Paul Daley demolishes Rodrigo Ribeiro at Dubai FC 4

Paul Daley and Rodrigo Ribeiro headlined an otherwise lackluster card at Dubai FC 4 earlier today. The event took place at the Madinat Arena in Dubai, UAE.

Without a doubt, Nick Diaz is the best thing that ever happened to Paul Daley. I have to think so, because there's no other explanation that would give fighters an idea that they should be trying to strike with him.

In the headliner of Dubai FC 4 Paul Daley faced off against Rodrigo Ribeiro. A 9–11 (after this loss) journeyman on a 3 fight skid. Considering that Daley is still one of the worlds top 20-ish welterweights, it's hardly the sort of fight he should be taking at this stage of his career.

Ribeiro managed to survive the first round in what was mostly a tepid kickboxing match, with Daley looking to counter and Ribeiro constantly on his back foot. Ribeiro had a poor takedown stuffed halfway through the round, but was able to chain together a nice series of attempts with about a minute left and spent the rest of the round in top control.

Unfortunately for him the limited success he found in round 1 entirely eluded him in round 2. Daley came out more aggressively, peppering him with lunging shots, and backing Ribeiro into the cage. In defensive mode, Ribeiro shot for a desperation takedown and ended up on his back. Daley postured up and rained down punches in the way that only he can and by the time the referee stepped in Ribeiro was out cold. He stayed down for quite some time, but was responsive to ringside doctors. Here's a gif of the finish.

Results from the rest of the card:

Paul Daley def. Rodrigo Ribeiro via KO (punches) Round 2
Mohammad Walid def. Tony Michielsen via Sub. (RNC) Round 3
Fatih Ulusoy def. Craig Harriman via UD Round 3
Hubert Geven def. Khasan Majlimov via Sub. (RNC) Round 1
Rafat Shawe def. Erve Fammoe via Sub. (Guillotine) Round 2
Majid Seddigh def. Ramazan Mamchuev via Sub (Guillotine) Round 1
Mohammad Khani def. Zaur Zagirov UD Round 3
Mohammed Naemi def. Alan Uzdenov via Sub. (Guillotine) Round 1
Makhmut Gidaev def. Abbas Zahiri via TKO (punches) Round 3
Amirov Nabinyula def. Daniel Nuamah via UD Round 3

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