Kountermove brings you a redesigned website, a $500 free tourney & Natasha Wicks (with photos!)

Kountermove brings you their newly redesigned website, a $500 free tourney & Natasha Wicks in an exclusive photo gallery for our Bloody Elbow readers

Super hot Natasha Wicks is the latest MMA personality to join team Kountermove. Wicks arrives in time for a major re-launch of Kountermove's website, which brings a sleek new look and cool features. It's arguably the best fantasy sports website out there now, period.

Although largely recognized as the former- Maxim ring girl contest winner and UFC Octagon Girl, Wicks has also held such coveted positions as BSN sports model, first-ever Invicta FC Phoenix Girl, and winner of the 3rd annual Playboy Bunny search. More recently she has become a sponsored distance runner for Ryno Running, and is currently training for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Bloody Elbow got an exclusive, first look at her Kountermove photo shoot and we're here to share it with you. Miss Natasha Wicks does not disappoint.

The new Kountermove website featuring Natasha Wicks launched this week for UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2. "Kountermove is a hot MMA brand and I'm pumped to join the team," says Natasha Wicks, "Fantasy MMA is fun for fans and really positive for fighters and the sport, because fantasy players get even more into the events."

The wonderful people at Kountermove are once again allowing me to give our readers a free tourney and this one is our biggest ever. They are putting up a $500 prize in a free tournament, and all you have to do is pick the winners. But before I link you guys, I wanted to give you some basic information about playing Kountermove.

You pick 5 fighters before the event begins. Each fighter has a salary from Kountermove based on how they believe the fight will go. The total salaries of your 5 fighters must be less than or equal to $25,000.

Fighter scores are based on strikes, takedowns, submission attempts, knockdowns, dominant positions, and rounds won or KO bonuses. Scoring data flows into Kountermove in near real-time, so you can check scores during events (works great on your phone). Stats used to calculate scores are provided by the UFC's official stats provider, FightMetric.

Here's the link for the free, $500 tourney.


You can follow Kountermove via their Twitter account, @Kountermove

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