I'm breaking up with Bloody Elbow

This might be the dumbest thing you ever read. I am sorry.

I feel like I'm deleting the phone number of that girl I had a few one night stands with a couple of years ago and still kind of have a thing for. But she has a boyfriend now and last time we got drunk together it was just a total mess and I woke up in a train yard next to this other guy who was passed OUT. Every time i'm at my computer I think about logging into Bloody Elbow and checking stuff out, maybe making a couple of comments, but instead I just call Mookie names on twitter.

And it pains me to say this, but i'm out.

I've seen a steep decline in the writing quality. I remember when this site was about MMA, now it's all about hats. Everywhere I look I see hats. I'm pretty sure I saw a hat wearing a hat. Hats are important, but they're not objective. Hats are not delivering authoritative, reliable content. They deliver kinda wavering, unstable content. They are hats.

Another issue I have with this hat site is the Pro Wrestling. This is an MMA site, but it covers Pro Wrestling. The biggest star in Pro-Wrestling is John Cena, who wears a hat. Coincidence?

I find all of these hats derogatory and wholly inappropriate. What if Tito Ortiz reads this site? He doesn't want to see hats, he can't wear hats. They don't fit. How is that fair to him? We should ban hats and stick to MMA.

I feel like you might all be thinking my problem with the site is just hats at this point, but hats are just the peak of the cap.

Take Tim Burke for example. He wrote an article recently that proved to me he hates MMA, in fact he wrote several – they were betting articles making deliberately terrible picks to try to make everyone lose money and abandon MMA. I find it hard to read this, coming from the writer of an MMA blog site.

I shall be leaving you for two sites. I'll be using AOL Chat rooms, because hell, those people know how to write! They are REAL journalists, not bloggers. I'll also be using MMA Mania for the more factual, hard-nosed news.

With all this said, there is something I will miss. The editor, Mike Fagan, is fantastic. I read everything you write and I feel like I have learned something from you whilst enjoying myself. I kind of wish you were the editor of my heart.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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