Fedor/Anderson/GSP : Which of the greats of mma were hardest to gameplan against?

You are a top notch fighter. Well rounded and proficient in all areas. Normal build for the division.

You have one special ability... you can shrink and you can expand to any weight class (although not mid fight of course!)

You also have a time machine.

In front of you are 3 fighters.

Prime Fedor

Prime Anderson

Prime GSP

Which of these guys, with a full training camp and every video on the internet, would be hardest to game plan against?

Rules: No reapplications of specific winning moves. No gimmicks. Ie you cant go train BJJ for 20 years and then try to troll Fedor into a triangle/arm bar. Likewise you cant go for the Chonan flying scissor hook or the Okami DQ victory.

You have to beat these guys by beating their game, not by trying to apply gimmicks.

You are a very good fighter, and you are talented in all areas.

How would you gameplan against these guys and which would be the hardest to gameplan against?


To answer my own question, Fedor would be a night mare. Most of his losses where down to his own mistakes in winning. Id want to fight him in a cage, as he never lost in the ring, and as i cant grow to the size of bigfoot, im guessing a mistake against the wall and arrogance on the finish might open a gap. Il be honest, not a great prospect on paper. I guess i could stand with him if i was good enough, and take him down and big foot him in theory if i was a normal HW with great BJJ. However, its probably not going to be a successful strategy and controlling him would be like strangling a fish. A fish with armbars and leg locks...

Anderson would be the Sonnen blue print with BJJ and take downs. Sonnen + GSP takedowns and Weidman top control and grappling basically. Add shoguns chin for good measure.

GSP would be very good takedown defence and KO power with subs. Diaz with KO power basically.

Fedors biggest weakness would be his offense and his "arrogance" in going for the win. These arent things he really showed until later on in his career though. He has a very good chin and no specific vulnerabilities. Wrestling was meant to be one, but that usually ended in submission losses to the guy who was trying to exploit it. His striking is possibly open to counters, but it didnt happen too many times in how many fights? No one ever beat this guy with a better gameplan. Bigfoot came closest, but bigfoot is well... big. Hendos fight was controversial and frankly both his and werdums offence depended on mistakes.

Andersons vulnerabiliy is clearly wrestling, but you need to be able to hurt him on the floor and also to have the wrestling to keep it there and the bjj to actually pose a danger and a defence. Not many people are on that level and have the takedowns to boot. Weidman could very well be that guy, but unless you have the tenacity of a sonnen then you are in trouble with such a 1 dimensional attack. He could well pick you off on the feet as you look for a takedown that aint coming. Most fighters dont pull ktfo's out of there ass after the 2nd or 3rd round. Anderson of course is capable, but even he is limited in his power, the further the fight goes. Lasting past the first with Anderson is a good start, and then being able to defend the sub. Weidman has a great chance on paper, but its a real step up in competition.

GSP is going to mess up anyone without the defensive wrestling and subs to pose some kind of threat on the floor. I guess Jake Shields and Nick Diaz with KO power would have been a better chance. GSP doesnt usually finish so he presents a chance of getting caught in the fight at some point. Unfortunately he is going to gas the crap out of your arms with the wrestling and you will need to be good to catch him in a sub or a ko. Interestingly Hendricks has a half chance here, but then so did Koscheck on paper. GSPs weakness could be his chin and his vulnerability to being rattled when caught. Neither Anderson nor Fedor showed any weakness to being hurt and shooken up. GSP is more vulnerable in a dog fight, as his cerebral approach is based on control, rather than innate ability to roll with the shots. He is still a night mare though as his game is strong enough to naturally push the fight in the direction he wants and he is very good at gameplanning against specific opponents vulnerabilities.

All these guys are tough to gameplan, but il take Fedor as the hardest, followed quite closely by GSP and then Anderson.

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