UFC Game of Thrones style: Which of the four kings has the strongest grip on the crown?

Who has the strongest grip on their division? And how do you rank the four undisputed kings of MMA on their strength currently, and vulnerability?

Jon Jones

Pros- Has smashed everyone of note at the top of the division, and then started to chew up Andersons left overs. Looks unbeatable at LHW, and showing the kind of mystique usually reserved for GOAT contenders.

Cons- Younger than most and less time at the top to "prove" himself. Also arguably came within seconds of losing in his last two fights.

Anderson Silva

Pros- Has ruled his division forever. Longtime p4p king of MMA on most peoples lists.

Cons- His division has gained in strength and he hasnt fought a lot of the current top 10. Is getting older, and is facing a tough stylistic match up against Weidman. Jon Jones has already arguably beaten better competition than him.


Pros- Similar to Silva, long time p4p guy who has cleared out his division a few times. Also has a very hard game to break. Some might argue he is harder to blueprint than Silva and takes far less risks.

Cons- He does look more vulnerable since knee surgery, and looked slightly more troubled than usual in his last two victories. Still basically routined two of the best fighters on the planet though. Hasnt finished anyone since Royce Gracie was a boy. Well in half a decade, anyways...

Jose Aldo

Pros- Has 7 defences of the lineal belt. Has gone the distance, and also smashed people. Looks very hard to beat at FW.

Cons- A darkhorse in this discussion, due to age and has had less time to "prove himself". As the competition level has risen, the finishes have dropped. Its not easy beating Chad and Frankie back to back though.

How do you see the podium looking if we ranked the strongest champs on their divisional dominance as of now?

This isnt a history test. Who is the strongest and who is the most vulnerable?


To answer my own question:

I actually have Jones>Aldo>GSP

Essentially Jones and Aldo are the new Anderson and GSP.

I think Anderson will lose to Weidman, but regardless, age takes him out of the equation for me. If he fights Jones he will get smashed, and if he stays at MW he is solid, but his dominance is based on two things that will diminish. 1 His own mystique, which makes people jittery against him, and 2 his reactions and speed. His accuracy is what it is, but getting older affects his ability to hurt people as the fight progresses and his ability to always be first to the punch. Technique will help him, as will accuracy, but if Weidman takes chunks out of him, he will look a lot more vulnerable - win or lose.

GSP is coming off that knee surgery. He can gameplan Hendricks, although its also a potenial snake. If GSP does beat Hendricks and continues to fight, i dont see many challenges over the horizon. Maia looks cute at WW, but GSP has a better game than anyone. Rory might go all Jon Jones on him, but outside of that, its hard to see him lose, unless its to injury.

Jones and Aldo are smashing everyone that step into a cage with them. Aldo will beat Pettis imho, and Jones wont likely lose unless its to a freak occurrence or moving up to heavyweight.

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