead.

Mackenzie vs. Marina for the divisional finals soon. Bia vs. Tracey #2 is happening. Bia won a few hours ago, but we'll see who's made the adjustments. Double guard pulls in both. Mackenzie being a bit more aggressive with coming up, ends up with not much. Bia picks up Tracey, who has full guard. Tracey now in DLR. Marina keeping the leg weave going and is very calm. Marina comes up top and really gets out of the leg weave, starts pulling the ankles down. Marina has a triangle on Mackenzie!

Rafael Mendes on top of half, looking to knee slide free or switch sides. Rafael allows his opponent to stand and tries a flying something. Does a spin, but doesn't get anything beyond an advantage out of it. Mackenzie goes out of bounds, so Marina gets two points for the sub.

Rafael now in guard, looking to invert and come up, his opponent rips free and is ordered into the guard in a middle reset. Rafa now pulling his way to the top. Has side control very firmly.

Marina and Mackenzie are leg weaving again. Penny is trying to get something going from 50/50 and Bia nearly gets her with a 50/50 armbar. Penny backs out and is looking to push free. Bia keeping her grips strong.

Rafa dominant from side and not giving any room to move at all. Rafa slides to the back very fast and has a double collar grip going. Gets his back points and the opponent is defending valiantly. Marina and Mackenzie is still 2-0. Rafa now bow and arrowing with the leg scissors involved. Ouuuch.

Calasans just ripped an armbar win from his first round opponent.

Marina wins a points victory over Mackenzie.

Lepri pulls guard and is going for a RDLR/DLR spin set-up. Gets something to work, it was so fast I didn't see what it was and now he's trying to pass. Lepri seems like he's got a good shot to slam the legs down with heavy pressure and get around the guard here. They reset in the middle after the opponent gets up.

Lucas pulls guard and tries an overhead sweep with some success. Wow. He's already standing and looking to get past a knee shield/open guard. He back steps past and now has side control. Whoaaaa. Has the back collar grip and farside leg grip too. That's a truly key grip for so many people today. Trying to get to the back on the turtled opponent.

Caio working a brief inversion attempt to an armdrag or sweep. Now falling the other way. Caio comes up top and now has a possibility for sliding the knee straight up the middle and a back step. Chooses to stay balanced in the middle. Ary Farias playing footsie with Holanda right now. Holanda takes advantage of a risk taking move by Ary to nearly take the back. Ary backs out and Holanda ends up back in the open guard with Ary on top.

Caio still chilling out in top of half guard/open guard. Ary trying to pass, but he can't get past the knees of Holand. Caio setting up a choke and has quarter mount. Caio going for the choke!Holanda staying strong with the open guard/RDLR. Caio might be inching his way closer and closer to the choke. Caio abandons the choke and slides the foot out to mount. He's now in s-mount. Ary is up by one advantage over Holanda. Caio works a gift wrap into a triangle. Very smooth.

Ary still trying to pass. Caio has a triangle locked up and is working slowly to bring the posture down. Caio is picked up and then carefully placed back down. Gets the tap. Holanda is working RLDR against Ary still, but can't get any sweep attempts going. Ary is still ahead with a couple minutes left.

Samuel Braga fighting a Bull-Terrier sponsored Japanese fighter and they double guard pull, double invert and all that. Braga seems like he might have figured out a way to come up top first, but then they end up just rolling around like puppies who haven't figured out how to walk yet (albeit with way more deadly intent).

Magid Hage working his division and gi grips too. He magicks a choke from having his own back taken with a baseball bat choke. It's nuts how he can land that from a variety of different angles.

Mario Reis is now grappling Wellington "Megaton" Dias. Reis pulled guard and Dias is working to stay upright and get up to his feet.

Cobrinha now grappling with Gabriel Martins as well.

JT Torres has his first match as well. Pulls guard and has a deep collar grip. Cobrinha pulls guard and is working DLR, hip bumps, triangles. Gabriel rips free and there apparently was an accidental limb to the face. JT sweeps and is now using his hips to smash the inverted opponent down. No kneebar for the opponent but there might be a legdrag in the workings for JT.

