BECW5 Quarterfinals/Bland Prix Round 1 Recap

Hello everyone! I have been given the keys to the BECW Recap War-mobile and I intend to make this as smooth of a transition as humanly possible from our beloved Zater. May he rest in peace.

UFC on Fuel 9 took a major kick in the testicles when The Mauler was deemed too injured to fight Gegard Mousasi. So severe was this cock punt that not even Diamond MMA could have saved it. Thankfully, Ilir Latifi, or "Latifa" if you run the damn company, had the stones to step in for his training partner and fight a top shelf guy way above his competition level on mere days notice. One other thing I would like to touch on before we get to the meat of this is the Swedish fans. Swedish fans, allow me to touch on you for a few sentences. After seeing and hearing some utterly deplorable MMA crowds over the years, I have to give you all my highest praise. You were class acts all night even in the face of your card being gutted at the last minute and being treated to a WWE Superstars level squash match for a main event. Thank you all for being infinitely superior to your Las Vegas counterparts. Now, onto the card:

Gegard Mousasi was able to overcome a last minute opponent change, a knee injury, a cold, 3 burritos from Q'doba and his own projected boredom to systematically bludgeon Latifi to a decision. Ross Pearson gave Dana White the pleasure of dismissing another Couture from his company. Matt Mitrione collided with Phil DeFries (literally) and then unceremoniously knocked him into Schaubtown in under 20 seconds. Michael Kuiper forgot to put the lotion on his skin so "Filthy" Tom Lawlor gave him the hose again in the form of a 2nd round arm-in guillotine. Conor McGregor made a huge impact on everyone's favorite BBW loving Featherweight in Marcus Brimage and Reza Madadi strangled Michael Johnson and once again proved that once you go Blackzillian, you stop winnin'. Adlan Amagov, Akira Corrasani, Brad Pickett, Tor Troeng, Ryan LaFlare & Papy Abedi all won their respective fights as well.

Here at the BECW all you have to do is make your picks. The following people did not:

CatchNJ687 Pelvic Thrust PDG27 Whazup1989

I have obtained an image from the crime scene and I would like to share it with you all right now


Individual Scores:

Rank Name Score
1 #97 RStephen4 101
2 #35 triangled 94
3 #21 FFC 86
4 #91 cardioless 83
5 #2 swiftman 82
5 #92 Andy Anderson 82
5 #96 1N87 82
5 #102 scruffy_thejanitor 82
9 #76 sklart 81
9 #111 jason18 81
11 (C) gxc 79
11 #73 bonesthebaptist 79
13 #46 StevenGiles 78
13 #53 Tim Bernier 78
13 #63 Matt Bishop 78
16 #24 brutalbobbyt 77
17 #14 wonderfulspam 76
17 #51 MaZZacare 76
19 #34 Dangalvan 74
19 #85 Medium Nog 74
21 (C) POW 73
21 #110 Colonel Duke Lacross 73
23 (C) ScoreCardOTN 72
23 #74 LYHL 72
25 #27 Pookie_Gnome 71
25 #30 discoandherpes 71
25 #47 jafotinatos 71
25 #99 Ayn Randy Couture 71
29 #3 sun yue 70
29 #22 afrotikiman 70
29 #62 George Halvatzis Jr. 70
29 #65 SteveevaD 70
29 #68 DirtyML 70
29 #71 Dr. Octagon 70

Welcome to the 100 Point Club RStephen4! I personally found this event very difficult but our scoring average was very high and any time anyone eclipses the century mark, it is definitely a noteworthy achievement. Swiftman also makes a top 5 appearance and captain of the lovably abysmal TACO COWS gxc was the highest scoring captain of this event.

For complete individual scores for the event, check the live sheet.

