Eddie Alvarez blames Viacom/Spike execs, not 'grunt' Bjorn Rebney

Photo via Bellator.com

Once again the former Bellator Lightweight champion took to Twitter to publicly discuss his grievances with his former employer.

After a couple months where it seemed a settlement was a possibility, Bellator and Eddie Alvarez have decided that a trial is the only way to settle their dispute. Earlier this week, the promotion's CEO Bjorn Rebney revealed that despite resolution seeming possible only a month ago, "everything went real dark." It didn't take long after that for Alvarez to get on Twitter to reiterate that settlement was no longer a possibility and he wanted to "let the truth come out."

Friday night, Alvarez followed that rant with another that showed his real problem isn't with Rebney, but the bosses at Viacom and Spike TV:

This is a lot less about Bjorn uys and a lot more about Viacom. I spoke with the higher ups and explained myself, basically was told, "Too bad." Bjorn only owns very little and I'm really not sure he has a say at all. I went over his and spoke with his bosses and here we are!

Only an hour later, Alvarez took the defense of some of his fellow Bellator fighters:

I am fortunate compared to guys like Cosmo Alexandre. This guy trains day and night to feed his family and Viacom/Spike continue to hurt him. Alexandre's story of getting shafter might be worse than mine. Not to mention how Zach Makovsky was bullied to take a smaller pay day than contextually (sic) agreed or just sit after being champ.

I might just dump just real shit tonight until I get a call from someone to stop. So much to talk about now that the gloves are off.

I have nothing to complain about I get paid well enough to keep bills paid, but to bully guys like Zach and Cosmo is a sin.

Bjorn's a grunt in this. It's Viacom and Spike and a group of idiots a money who don't know shit about MMA. I'd be more careful in what I said but I was told as long as I'm truthful then I can say whatever I want.

Eddie finished up by saying that he'd be appearing on Monday's The MMA Hour "to tell the truth, not be politically correct." When he spoke with Jason Floyd of The MMA Report, Bjorn Rebney said that he doesn't think a trial date has yet been set.

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