Matthysse vs. Peterson results and gifs: Lucas Matthysse steamrolls Lamont Peterson with huge KO win

Al Bello

Add another KO to the resume of Lucas Matthysse as the rising boxing star scored a huge win over Lamont Peterson this weekend, live on Showtime. Bloody Elbow has details, plus gifs of the action, right here.

Lucas Matthysse def. Lamont Peterson by KO round 3 2:14

Heading into Saturday night's Showtime Boxing Peterson vs. Matthysse card, most fans expected an exciting war in the main event. What they got instead was a massacre.

It took Lucas Matthysse less than 3 rounds to do what no man has done before - put Lamont Peterson down and out. After a mostly tentative round 1 from the two noted slow starters (each man landed a paltry 7 punches in the opening frame according to CompuBox), Matthysse ratcheted up the aggression in round 2, first dropping Peterson with a glancing left hook late in the round. A wobbled Peterson survived that round, but it was not long before he was down again, the victim of another brutal left hand midway through round 3. Incredibly, Peterson made it back to his feet (and in all honesty, it probably should have been stopped there), but was clearly out of it and it took only a few seconds for Matthysse to drop him again and have the fight called off.

For Matthysse, this is a huge, potentially career-defining moment. The 30 year old fighter is now 34-2, but what is truly remarkable is his KO ratio. 32 KO's in 34 fights for a 94% ratio. That's an astounding figure, and this KO of Peterson is the best yet. While there was never any doubt that Matthysse had power, there were definite doubts if he could employ that power against a high level opponent. He settled that issue emphatically here.

If things go according to plan, next up for Lucas Matthysse will be a showdown with Danny Garcia in what would be a huge fight and an opportunity for Matthysse to truly launch himself to the next level of boxing stardom. Let's hope Showtime and Golden Boy can indeed make it happen.

Also on the card, Devon Alexander defeated Lee Purdy by corner stoppage at the conclusion of the 7th round. Purdy was a gutsy fighter here, stepping in on a few weeks notice, but he simply had no answer for Alexander's uncharacteristically high output and offensive minded performance. Very good work from Alexander here, despite suffering an injury to his left hand in round 1. Hopefully that won't keep him out of action for too long.

Here's a gif of the Matthysse vs. Peterson finish, courtesy of Zombie Prophet. I love the way Matthysse circles into the punch, maximizing the power of his hook, while also throwing it tight in order to get it off before Peterson's own punch. Much is made of Matthysse's power, but it's the technique that allows him to best utilize that power.


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