Mario Reis worked his way to a triangle on Dias. Gets the tap. Reis moves on. This is several triangles Reis has gotten Dias with now.

JT is in the open guard of his opponent. Cobrinha has quarter mount/deep half guard top on Gabriel. Cobrinha very insistent on the farside underhook and now has an underhook on Martins's face, starting to smash and slide. Yes, gets his foot out and is into side control. Martins has no answer and no movement. JT is looking to knee slide his way free also. A scramble of sorts results and JT is trying to prevent a kneebar and stay up on top of turtle/invert. Cobrinha still in side control and JT hopping around to get the back. Gets it. Body triangle from the back. Cobrinha pushing Martins up on a side to work on the arm and collar. Martins turning his head into Cobrinha to avoid the choke set up.

Martins comes up and CObrinha drops back to DLR. JT working a double collar grip. Cobrinha going invert and basically trying to work his invert sweeps on Martins.

Langhi on and working his vaunted spider guard. JT Torres still on the back of his opponent (Chris Gutierrez?). Cobrinha gets the win.

Tanquinho is up and already in top of half guard, looking to shove the knee past and cross choke. Now to the back, both hooks in and poking here and there for grips.

Rafael Mendes pulls guard, goes berimbolo and comes up top as opponent falls back. Tanquinho has his opponent fully flattened out and apparently a small cut has opened up on his opponent's eye. Back to Langhi, who is still working the spider guard - wonderfully fresh haircut too.

Rafa past the guard after a leg drag series and is in side control. Back to half guard now for Rafa and he steps back, looks to start his leg dragging again. Rafael falls to his butt and now they are leg weaving and Rafa is looking for the DLR set-ups. Tanquinho gets a quick finish after the medics allow the restart.

Rafa now to s-mount and working a gi loop from quarter guard. Lucas Lepri has swept his opponent and is in half guard. Looking very, very tough to dislodge. Rafa stands and starts pulling a collar in for a back step. Lepri gets a ezekiel choke win from the back. Langhi wins a ref's decision? Maybe a points victory. Rafa finally gets an armbar set-up and appears to be fully in the driver's seat now. Rafael Mendes wins a points victory. Very nice match, although Rafa achieved dominant position many times.

Claudio Calasans on the mats and JT on another mat against Gil de Freitas. JT pulls guard. Calasans is head to head on his knees against his opponent. JT now on top and Freitas on the bottom of open guard. Calasans still head to head in a very odd match. Calasans got outworked and is now in the bottom of guard.

Calasans going for an underhook and full guard. JT tries hopping around with no luck. Not much happening in terms of concrete action in both matches. Calasans seems insistent on that underhook for some reason and JT is having more success moving around, trying to get past. Freitas spins into an omoplata and JT has to fall down to his back to defend. Freitas can't come up though and JT seems able to work back up to the feet. Calasans unable to get going. Calasans finally back up to his feet and clinched up, collar/elbow. His opponent has really strong base for sure.

JT is out of the omoplata and once again pressuring from the top, but not really cracking through. After quite a bit of work from both sides, it ends in a tie and the referee gives Freitas the decision.

Calasans appears to have scored enough points to win now. I think he got enough from push-outs and perhaps a few advantages from a near back take and other things.

Keenan is up in the black belt open. Has the back of his opponent within a minute and a half. Zak Maxwell is working an omoplata on the commentary feed. Keenan's match has a time issue, so they're pausing the action. Maxwell still working the omoplata. Keenan back in action, working for a double collar, but it appears the gi has slid down, so he's going to have to find something else. Nah, he just shoves the collar back up and gets it in the right place. Double collar is what he wants, but he's settling awful low for it.

Maxwell back on the feet and working collar and elbow. Pulls guard, goes DLR. Back to the feet. Maxwell keeps going down and then pulling guard, getting omoplata set-ups, going back up to the feet, pulling guard, omoplata set-ups and so on. His opponent tries a flying armbar, no luck and Maxwell is back on the feet. Zak wins.

