AGE IN MMA : Every UFC Champ eventually loses to a younger guy. Guys under 30 are taking over the sport.

On Jan 1 2010 the average age of a UFC Champ was 31. On Jan 1 2005 it was 32.5. Today it is 28.5 and will drop to 27.5 if Anderson losses.

Cain 30

Jones 25

Silva 38

GSP 31

Bendo 29

Aldo 26

Cruz 28

Barao 26

Johnson 26

Rousey 26

The TUF generation are fading a lot quicker than the Pride generation.

We have 9/10 belt holders and only 3 are over 30. Of them Cain is 30 and GSP is 31.

Anderson is the anomaly or all anomalies, and deserves much credit for that.

If we go back a few years, the heavyweight division was owned by guys in their early to mid thirties, LHW was a toss up between guys in their late 20s to early thirties, mw was still owned by anderson, ww was still owned by gsp and lw was bjpenns home.

The lighter weights and womens division have contributed, but its an undeniable trend to the sport.

Even when you look at these lighter weights, each champ has lost his belt to a younger man.

Unsurprisingly, this trend spans the whole sport.

Here is a breakdown of the belt changes, ages listed for now, but obviously they are moving at the same rate, although Shogun is 85 in fight years! Legend that he is.

Randy (49) and Carwin (38) lost to Lesnar (35) lost to Cain (30), which set up the division as it is now. JDS is 2 years younger at 28.

Fedor (36) lost to Werdum.(35)

Machida (34) lost to Shogun (31) lost to Jones (25)

Anderson (38) lost to Weidman (28)

(^psyche!) He did beat Franklin (38) who is slightly older though. Franklin beat Evan Tanner for the title, a guy who will remain ageless in our hearts and our minds, but who would be in his mid forties if he had lived.

GSP (31) has had the title forever, but took it off Hughes (39) and Serra (38).

Penn (34) lost to Edgar (31). Who lost to Bendo (29).

Brown (37) lost to Aldo (26).

Bowles (32) lost to Cruz (28).

Faber (33) lost to Barao (26)

In the fastest division of all, Demetrious Johnson (26) beat Benavidez and McCall (both 28).

Even Ronda Rousey (26) beat Tate (slightly older 26) and Liz (29) for her gold.

Obviously the ages listed are for today, and not when they lost, but the trend is pronounced. Titles go to younger guys. On top of this, the generational shift seems to be getting younger and younger.

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