Why I will be buying UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen

I've seen a lot of complaints about this fight. Especially in the comments, and many writers of Bloody Elbow. The more hardcore, sport purists, seem to be the ones that are most agitated with this match up. Brent Brookhouse wrote an article stating why he won't be buying Jones vs Sonnen. I found it surprising, from what it sounds like, Brookhouse preferred the Melendez/Bendo card over this one. Which, is understandable, but this card ain't that bad.

I mean, it was kind of shocking to hear that Brent, an MMA writer (and an excellent one at that), is not going to buy this card. So, here making my case for this card

  1. This will be Bones' first fight since the arm injury from the armbar against Belfort.
  2. It's Jon Jones. Other than Anderson Silva, who else brings unparalleled dominance, skill and utter amazement better than Jones.
  3. Chael Sonnen is the best wrestler in MMA. Dan Miller, Okami, Anderson, Bisping, Stann, Marquardt. He took them all down.
  4. Jones won't be worrying about armbars from Chael, but Chael's left straight from the southpaw stance into a powerful double leg is effective. It will be very interesting how Jones deals with this.
  5. Despite, Sonnen being submitted by Anderson, and the constant talk of Sonnen's sub defense, he has improved immensely on the ground.
  6. People seem to forget that before the completely botched spinning back fist, Sonnen had dominated Silva, yet again.
  7. Every single fight on the main card has a high level, top ranked fighter/fight. There's no Chris Camozzi's or Josh Neer's come Saturday night (you could argue that Pat Healy is that level, but he did have a fantastic and competitive fight with Josh Thomson).
  8. A win for Big Country, Roy Nelson, puts him at 3 straight wins. 3 straight wins in the Heavyweight division puts him seriously "in the mix."
  9. If you're into justice/watching a fight cheering for a guy to lose. Phil Davis, alleged choking/not choking, might make you want to tune in.
  10. They're on Facebook, but Cody Mckenzie vs. Leonard Garcia is the true main event. You can go to a library and watch that for free... ordering the card is the least you can do to acknowledge the UFC's generosity

Sonnen and Jones both always put on good fights. You may not care for the build up, the manufactured WWE-esque storyline, Sonnen's underserving-whatever. If Jones is thinking like all the commenters and fans, underestimating Sonnen, shit... it's going to be UFC 117 all over again...

Minus the hail marry comeback.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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