Satoshi mounts and collar chokes a fellow Japanese competitor in 39 seconds. Whoomp.

Magid Hage having a tough match with little action. Romulo is up, playing spider in one match, while in another, Marcos Souza is on top of guard. Romulo gets the fast sweep and is looking to take the back. Marcos is walking past the guard, but gets shunted back. Romulo has top of turtle.

Romulo now has side control and Marcos has a knee slide working. Romulo stands back up and is in guard, bullfighters past and is now taking the back. one hook in. Marcos still working to pass the guard.

Sebastian Brosche won by an advantage over Joao Miyao in the open browns. Paolo is still alive in his bracket after winning by choke.

Romulo is in side and Marcos still working to pass the guard. Romulo has a back take attempt and a choke set-up coming. Both hooks in. Marcos has dropped back to guard and is working to sit-up sweep. Marcos has swept.

Leandro Lo is up and already working from top half on his opponent. Lo is doing his up the middle knee slide. Romulo still hasn't finished his opponent. Lo is up 3-0 after a guard pass. Romulo still on the top of a turtled opponent.

Leandro Lo has gone back to the guard, then back to side control. Now back to guard. Back steps out. Now back to side control. He's up something like 15-0 or 18-0. Probably threw in a couple knee on bellys. Lo is still wrecking shop by switching sides and working to get past the guard. He makes this look effortless.

Braulio up now. Switching from Leandro to that match. Braulio motionless, starting to come forwards. Holy shit. Braulio went from a leg lasso to spinning under for a kneebar in about 2 seconds after setting up the lasso. That was the submission of the tournament so far.

Keenan wins a much-delayed and argued about match by advantages. Jackson Souza rnc's Sebastian Brosche.

Tarsis Humphreys won his match. Zak Maxwell vs. Magid Hage IV now. Zak on top of guard. Magid working lasso/DLR/spider. Zak trying to stay in good base and climb over the top.

Clark Gracie wins a fast match by threatening an armbar and then climbing over to the back for a double collar choke.

Roberto Satoshi back on the mats and dealing with an inverted opponent, Claudio Caloquinho. Satoshi flips Claudio over and is working double unders, trying to scoop him up and throw him over. Abmar Barbosa has pulled guard and Satoshi went for a scramble, ended up in the same spot due to some very nice guard recovery skills from Caloquinho.

Abmar slowly working spider and accidentally kicks his opponent in the face. Time out. Restart on the feet. Abmar flying triangle that fails and he works half guard. Satoshi fending off a sweep and trying to keep Caloquinho down. Abmar chucks his opponent over, but cannot capitalize, so he gets an advantage. Satoshi still trying to pass the guard.

Abmar now in a position to come up top if he wants. Drops back and wants to set up leg lasso and spider.

Jackson Souza vs. Keenan right now. Souza nearly gets a guard pass, but Keenan has absurd guard retention and slides a foot across his own body to keep guard intact. Jackson trying to leg drag past and it's slow going.

Abmar is in quarter guard top and working on an armbar or americana. Keenan tries a berimbolo and Jackson is on his butt, trying to hop up over, but it's not working. Keenan comes up top and should get an advantage as Souza stands up. Iam McPherson is up and in top of half guard, very high posture, looking to leg drag as well I think. Souza is working within Keenan's spider guard. Jackson tries a toe hold, but it fails and Keen pulls back out. They restart on the feet and Jackson gets an advantage. Tie game. Jackson gets a stalling penalty and that could be decisive. McPherson back to full guard. Jackson trying to get past and Keenan works a sweep. Jackson back to open guard, pushing ankles down. Keenan goes berimbolo and Jackson has his leg full down. I don't think the berimbolo will work here. Keenan somehow turns it into a near back take and Jackson stands up, tosses Keenan back down. Advantage to Keenan for the back take. Ian McPherson working a straight ankle lock for a win. Gets it.

