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Recently I've been working on some pieces about classic MMA fighters, and as part of the process I've come across some fascinating material. The result has been some great finds that expand upon some of the lost history of MMA as a sport, and has sparked some interest among us writers in doing some expanded MMA history pieces.

Unfortunately much of this material is in languages I don't speak. That being the case this is a call for translators and transcribers. People who would be interested in reading articles, books, etc. and summarizing, translating, or transcribing key elements (not necessarily the whole thing). For those interested in writing about MMA this could potentially lead to opportunities to work on your own pieces for Bloody Elbow down the line.

This work would be at your own pace, we aren't looking for someone who would do any hour of the day/night translation (well, we are, but we're not asking for it). But it would be the sort of thing where we might give you an article to read and ask that you get back to us within a few days.

Here are the first two items in their respective languages:

The first is a Dutch book loosely translated as "The hardening of the race fighting" that details the underground/club-fighting proto MMA scene in Amsterdam in the late 80's early 90's. Most particularly the pre-UFC career of Freek Hamaker and Chris Dolman.

The second piece is an interview with Minoki Ichihara in a 2009 issue of Gong Martial Arts magazine. As some read I recently did a piece on Ichihara and his connection to UFC 2. This interview is, I believe, his only known interview since retiring. I would be willing to buy a copy of the magazine for whoever was willing to translate it. Or if you can find a .pdf online, that will work too of course.

Finally, we don't yet have any reference material from Brazil yet, but there is no doubt that we will. We also constantly get news and quotes from Brazil, so anyone with a good grasp of Portugese would be a welcome contact for us.

If any of this work interests you, or you are bi/multi-lingual and would be interested in translating work in a specific language not listed here, feel free to contact either me or Nate and we'll send things your way as we find them.



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