Kawa: Jon Jones wants to fight two more times in 2013


The UFC light heavyweight champion is currently healing from a toe injury suffered at UFC 159, but he would like to fight two more times in 2013 according to his manager.

Jon Jones currently sits tied with Tito Ortiz for the most UFC light heavyweight title defenses in history with five. According to an interview with Jones' manager Malki Kawa, the champ is most definitely looking to break that record sooner than later, but he has to heal up from the toe injury he suffered in his UFC 159 win over Chael Sonnen first. After that, he might even be able fight twice more this year. First, Kawa gave an injury update on the champ: (via Bleacher Report):

"Everything's good. He's got to be in the boot for about six weeks, about five weeks now left to go and then he gets to take it off and he'll test his foot and we'll see what's next."

"For right now he's just anxious to get that boot off and make sure his toe is good to go. As long as he feels good coming off that boot and when he goes to put pressure on it, he can walk without a boot, and his toe is strong and everything's good there then it shouldn't (delay his return). One thing about Jon is he's not going to take any chances whatsoever. As long as his foot heals properly and he's got no issues with it, it shouldn't delay anything.

He then stated that Jones could return to the octagon a couple of times before the end of 2013:

"I'll just tell you this, I wouldn't be surprised if Jon fights two more times this year. That's very aggressive and I know that's crazy, but it's something that he discussed with me and we talked about it. I told Superman to relax a little bit, you're injured right now, but he's got an aggressive timeline in his head. Certain goals and accomplishments that he wants and we're looking to get that record."

And who would he like to face next?

"His next fight is at light heavyweight and his next fight will be against somebody that's considered the No. 1 guy," Kawa stated. "He'll get that next defense and once he breaks that record, after that all the speculation can happen.

"I think he really wants to fight Alexander Gustafsson next. Alexander called him out and I think Jon has said in numerous interviews that he would like to fight him next. We're just going to wait and see what happens."

I'm sure Lyoto Machida isn't too happy to hear that, but it's not that surprising. Gustafsson is a new challenge for Jones and offers some interesting obstacles. Either way though, it looks like the champ has the summer off.

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