Keenan upside down, trying to get something on Jackson, who is very cautious all of a sudden. Jackson pushing for a knee slide, but Keenan is going inverted and sliding his legs across for guard retention. Jackson stands again.

Telles working an americana from top of quarter guard/crucifix (weird position, I know). Jackson tries to toss Keenan around, but it's not working. Time elapses and it looks like Keenan gets the point victory. That might have been the most anticipated brown belt match at this tourney and it turned out pretty good. Both acquitted themselves very well and Keenan's technicality wins the day.

Romulo vs. Chris Moriarty is up and Romulo pulls guard. Chris looking to Tozi pass. Telles now in turtle, comes out the back of the top control and doesn't pursue a single leg.

Calasans is up also and seems to be engaged in a grinding battle from the top of half guard. Gets out! To side control and very, very tight control.

Romulo working an omoplata and hanging off Moriarty's arm, as Moriarty stands. Romulo gets Moriarty to fall down on his butt and eventually finishes the omoplata there. Very nice sub by Romulo, but still not as good as Braulio's kneebar.

Telles still doing crazy stuff from turtle and avoiding giving up any points. Telles is now past guard actually after dumping his opponent over. Now to mount. Whoo, what an interesting chain of events. Time runs out and Telles wins on points.

Otavio Sousa is up and working full guard into something. Calasans got a collar choke somehow. Marcos Souza is in top of full guard.

Otavio is mounted on his opponent. Marcos Souza looking to stay out of a triangle and pass, as he went for a bit of a risky pass. Otavio armbarred his opponent.

Braulio jumped guard and has managed to flip his opponent by underhooking a leg and is now armbarring him. Holy shit. Braulio is just on another level. He now is working for a back take or armbar combo. This is effortless! Wow! Now a cross choke from mount. His opponent seems completely lost at this point. The cross choke fails, but Braulio goes tornado guard and flips Paulo Pinto to go for a single leg. This is nuuuuts!

Back to standing for Braulio. Estima gets a single leg and drops down to a DLR instead. Pinto is fending off the DLR and Braulio is bringing him inwards. Braulio spinning under to RLDR and Marcos Souza loses somehow. Braulio to DLR and chills out. Braulio now going for x-guard and flips Pinto over, slowly trying to come up and just barely misses. Advantage to Braulio.

Victor Estima is now grappling too. Braulio has full guard adn Victor is playing footsie with an Atos black belt. Looks like Victor is setting up his favored footlock. Victor gets the footlock. Brilliant execution. Braulio has now flipped Pinto from guard, gets an ezekiel choke or something from s-mount. Daaaang.

The Estima brothers came correct this year.

Andre galvao pulled guard on his opponent. Leandro Lo is up again. Top of half guard, doing his usual game. Knee up the middle and a posting hand. Galvao choose to stay upright when they reset in the middle and now is in top of open guard.

Lo is swarming for a back take and collar choke right now. Galvao went double unders and has scooped his opponent up, pushing forwards and will shuck to the side soon. Galvao has worked his way to a seatbelt back take with one hook in. Leandro Lo is ripping through the guard again and again.

Galvao working for a double collar choke. Davi Ramos coming up and gets a takedown early on. Top of half guard for him. Galvao switches to an armbar, but his opponent is able to get up on his side and pull the elbow downwards. Davi Ramos is in a great position and Andre rips loose the arm for the submission. Davi decided to drop back for a kneebar or something and has lost the top position. Leandro Lo is just hopping all over and being nuuuuts.

Davi Ramos working for a kneebar and nearly gets it; in the resulting scramble, he gets to top of turtle. Davi on top of a turtled opponent and Lo is working his way slowly out of a kneebar attempt. Lo seems very unconcerned and slides upwards out of it. Lo continues to rack up the passing points. He's playing with his food and sharpening his passing or something. Lo wins by some absurd points margin - 30-0 or something of the kind.

Davi Ramos has very firm back control and is trying to finish his opponent.

