UFC on FX 8 drug tests clean, Brazil commission explains Belfort's TRT exemption

Chris Trotman

The medical director of Brazil's athletic commissioner explains why Vitor Belfort was permitted to use TRT and fight, while it was announced that all fighters passed their UFC on FX 8 drug tests.

Vitor Belfort's huge knockout of former Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8 has been overshadowed by his use of controversial testosterone replacement therapy. The medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) and the UFC in Brazil, Marcio Tannure, spoke to Fighters Only about the new commission's decision to grant authorization for Belfort to fight while on the treatment, and explained a few other things in the process. First, he talked about the commission being based on the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but made it clear that they won't follow their decisions:

Yes, not that we follow their decisions, but for being the oldest and most acting Commission, the NSAC was the model we used to start ours.

This is somewhat important because NSAC director Keith Kizer has stated that he "probably" wouldn't issue Vitor a TUE for TRT in Nevada, while it's obvious that the Brazil commission will. Nevada's reasoning is that Belfort has failed a steroid test before, but the medical director states that there's no proof that Belfort is on TRT for steroid abuse, so they can't deny him the authorization to use it and fight:

I can’t say what was the cause of his hypogonadism, what happened and what didn’t, because we don’t know that. And there are several possible causes for this condition.


First because, as I said, we can’t determine the cause of the disease. By saying this, you would be affirming that this was the cause of Vitor’s condition.

The athlete who gets caught using steroids will be punished and suspended, as happened to him and others. So it was not and would not be unpunished, in all cases.

There are androgenic and anabolic hormones and, in fact, people do not know the difference between them. If, at some point, Vitor Belfort gets caught in a drug test with an anabolic hormone, he will be punished again like any other fighter. But he is currently using an androgenic hormone, specific for replacement.

He stated that Vitor was tested post-fight as well, along with five other fighters (all fighters are tested pre-fight).

In a separate news article from MMA Junkie, it turns out that all those fighters, including Belfort:

"The UFC has been informed by CABMMA that all fighters on the UFC on FX 8 card passed their pre- and post-fight drug tests," today's announcement read. "The UFC fully supports the drug testing efforts of all regulatory agencies. All fighters are drug tested at every event and the organization maintains a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents."

CABMMA handled testing in Brazil for the first time at UFC on FX 8. The commission had been formed before UFC on FX 7, but an American laboratory handled the testing. Thiago Tavares was the lone fighter to fail a test at that event.

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