An argument for a 235lb Cruiserweight division.

With the UFC in recent years having added sub-155 divisions and the ladies I have been wondering more and more whether a 235lb Cruiserweight division is any closer, especially with their own promotion regularly discussing the modern ''super-heavyweight'' who is at the 265lb limit or has to cut to make it.

The arguments for a 235lb division have been made on multiple occasions previously and I am not offering a new argument here but rather just wanting to offer up some figures to strengthen the case.

So according to the UFC website there are currently 27 heavyweights on the roster, going off of the weights listed on the website 11 of the 27 could realistically fit very well at 235lbs [and it is foreseeable that there are others who being unable to make 205 have bulked up to get close to 265 who could get to 235] those being:

Cain Velasquez - 240lbs

Pat Barry - 235lbs

Junior Dos Santos - 238lbs

Dave Herman - 242lbs

Gabriel Gonzaga - 242lbs

Cheick Kongo - 240lbs

Stipe Miocic - 240lbs

Frank Mir - 240lbs

Minotauro Nogueira - 240lbs

Brendan Schaub - 240lbs

Stefan Struve - 238lbs

One of the factors I had considered previously was whether or not there would be too few from the current crop of UFC heavyweights to immediately pursue a cruiserweight division or if too many would fit for 235 and would thus leave the heavyweight division too lean on competitors however the Flyweight division currently has a roster of 12 and the female 135 division has a roster of 11 [according to the UFC website] and like those divisions would only steadily grow.

Two further aspects I wish to mention are weight cutting and 205lb competitors. It is realistic that unlike the crop of bantamweights who have been making the drop to 125lbs many of the smaller heavyweights I have identified may have never had to cut weight for a match in their entire career. Secondly, of potential additions to this hypothetical cruiserweight division from 205, Jon Jones has suggested consistently that he would like to move up past light heavyweight and so from a promotional standpoint if a 235lb division were to be launched it could be built around Jon Jones.

So that is what I have to offer to the debate.

Any of you folks convinced?

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