Total Individual Scores:

Rank Name Score Change
1 #84 sgiblin 527 0
2 (C) POW 506 +3
3 (C) Josh Hall 504 -1
4 #58 sday420 502 0
5 #97 RStephen4 500 +17
6 #76 sklart 495 +7
7 #53 Tim Bernier 493 +5
8 #77 benten20 492 -1
9 #2 swiftman 491 +7
9 #80 TitanFan2K 491 -2
11 #120 Body Triangle 489 -5
12 #25 Ben Bauman 487 -9
13 #21 FFC 483 +14
14 #91 cardioless 481 +10
15 #47 jafotinatos 480 +1
15 #82 GreyedOut 480 -6
17 #35 triangled 477 +26
17 #56 Mookie Alexander 477 -2
19 #115 Garrett Turpin 473 -10
20 #8 clayguidashair 472 0
20 #50 Dave Strummer 472 -9
22 #14 wonderfulspam 471 +7
23 #60 aaronb 469 -5
24 #112 Euthanatos 466 0
25 #23 Patrick Wyman 465 +3
26 #46 StevenGiles 463 +15
26 #81 Fedorable 463 -2
28 #51 MaZZacare 461 +13
29 #39 alxn 459 -8
29 #74 LYHL 459 +8

RStephen4's huge night vaulted him up 17 places into the Top 5 and triangled made a 26 spot leap in the season standings. the 84th(!) pick of the draft sgiblin still leads the whole shebang by a somewhat comfortable 21 points over his closest competitor, the lesser of the cousins POW. There are lots of "real names" in the top of the standings. Apparently Tim Burke was just a little ahead of his time on that idea.

Here's the captain scores:

Rank Name Score Change
2 (C) POW 506 +3
3 (C) Josh Hall 504 -1
37 (C) Andy Davis 448 -2
53 (C) Violent Newt 437 +7
58 (C) Sugel Mendoza 434 +11
61 (C) RonSwanson 431 +10
67 (C) lanky6 429 -7
70 (C) Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist 425 -22
72 (C) Our Bovine Public 422 -1
85 (C) ScoreCardOTN 411 +14
99 (C) gxc 400 +19
108 (C) forkboy 390 +9

All Time Leaderboard

Rank BE Name Total
1 wonderfulspam 2838
2 John Danaher's Hair 2827
3 lanky6 2824
4 sun yue 2801
5 Horselover Fat 2794
6 afrotikiman 2788
7 Tats16 2765
8 skeebop 2748
9 LBO 2746
10 Zachary Kater 2741
11 -Neil- 2733
12 Mookie Alexander 2727
13 StevenGiles 2723
14 Pookie_Gnome 2704
15 Snatchl 2689
16 Dave Strummer 2672
17 TitanFan2K 2670
18 Jeffigatame 2661
19 Earl Montclair 2645
20 sday420 2622

This Week's Matchups

. They can also be viewed in this imgur album.

Grand Prix 1:


PFP's Dick Breaker's cruised to a victory over Andy Davis' squad who fell victim to one person not making picks and only having three players in total above average. Bad luck for the Birds Of War on this event because they would have beaten every other team in the Grand Prix EXCEPT for the team they were actually playing. Hopeless Captain lanky6's team posted the highest score of the night and got the victory to advance.

Grand Prix 2:


Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit and The Bjorn Ultimatum squeaked by their opponents this week in highly competitive matchups. They also proved that a good picking captain is not required for victory as both the winning team captains posted below average scores while the winning team captains did not.

Bland Prix:


All teams in the Bland Prix proved that they are who we thought they were this week with the exception of Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy. They posted the 2nd highest score in the Civil War this week and should be commended for playing hard even when there is nothing to play for. You guys are the Kansas City Chiefs of this competition. The Legion of Lurkers were able to take out the TACO COWS who were the only team to not clear the 600 point threshold for this event.

Semi-final Matchups:


Consolation Bracket:


Bland Prix:


Bland Prix Standings:


That's all I got everyone. I am very happy to be doing the Recaps for this. Thanks to Spam, Horsey and Zater for having me do this and I will catch you all later.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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