One simple measure that would get rid of LNP forever.

When the fight goes to the ground, stop the clock. Award no points for the takedown, and just wait and see what happens. You can waste time and energy tapping someone up rather than tapping them out, but you are at risk of a sub, and you will not waste any time from the round doing so. Therefore, if we are fighting, i can take you down, and i can beat on you with a hope to winning the fight. I can go for a sub too. What i cant do is wait out the round.

Think im being silly? Right now, i can take you down, and just hold you there, to win the round. All i have to do is a little token slapping and i win. Fuck that.

In real life, thats not winning a fight. Where i come from they even have a name for that. Its called "restraining someone from beating the shite out of you".

In Joeys world i can take you down, but i better be doing something useful, otherwise all im doing is wasting time and energy, and as soon as we get back up, im back on the clock at the same place i left it.

Lets say we are in a stand up war. Fair enough, it can go to points. Lets say im messing about on the floor. No banana.

Id also make the fights one round long, as theres no need to mess around with 3 rounds that have zero relevance to real life. If there is only one round then i better come out fighting. If one guy is down but the other is standing then that goes against the guy on the floor. And have referees empowered to give draws where neither fighter is doing anything that actually suggests hes winning a fight.

If your GNP is good then finish the fight with it. Or at least beat the other guy so bad he can hardly stand up. Otherwise its gonna be a long night. There is no argument that im doing damage with these punches, and therefore i should be given points for them, if my punches are doing zero damage and will not stop a fight with as much time as a like.

Essentially, when you get someone down in top control, you are in a position of having your opponent on the ropes. Its stupid to then lean on them, rather than go in for the finish.

Make the fights 10 minutes long as well. Thats enough time for anyone to mark their opponents card.

Refs can stand up the fight if its literally stalemate on the floor. They can also give points for dominance on the floor. But the clock stops when it hits the ground, so there is zero to achieve by stalling for an imaginary tea break that doesnt exist in real life fighting.

And lets bite the bullet and electrify that fence whilst were at it.

Well, maybe that one can wait...:P

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