Boxing Peterson vs. Matthysse fight preview: Is Lucas Matthysse a superstar in the making or is he overhyped?

Kevork Djansezian

Tonight, Lamont Peterson faces Lucas Matthysse live on Showtime. Much of the hype has focused on Matthysse - but is he indeed a future superstar, or is he being unfairly hyped? Bloody Elbow breaks it down in this fight preview, and join us tonight for Peterson vs. Matthysse live results, discussion, fight highlights and more.

Tonight, Saturday May 18, Bloody Elbow presents live fight night coverage of Lamont Peterson vs. Lucas Matthysse. Showtime Boxing Peterson vs. Matthysse airs this Saturday, May 18 live on Showtime with a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET. Bloody Elbow will have live fight night coverage, including results and discussion.

As fight night has drawn nearer, much of the hype for this fight has begun to focus in on just one of the participants. Lamont Peterson may be the one with the biggest win (Amir Khan) and more high profile fights, but it's Lucas Matthysse that has everyone talking. There's good reason for that. He's an exciting, all-action fighter who boasts an incredible 31 KOs in 33 wins. He only has 2 losses, and the loss to Alexander was pretty clearly a bad call, while the Judah loss was very close - making him undefeated in the eyes of many. He also has deceptive, underrated boxing skills, which often get overlooked in the shadow of his KO power. In short, many see him as a highly touted fighter with a lot going for him and major accomplishments coming in the near future.

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Of course, there's also another school of thought where Matthysse is concerned. That line says that he may have made it close against Judah, but he still lost. And anyone who can't get by Zab Judah in this era is not going to make it to the elite. There's also the view that he hasn't really beaten anyone - those 31 KOs come against numerous opponents coming up in weight or simply outmatched. To these fans, Matthysse is a product of overhype.

So which one is it - is Matthysse a superstar in the making, or is he all hype?

The great thing about the fight with Lamont Peterson is that we are primed to find out. Peterson is the perfect fighter to answer this question. A tough fighter who can be knocked down, but keeps coming back, Peterson will absolutely test Matthysse. Peterson will be the more technical fighter with more tricks up his sleeve. He's the one with more big fight experience as well. If Matthysse beats him, it will be the biggest win of the KO artist's career by a longshot. And, interestingly, it will also set up an even bigger fight for Matthysse, as the winner is expected to face Danny Garcia later this year.

And so for Lucas Matthysse, tonight is a huge crossroads. Defeat Peterson (and, perhaps, go on to defeat Garcia) and he proves that the hype is real and Lucas Matthysse becomes a superstar. Lose to Peterson, and the skeptics will say "I told you so - he was always overhyped." It's a big moment for the 30 year old. Which way will he go? Personally, I think he passes the test, but I'm pretty excited to find out the answer.

Prediction: Lucas Matthysse by KO

Find out for yourself tonight, and join us here at Bloody Elbow for Showtime Boxing Peterson vs. Matthysse results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday, May 18.


Lamont Peterson (31-1; 16 KOs) vs.
Lucas Matthysse (33-2; 31 KOs)

Devon Alexander (24-1; 13 KOs) vs.
Lee Purdy (23-1; 13 KOs)

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