Help needed. How do you break down the stand up in the Aldo v Pettis fight? Most recs for best answer.

This one has me. Does not compute.

Lets hear the thoughts of BE and well vote best answer in rec's.

I usually have a pretty good idea whats going to happen in a fight. Ive regularly made money on parlays and when i do invest in a pickem, i have a decent winning record on predicting right.

Many of you have read my threads, and ive had a few recs and a few haters.

Heres the thing. Initially i had Aldo. Aldo at FW is a no brainer of sorts. However, the more i think about it, the more it seems like a close fight, between two incredibly game dogs.

Aldo pros: Aldo is the definition of a dominant champ. He is deadly and he has won on points when necessary. Aldo winning the stand up has almost been a foregone conclusion. His opponents have often tried to take him down, to no avail. Even if Aldo was well matched on the feet, he would win, and would be a far better grappler than his opponent or have the bjj to survive.

Fight after fight weve watched Aldo prevail.

Pettis pros: Guy has been fighting in a tougher weight class and just destroyed two very good guys in under a round each. His stand up is heralded. His mix of MT and TKD is a sick combination and he is very fast. His bjj is also very tasty. Against a grinder like Guida he had issues, but who doesnt? And how is that relevant to this fight. He is still the last man to beat Bendo. One of Bendos 2 losses in a career spanning around 20 fights. Pettis is 3 inches taller with a 2 inch reach advantage.

Aldo cons: Stamina and the weight cut have affected him before.

Pettis cons: The weight cut could conceivably affect him too. Will he retain his power and stamina, cutting to FW on a 5'10 frame? Is he slightly more messy technically or am i just hating on a TKD 3rd degree black belt?

All these things considered, we are left with a war that hinges most likely on the stand up. I dont see Aldo taking Pettis down and subbing him or lnp'ing him, unless its late in the round. The same is true vice versa.

Both these guys have something to prove when they are faced with each other. They both are extreme alphas in the stand up. They will be most comfortable in this area and will have pride at stake when they face each other.

How do you see the stand up going?

Il do my best to articulate it, but im kinda stumped here too. Its an incredible dog fight.

Aldo has some of the sickest leg kicks in MMA history. His style is an evil mix of MT, boxing and quite possibly football. When have we seen him threatened or out pointed on the feet? Does he even have a speed advantage over Pettis? How does his style match up? Which of these guys are easier to gameplan in their striking?

Pettis has evolved in his striking, which is a scary thought, as he was already very good. He is slightly more maverick in his style. Does Aldo have the form to pick him apart? Pettis means speed. Is he faster than the Brazilian? Pettis has taken two very good heads in his last two fights. Does he have the power to take out Aldo sharp? Does Pettis have the stamina to bite into Aldo in the latter rounds? His show reel win against Bendo was a cute gimmick, but it also showed his longevity as danger in a 5 round fight.

People forget this is a WEC superfight between the LW and FW champs.

Outside of the style match up, who has the best control of distance, timing, accuracy and technique?

Both of these guys have heart, and a decent chin. Neither are easy to finish. Pettis has been successfully negated by Guida, but seemed in very little trouble as far as being finished. Aldo did get hurt by Hominick, but he looked ill in that fight and he had essentially won the war by that point, short of a stoppage.

Lets hear your thoughts on the style v style match up and who has the advantages in the striking traits and the fighting traits, specific to a stand up war.

As far as i see it, Aldo has the better form and technique. However i must also concede Pettis is a 3rd degree black belt in TKD. It could well be a style prejudice that i feel this way. His leg kicks could conceivably eat into Pettis danger area, and he may well be just as quick to the punch.

On the other hand, outside of a bad weight cut, Pettis has the stamina and longevity to mess aldo up in the later rounds, and the kind of potent finishing in his last two fights to be a serious danger in the early ones. He has shown no issues with chin or heart, and his style, whilst maybe arguably more messy, is absolutely as dangerous, and hasnt particularly hurt him against very good strikers.

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