UFC: Jason High on Twitter, inactivity and what's not wrong with MMA gloves

Photo courtesy of Jason High

UFC welterweight, Jason High discusses inactivity, Twitter, eyepokes and what's not wrong with MMA gloves.

It's coming up on that time of year again, the annual celebration of a Jason High fight. The Strikeforce veteran has been on a super hot, seven-fight win streak, yet still finds it difficult to get fights. His Twitter followers even had a hashtag campaign going, #sincejasonhighfought, but High never let the inactivity discourage him, and patiently waited to get booked.

It's been 10 months since his last outing, and he faces what will likely be his toughest challenge to date, in Erick Silva, on the UFC On FUEL TV 10 card, this coming June 8. In a recent interview with MMA Sentinel, Jason discussed his inactivity, gloves and Twitter. Here's what he had to say:

I'm just trying to keep my head down and stay focused. I only have a limited window in this game, so I've got to stay focused. It never happened really, the inactivity, until these last two years. It is pretty frustrating. I was supposed to fight in November on that cancelled Strikeforce show. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating because I'd like to be fighting three or four times a year. It's definitely not ideal.

When it comes to the competition, High makes no bones about skill and talent, and feels that very few of the current roster will present much of an issue for him.

I don't really think that there's too many people in the world that can beat me at this point. I know that there's a lot of tough guys out there, but I'm just on my game right now. I'm going to be a problem for just about anybody.

Jason manages to be a fan favorite on Twitter with his humorous tweets, yet he still manages to find a harmonious balance between wit and common sense. With so many fighters drawing negative attention with their tweets, it's refreshing that one manages to put out funny content that's also in good taste.

I don't know, people say some stupid shit on Twitter. It's not a good look. Every time something like that happens, I'm like. 'What the Hell were they thinking?' It's just not really my style to go overboard and be overtly offensive. The thing is, I don't go out of my way to try to be funny. Little stuff pops in my head and I just send it out as a tweet. It's just so happened that none of them have been completely ridiculous [laughs]. That's not true. A lot of it is ridiculous, but none of it is offensive.

The consensus on MMA gloves seems to be divided, with some fighters calling for a change and others finding the eye poke problems an athlete oriented issue. Jason falls in the latter group, citing the problems with eye pokes as a failure on the part of the fighter, and that it's nonsense to try to change the current gloves.

I think that is all nonsense. You're not going to put fingers over the gloves. That's just ridiculous. Eye pokes are mostly isolated. It doesn't really happen that often, and nobody's lost their eyeball. I never think about getting poked in the eye when I'm fighting. I'm not, 'I hope I don't get poked in the eye by this guy', [laughs].

One thing I think they should do, though, and I said this on Twitter ... eyes are just as sensitive as balls. You should get five minutes with an eye poke, to see if you can get your vision to clear up. Villante should have gotten some time after he got poked in the eye. You see a black spot for a little bit, but if you're given five minutes, you can probably recover. Don't take the fight away from him without giving him the five minutes. That's nonsense. You should get as much time for eye pokes as you do for kicks to the balls.

You can finally catch Jason again on the TUF Brazil finale on June 8 against Erick Silva via the UFC On FUEL TV 10 card. You can follow him on Twitter, @KCBanditMMA

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