Ian McPherson up against an opponent who I'm not sure the name of. Ian scrambling around, nearly had his guard passed and now has a single leg. Advantage to opponent, I think. Ian sits guard, somehow has an advantage too. Diego Borges! That's who it is! Excellent match-up. Diego trying to pull McPherson to turtle or inverted triangle. McPherson trying to stay upright.

Victor Estima up. Diego Borges trying for an inverted triangle now. Victor coming in slow for a double guard pull. Ian recovers to DLR guard. Victor coming past the guard and now working an inverted triangle! McPherson and Diego are in a footlock battle. McPherson probably has the advantage there and comes up briefly, until he goes back down. Victor tightening the triangle! Gets the tap!

Diego and Ian are still battling back and forth. I'm not sure of the score, but I suspect that Diego is up. Ian works a single leg and nearly gets Diego down, but Diego rolls him over. Advantage to Ian probably. They reset standing in the middle.

Ian pulls guard and Diego is in combat base. They're going in and out of contact so fast that it's hard to keep up with what they're both trying to do.

Keenan and the Miyaos are playing footsies/berimbolo in the brown belt absolute finals. Diego Borges trying to flatten Ian out. Ian looking to hip over and come up top. Diego frees the leg, but Ian gets a single leg and is now pushing forwards on Diego, who has a reverse set up already. Ian is tired and clinging onto quarter guard. Diego now in a potential back take situation/armlock situation, while McPherson has a lapel grip and is avoiding a crucifix/armbar/backtake. Diego has the back now. Ian is dead tire. Diego working a bow and arrow choke, but can't get it. Diego to mount now as time runs out. Heck of a match and Diego Borges continues his winning streak from Copa Podio.

Paulo Miyao out-advantages Keenan Cornelius to take the brown belt absolute. It's not a shocker of a result, but it's a surprise.

Clark used some smooth reversal skills to get to the back of his opponent and is threatening a choke. Calasans is battling Adriano Silva and has pulled guard. Clark has moved over to mount and has won on points.

Bruno Bastos vs. Antonio Peinado is up. Bruno retired from the absolute after Buchecha triangled him, handing over his belt, but he seems pretty content to fight in his weight class.

Galvao up now and is grip fighting. Galvao gets a single leg and immediately goes for a pass. Opponent inverts and Galvao is working for a seat grip and an ankle cuff grip. Galvao gets past the guard and rests in side control. Looks like he wants an americana or to pop up to knee on belly. Working a lapel upwards and shoving the arm down. Galvao to mount, working a cross collar choke, has to let it go and reclaim it a bunch of times due to active defense. Murilo Santana now going too and quickly getting mount. He has a left hand that is nearly encased in bandages. Maybe a wrist or palm injury.

Galvao still very, very dominant from the mount. Santana also mounted. Santana going for an armbar. Galvao going for a mounted triangle. Murilo getting rolled over, but re-rolls to topside armbar and again and again. Galvao back to regular mount. Murilo apparently only has one good hand to do some pulling, so he's content to hang out there. Galvao working an armbar now. has a very deep underhook on the arm. Santana gets the armbar, I think. Galvao gets the armbar as well, except he switched to the other side and used the opponent's roll against him to finish the armbar.

Peinado and Bastos looks like it's still a bore-fest. Bruno pulls half and Peinado starts trying to free himself. Telles gets armbarred after making some very risky choices. His opponent is an Alliance guy, who I've forgotten the name of after 10 and a half hours of blogging.

Davi Ramos gets a very fast kneebar after pulling guard. He just dives right over for those things and people at the elite levels aren't used to that kind of tactics. Eduardo Santoro wasn't ready for it either.

Peinado might have won due to something at the last moment. Joao Gabriel is up and being a burly beast, bringing the pressure. Joao Gabriel wins by a flying triangle and it is beautiful.

Cyborg Abreu is up 7-0 on his opponent. Cyborg wins a very dominant match. Leo Leite apparently just won, I missed the match.

