Mendes Brothers: An International Brand

In sports, you have to put in some serious time in order to become good at what you do. The drilling, the focus, the mental preparation; it’s an endless cycle in order to become adequate at your favorite sport.

However, it’s a totally different situation when you want to be better than good, better than great; it’s different when you want to become better than the rest.

Mendes Bro's Jiu Jitsu

In order to do so, you much start allotting time and energy and resources to your sport at a young age. Luckily, for Rafael & Guilherme Mendes, this was exactly what had happened to them. Beginning their formal training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before they were teenagers, the Mendes Brothers have evolved from beginners, to prospects, to elite, to a global name.

Representing Yourself On and Off The Mat

Everybody knows just how lethal and dangerous the Mendes brothers are when it comes to their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background. World title after world title, their accolades speak for themselves and they need no backing when it comes to someone questioning their skills.

Proven winners on the mat, Rafael and Guilherme Mendes not only embody what winning looks like in a Gi, but they do so while off the mat as well.

In all of the interviews and videos I have seen of the two brothers, there are a few things that remain constant no matter what; they are always smiling and happy, engaging with the interviewer, they answer the questions clearly and they just seem to love life -( theres a cool article on BJJ Legends about this. )

The fact that they are so well respected—and feared—in the Jiu Jitsu world, yet they remain so humble and open, is what separates them from the rest of the pack. There is no ego involved when it comes to Rafae and Guilherme Mendes.

Hard Work Pays Off

It’s so cliché, however, the term ‘hard work pays off’ is one of the most accurate sayings known to man. When you see Rafae & Guil train, you can see the attention to detail and the intensity that they put into their game plan. There is no waste movement; it’s all about getting the job done. For a great article on the Mendes Brothers approach to skill development - I'd HIGHLY recommend check out the interview on Science of Skill

The two don’t take any days off. In fact, I recently saw one interview in which they were discussing the opening of their academy. Rafael said how they were at the school every week night teaching classes, then jumping on a red eye flight on Friday night to go run seminars during the weekend.

Seven days a week, 365 days a year; there is no down time for these two men. The level they compete at is outstanding, and they do it with such efficiency. Watching them compete, train and just live their lives, it’s easy to see why their name is so well respected in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today.

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