UFC: Roy Nelson 'It doesn't make sense to fight Cormier, unless it's for a 205 contendership'


UFC heavyweight contender, Roy Nelson discusses title shots, Daniel Cormier and MMA gloves in this exclusive interview.

This past weekend saw one of the strangest, most injury laden UFC cards to date, and in my mind, will remain trapped in an alternate universe of eye pokes, jammed thumbs and questionable reffing. Despite being overshadowed by that dark cloud, there were some high points, and Roy Nelson's overhand right was the biggest one for me. That may be due to the fact that I called the round and method, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make that call. Roy is pretty consistent with that thunderous punch, and has made a habit of putting people away with it. I half expect him to walk into the octagon, and point to it, Babe Ruth style, in his next fight.

I recently conducted a short interview with Roy where he spoke about Daniel Cormier, MMA gloves, and title shot opportunity. Here's what he had to say:

You know, I think in our sport, there's a couple guys that get to fight everybody like three or four times, and I'm one of those guys, I guess, that get's to fight everybody once. Like, I've been trying to fight Big Nog since after the Junior dos Santos fight, and that was two years ago. I'm all about the big fights. That's why I think a fight with Big Nog would be great.

As far Daniel (Cormier), I think the reason Mike, my manger, said anything about Daniel, is because he's supposed be getting an immediate title shot at 205. If he's going down to 205, it doesn't really make any sense to fight him, unless we're going to fight for a 205 contendership. Then hey, we can do that, too.

A while back, Roy had a Facebook campaign running to get likes for his page in exchange for dropping down to 205. I was curious to know if this was for kicks or if there was sincerity behind it.

I'm comfortable at heavyweight, for sure. In trying to get down to 205, I was very serious when I made that Facebook bet. I ended up winning the bet, so I didn't have to drop down to 205. I just try to go out and put on a show for the fans, regardless of what weight I'm at.

Since we saw a couple of fights ended due to eye pokes, lots of discussion has been flying around about MMA gloves, and if they should be altered. Roy feels that the gloves are just fine, and maybe the lighter weight guys need to lift more weights so they can properly close their hands into a fist.

You know what? I haven't poked anybody in the eye. If there's a lot of eye pokes, it's probably in the lighter divisions. That might be because they don't have the hand power to actually squeeze the glove [laughs]. Maybe they should go hit the weights a little bit so they can squeeze their hands into a fist with the gloves on.

Title shot opportunities are abundant in the UFC, but certain guys have to wait what seems like an eternity to get one. Jon Fitch had to wait 43634 fights before he finally got one, and despite Nelson's current streak, there hasn't been much chatter about him being in line at some point. One would expect something along the lines of 'If Roy wins 1 or 2 more, he'll get a shot', but Dana White has been pretty close mouthed about it, not offering up anything substantial.

Yeah, I think it is what it is. Sometimes people are just scared to change. I do think I'd look great on one of those Harley Davidsons, though.

One thing is for sure, Dana and company love exciting fights. All of us do, and that has become the forte of Roy Nelson. Hopefully, his shot at the title is coming, and I'd personally like it to be before I'm on social security.

You can follow Roy via his Twitter account, @RoyNelsonMMA

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