Diego Borges is up against someone with a very active guard right now. Diego starting to stand and push the free leg out. Diego has gone back down to his knees and is trying to get a knee straight up the middle and open the guard. Diego uses a double unders and scramble to jump all over the place and threaten the back take. Diego has a seat belt of sorts and one hook in. It looks like Borges's opponent is Eric Anderson. They reset in the middle after some belt tying and Diego is back in full guard.

Diego dropped back to guard and is working one legged x-guard. Murilo Santana is grappling a Gracie Barra guy and has bulled into top of open guard. Murilo is killing a knee and seems reluctant to grab a set grip due to the heavily taped up hand. Trying to pass over the top to his own right, using the good hand to shove the knee/thigh down. Diego Borges apparently lost due to tiring out. His opponent wins a very tough match.

Tussa Alencar is grappling an Alliance guy. Murilo Santana has finally passed guard to side control, a very tough task against a very good guard. Lovato Jr. gets a fast head/arm triangle gi choke (I don't know what it really was, but it compressed the carotids enough to get the tap) inside 2 minutes in his first match.

Buchecha vs. a Joao, I think. Abraham Martell tried to triangle Orlando Sanchez and they went back to guard. Martell stood up and Buchecha gets a farside armbar from the back (the same move he almost got Roger with at Metamoris). Hooooooooooo.

Bernardo Faria up on a mat and Xande up on another mat. Xande playing judo and gets his opponent to sit guard. Xande passes fast and looks to set up a loop choke from north/south sprawl. Bernardo Faria playing his sit-up sweep/single leg game.

Xande gets the loop choke as he pulls the opponent into guard. Martell has the back of Orlando Sanchez! Orlando escapes and Martell holds him in open guard.

Cavaca is now grappling and he's a freakky athlete too. Cavaca has mount ans is working for an armbar on James Puopolo. Yeesh. He's just slicing through a very good black belt and now switches to a collar choke. Fully flattened out and Puopolo manages to reverse to full guard.

Vitor Oliveira of GF Team moves to the semi or quarter finals. Nivaldo Oliveira is up slightly over Kevin Casey. Ricardo Evangelista is probably going to win his. Ceconi is winning his match as well.

Martell has stood up and Orlando cannot push the pace enough to get the action down to the ground. Cavaca just slapped on a reverse triangle on James Puopolo in a silky smooth action. Just a very fluid, deadly movement. Martell rides out time and wins on points.

Ricardo Bastos vs. Lucas Leite. Lucas pulls half guard and Ricardo starts working to the other side and trying to kick loose. Alex Trans is grappling too, pulling half guard and working his usual game. Lucas is trying to get to deep half, but cannot get the sprawl of Ricardo timed quite right. Trans is ending up in 50/50 when he tries to come up.

Lucas sliding down on Ricardo's leg and now overhooking an arm to keep his grip and perhaps go for a bump upwards.

Rodolfo gets pulled into a single leg and gets dumped. He doesn't get held down long enough for a takedown, but it's worth an advantage. Lucas back to the feet and pulls DLR. Rodolfo setting up an inside trip, which probably leads to an overhead sweep later. Single leg for Rodolfo and he runs the pipe, turns the corner and gets his own advantage due to lack of full control for three seconds. Rodolfo throws his opponent with a seoi nage and now threatens a back take with a seat belt and gi choke! Gets the near insta-tap!

Lucas Leite won what I believe to be a referee's decision due to his guard work. Ricardo Bastos just couldn't get free enough of the guard to do anything.

I accidentally erased a bunch of words. Vitor Oliveira won his match against DJ "Open Warrant" by an advantage. Xande won his match, Nivaldo Oliveira beat Kevin Casey by a small margin. Alexandre Ceconi won his pretty handily and Ricardo Evangelista is now going to win and move on.

Cavaca also had a very, very nice inverted triangle over Puopolo.

Sub of the tourney is undoubtedly Braulio Estima's kneebar in his first match. Second best was Buchecha stepping past spider guard and getting an armlock immediately.

Match of the day was probably Keenan vs. Jackson Souza, in the brown belt semi-finals.

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