UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen results and post fight analysis


Jon Jones broke his toe while beating Chael Sonnen and left the UFC mere moments away from a Sonnen light heavyweight title reign despite getting dominated. This and more in the wrap-up post for UFC 159.

My greatest fear, after all the talk about how awful and one sided Jon Jones against Chael Sonnen would be, was that Sonnen would find a way to win. And, despite being dominated from the opening bell, he still came seconds away from a possible win. Jon Jones' broken foot did not come from a foul. If he had either not been able to continue, or the doctors stopped the fight due to the injury, Sonnen would have won by a TKO via injury stoppage.

But he didn't, because Jones turned it up toward the end of the round and pounded away on a helpless Sonnen.

The fight itself went about as expected. Sonnen is "tough" enough that he was going to try, and he landed a few punches and knees in the clinch, but Jones was just kind of toying with him and scoring takedowns basically at will. It was clear that this was going to be as one-sided as thought by most. So in that, we should be glad that the finish came and no fluke situation is going to lead to a Sonnen vs. Jones rematch.

  • It is a drag to know that we're going to see Jones on the sidelines again for a while while that disgusting toe injury heals. At the point that we should all hope that the light heavyweight champion returns to fighting light heavyweight contenders. He's such a special talent, regardless of your opinion of him as a person, that he is "must see" entertainment.
  • People claiming that Michael Bisping intentionally poked Alan Belcher in the eye are crazy. Bisping was dominating him by that point in the fight, busting him up with combinations and clearly on his way to a comfortable win on the scorecards. It was, however, a foul and one that caused the contest to be stopped. I think a rule change is in order where those situations result in a mandatory point deduction before the cards are read for the technical decision. If your foul was so bad that it caused the contest to be ended prematurely, there should be some sort of punishment. Bisping would still have won because of the rest of the fight, but in close fights, it would lead to more draws and losses for the guilty fighter.
  • Roy Nelson punches really hard. I don't know that Roy Nelson's ability to punch really hard means that I have any interest in watching him against Cain Velasquez after Velasquez does to Bigfoot Silva what Velasquez has already done to Bigfoot Silva in the past. But he's around as long as he wants to be with his rare power.
  • Phil Davis' striking still has a ways to go, but if you compare it tonight against Vinny Magalhaes to a few fights ago, he's making significant improvements. His combinations are a little paint-by-numbers still, very rehearsed and simple, but he throws them with decent speed and accuracy. If he can keep developing his striking, with his wrestling and grappling skills, he still has plenty of time to develop into a title contender.
  • I'm a shameless Jim Miller fan and thought he looked outstanding in round one tonight, but Pat Healy is just a tough dude that worked him over and got the stoppage. Healy is a miserable fight no matter who you are. He may not be a future champion, but nobody alive wants to fight that guy.
  • Yancy Medeiros was the other victim of a grisly injury tonight as he was slammed down and, as media at ringside said, was left with "a thumb pointing in two different directions, neither of which was right."
  • Gian Villante learned that you can never tell a referee that you can't see after an eye poke. As stupid as it is, you don't technically get "recovery time" after an eye poke and if a referee hears that you can't see, his brain is supposed to interpret that as "I can't defend myself." Normally it makes more sense to call a referee into the cage though to at least give it a look and buy the fighter a second. Instead, Ovince St. Preux was given an easy path to the technical decision win in a fight where he was exhausted.
  • Speaking of OSP, he has some developing left to do. He gassed badly and just looked clunky other than when he was flurrying for a near stoppage in round one.
  • Sara McMann was far too good to be fighting that fight tonight. She remains the biggest possible threat to Ronda Rousey in my eyes, but I want to see her against a better class of opponent.
  • I can't wait for the FightMetric report on Cody McKenzie's win over Leonard Garcia. Garcia's accuracy is so bad that it astounds me. And the fact that he lost the stand-up to Cody McKenzie should mean an absolute, 100%, no doubt about it release from the UFC. I don't take joy in guys being cut, but with as many cuts as the UFC has made over the past several months it would seem that Garcia -- who should be on a twelve fight losing streak -- would fall into the "expendable" catagory.
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