An open letter to the writing staff at Bloody Elbow.

I feel like I’m breaking up with my girlfriend with this letter. I’m the definition of a lurker – I’ve been using this site for about four years at least – every time I’m at my computer, I’ll check bloody elbow. It’s more frequent than Youtube, more frequent than Facebook, and only comes a close second to my e-mails.

And it pains me to say this, but I’m out.

I’ve seen a gradual descent. I remember the site as being a well-regarded MMA news-site with unique, exclusive content from the major shows to the little leagues. Yet all I see these days are “Kid Nate talks crap whilst wearing a stupid hat” videos – none of which can actually grip me for longer than a few minutes before his mundane, droning monologues have me scrambling for something legitimate. People’s opinions are very important – but they are not objective. They are not delivering authoritative, reliable content. They remind me more of a desperate blogger screaming for more views, more likes. The morality compass has passed the point of no return, I fear.

Another issue I have with the site is the leaning towards pro-wrestling. As a grown man I feel that this is just highly trained athletes NOT competing. If you want to watch WWE then hell, all the power to you. I freely admit that I spent plenty of time watching it as a child. But what attracts me to MMA is that it is the purest form of competition. Placing pro-wrestling articles on the site is somewhat disrespectful, somewhat derogatory, and wholly inappropriate.

I’ve been having this growing unease about Bloody Elbow for a while now. I think the triggering point is the article entitled “Why I won’t be ordering UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen” by Tim Burke. I find it hard to read this, coming from the writer of an MMA blog site. It’s all well and good that you aren’t really that psyched for the card, but going out of your way to denigrate what you’re supposed to love…You don’t like the hype, the match-ups, so what. Anything can happen on game night. You’re going out of your way to NOT promote this fight, and in many ways, incite a boycott of it. I find it to be quite ludicrous that you’re trying to persuade me NOT to enjoy something which I’ve been looking forward to; something I come to this site to celebrate with other keyboard warriors.

I shall be leaving you for two sites. I’ll be using Middleeasy when I’m feeling fruity, because hell, those people know how to write with personality and humour. They are not bloggers, or some sycophantic columnists – they’re creative journalists, and damn good at what they do. I’ll also be using Sherdog for the more factual, hard-nosed news. BE has fallen in between these two pinnacles in somewhat of an unspectacular fashion.

With all this said, there is something I will miss. Jack Slack, you wrote the best articles on this site by a long shot, and I know that because your name has been stuck in my head for months. Each piece is informative and descriptive, and I feel like I have learned something whilst enjoying myself. You were fantastic, truly.

It’s been fun.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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