Evaluating the career Anderson Silva never had.

Anderson Silva tools Forrest Griffin in a fight that looks like something out of the matrix.

He then tells the world he is moving up to Light Heavyweight to BBQ the division, and everyones invited.

Outside of Lil Nog, of course.

He will also fight Roy Jones Junior in a boxing match.

Unfortunately the GSP fight will not happen.

This is the career Anderson never had. In an alternate universe somewhere its already happened.

How did it pan out.

Anderson v Forrest was UFC 101.

Following that he would have been swimming in the same pool that Jon Jones later came to own.

His match ups would have been Shogun, Evans, Rampage, Chuck and in this universe Lyoto.

If Anderson was successful, or even if he wasnt, he eventually runs into a young talent by the name of Jon Jones.

How do you see these fights going>?

Anderson v Chuck

Anderson has to win this one. Chuck had a chin at one point, and was fast enough to hurt anyone, but he would run right into Anderson counters all night and his style was wide open to being exploited. Chuck with a solid chin would lose this fight, so Chuck with a long history already, was going down in the first or second after an onslaught. A much tougher match up than Forrest or Bonnar though.

Anderson v Shogun.

I actually see Shogun taking this, if the right Shogun turned up. Too strong, too devastating, and far too technically blessed to fall victim to any kind of showreel. Pride Shogun would murk Anderson.

Anderson v Rashad.

If Rashad keeps it simple and goes route 1, i got rashad by decision. Very fast, good takedowns and no way he gets subbed. Rashad trys to stand and he can survive, but he is just as likely to get caught hard and put out.

Anderson v Rampage.

Literally no idea what happens. Rampage by wrestling is one possibility. The stand up fight would be interesting, but Rampage is probably going to be eating shots to get them. No mug on the feet, and stronger than Silva. Very interesting fight.

Anderson v Lyoto

Anderson would knock him out, or Lyoto on points. Lyoto has a chance of frustrating Silva and also of taking him down, but Lyoto also gets caught more than most people realise on the feet. He wouldnt be able to treat Silva the way he did Hendo. The way to beat Lyoto is how Shogun did it, but Silva isnt that kind of fighter usually. Lyoto on points would be the safest bet.

Anderson v Roy Jones Junior (Boxing)

Anderson gets humiliated. Wrong sport. Mayweather said that Anderson is his favourite fighter, but he knows a few amatuers that could tune him up in a boxing ring. I really dont think hes that far off the mark. Watch the universe Mayweather lives in boxing wise, and you realise that Anderson looks good because hes hitting people who dont belong in the cage with him. Floyd is doing the same thing, but he is doing it to elite world class talent after 150 years of a developed sport. If Floyd was fighting a contenders champ, he would be stomping them in the worst way.

Jones is one of the guys that belongs in the ring with Floyd p4p. Anderson simply isnt anywhere near that level of boxing.

Anderson v Jones.

Jones would start on the feet, and once hes established range, he would take Silva down and pummel him. Silva would survive quite well to begin with, but as the time ticks by, Jones would break through and smash him to bits.

Well thats my opinion, but its your thread.

How do you see Andersons career at LHW and Boxing panning out.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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