Super Fight League 17 Preview

If you've come looking for subpar, possibly incomplete analysis of the upcoming Super Fight League card, you are home. There's really no reason for me to be doing this, but I just felt the need to do some sort of post about SFL. It just feels right. The gravitational pull of Mountain Dew and specialty deodorant must have inspired me. Plus, just so you know, it is Thursday May 2nd at 7:17pm as I write this. 2 weeks is a long time between SFL cards. Have to fill my time somehow. What better way than to do a preview post. I was going to make it a preview/prediction post, but the Super Fight League can not be predicted, only enjoyed. Don't know why I wrote all of that right there. I guess even 1 week without the O-Zone and Supreet Bedi will wear on a man's brain. Anyways...

The fight card is made up of these 7 fights and will end with the first ever defense of an SFL title in the Bantamweight division.

Featherweight: Abdul Muneer vs. Pawan Goyat

Middleweight: Harvinder Rana vs. Satendar Bankura

Welterweight: Charanjit Singh vs. Yash Kumar

Welterweight: Bhabajeet Choudhury vs. Vicky Prasad Gupta

Woman's Strawweight: Daizy Singh vs. Ola Ahmed

Heavyweight: Daniel Amar Singh vs. Mohamed Abdel Karim

Bantamweight Title: Anup Kumar (c) vs. Tom McKenna

The difficulty in doing a post like this is the sheer fact that almost every single one of these fighters are totally unknown to me. But, hey, where's the fun in not doing the difficult task? Nevermind, that's a bad example. Just ignore that.

The first fight pits two 1-0 fighters at Bantamweight. Abdul Muneer won at SFL 12 by rear naked choke. Pawan Goyat on the other hand used the patented guillotine choke for his sole victory at SFL Contenders 5. One of these fighters will remain undefeated in the SFL. The other fighter will not. Unless there's a draw. That'd be something, huh? 1st draw in SFL history. Probably not going to happen here.

The second fight is between Satendar Bankura and Harvinder Rana. Each man has only 1 fight under their belt and both of their fights were determined by a punch. Bankura won at SFL 9 by KO only 21 seconds into the first round over Rajbir Singh.

Rana lost his one fight at SFL Contenders 1 by TKO. My guess is that this fight will not end by submission. Expect a battle of fists. Fists of fury. A knockout-ish finish.

Fight number 3 is an interesting one from the sheer fact that one of these fighters will be going for the trifecta. Yash Kumar is 0-2 in the SFL. On Friday, he'll be looking to avoid his 3rd loss in only 3 months. His opponent is no stranger to the SFL either. Charanjit Singh holds a 1-1 record. His loss comes against Bhabajeet Choudhury, also on this card, by devastating head kick knockout.

Boom. Chances of that type of thing happening again? Maybe 8.25% chance.

The 4th fight has Mr. Head Kick himself, Bhabajeet "Stretcher" Choudhary, taking on Vicky Prasad Gupta. Choudhary is coming off a loss to Shyam Prasad by RNC at SFL 13 for the Welterweight title. He'll look to re-enter the title picture with a win over the 1-1 Gupta who is coming off a KO win 15 seconds into the fight at SFL Contenders 4. Choudhary is a veteran of SFL and should be the favorite to take this fight.

5th fight of the night is when the women take to the O-Zone in the Strawweight division. Daizy Singh is coming off a win by front choke at SFL Contenders 5. Her opponent probably doesn't exist. I can not find ANY information about Ola Ahmed other than that she's 1-0 and her nickname is "Barby". The ultimate underdog. The one they never saw coming. It will be very interesting to see who will be facing Singh. The most I know is that they will show up at Strawweight. Maybe.

Fight #6. The Co-main. The heavyweights. Daniel Amar Singh puts his 1-0 record on the line against "The Hulk" Mohamed Abdel Karim and his 1-2 record. The Hulk is on a 2 fight losing streak including a loss in his SFL debut to Jimmy Ambriz by arm triangle choke at SFL 10. Amar Singh won his SFL debut by guillotine choke at 23 seconds into the first round against Michael Pereira at SFL 7. Chances are high that we get a stoppage. Whether it's a referee stoppage or by pure exhaustion will be seen. Between me and you, this fight has the high potential of ending by retirement.

Here we are, the main event. And the title is on the line! Anup "The Gujjar Tank" Kumar defends his Bantamweight title against Tom McKenna. Both of these fighters have relied on submissions to secure nearly all of their victories. Kumar is on a 4 fight win streak with 3 of his wins coming by Rear Naked Choke. Guess he has a favorite. McKenna has a 6-3 record with a win in his SFL debut by Brabo choke at SFL 8. He is coming off a TKO loss at Deep: Haleo Impact to Masanori Kanehara. This fight may not be the typical SFL fight. Kumar is facing a fighter that has a fair amount of experience. We might have our first title change because it could be a close fight. 5 rounds of action might be in the cards.

Well, that's it. Like Boyz II Men, we've come to the end of the road. It was fun. I want to do this again, but I think it should be a different SFL superfan doing a preview post for each event. Now we can decide this 1 of 2 ways. Best option is a tournament of 1 round fights in the O-Zone. If we can't do that, we can decide amongst ourselves here or in the SFL live thread on Friday at 11:30am/8:30am depending on where you call home. If you're international, I'm sorry. You have to figure out the times somehow. I hope you all enjoyed my write-up. Just wanted to do my part in the push to get Super Fight League out there just a little bit more.

Also, upon further review, it looks like I lied earlier and made predictions. Just not really good ones. Though, they'll probably be right. Nevertheless, enjoy the fights either on the SFL Youtube page or join us here on Bloody Elbow if you can.


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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