UFC On FX 8 results: Tibau and Trinaldo get submissions, Lentz grabs UD


The second half of the Fuel prelims saw two impressive submission wins and Lentz solidifying his spot as a top FW with a decision over Dias.

The preliminary card for UFC On FX 8 continued with three more fights on Fuel TV. Gleison Tibau got his fourth submission victory in 19 fights with a guillotine choke that stopped Cholish. In the next fight, Trinaldo outclassed Rio pulling off an arm triangle submission from halg-guard in round 1. In the feature bout, Lentz outworked Dias in the first two rounds to win a decision victory.

Hacran Dias vs. Nik Lentz

The Carney tried to turn this into a Lentz' fight early with a clinch against the cage. Dias was able to get his back off the chainlink, but still gave way every time Nik came forward swinging. Once again Lentz gets him against the cage halfway through the round. Dias defended the takedown and went for a trip of his own. He got him down only to be reversed. Dias scrambled and took clinch control.

Lentz took control in round two. After getting Dias down early he secured top position and started grinding away. His ground strikes are far from the most devastating and he doesn't have great submissions, but he has solid control and used that to wear down Dias before Hacran regained his feet. Lentz scored another takedown ending up in half-guard.

Between rounds, referee Mario Yamasaki warned Dias that he'd take a point if he grabbed fence again. Knowing he was behind on the cards, Dias came out in the third round swinging. He had Lentz hurt, but the Carney was able to clinch up and recover. Dias scooped Lentz up for the takedown and ended up defending a guillotine. Dias grabbed a arm triangle choke while in guard, but Lentz was able to survive. With aminute left in the fight, Lentz escaped to his feet. Dias threw some aggressive punches, but found himself defending against the fence.

Nik Lentz took the Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 2, 28-27) over Hacran Dias

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Mike Rio

Rio scored an early takedown on Trinaldo that led to him working the front headlock position. Not a lot of damage from either fighter early in the fight. Trinaldo grabbed the body lock to pick up and slam Rio. He advanced to half-guard and caught Mike in an arm-triangle choke to get the tap.

Francisco Trinaldo submitted Mike Rio at 3:08 of round 1 with an arm triangle.

Gleison Tibau vs. John Cholish

Cholish tried to keep on the outside of Tibau's reach early, but the big Lightweight caught him with a takedown. Cholish did a somersault to escape from a caught kick by Gleison. Cholish dumped down from a Tibau double-leg, but Gleison couldn't do any damage before Cholish returned to his feet.

The size difference in this match is incredible. Cholish looked like a Bantamweight next to Tibau and it showed with Gleison's disrespect of his striking and ability to take him down. Gleison landed a big left hand that staggered Cholish. After a failed takedown attempt from John, Tibau jumped guard to lock on a guillotine and get the tap.

Gleison Tibau submitted John Cholish at 2:34 of round 2 with a guillotine choke.

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