Mother of Phil Davis' child claims Davis choked her during sex as she plead for him to stop; threatened to kill her

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Top ten UFC light heavyweight fighter Phil Davis is being accused of violent sex against the wishes of his baby's mother who also claims Davis threatened to kill her numerous times.

Phil Davis will step into the UFC octagon Saturday night to face Vinny Magalhaes at UFC 159. Davis, currently ranked number eight at light heavyweight in the official UFC rankings, may be a bit distracted when he steps into the cage.

TMZ is reporting that Davis is due in court on May 7 where the mother of his child will accuse him of violence in an effort to gain full custody:

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Vantris Patterson claims Davis body slammed her on a couch with such force ... when the couch slid into the wall paint came off. She took pictures (below) which she claims show the injuries.

And Patterson says, Davis -- aka Mr. Wonderful -- would often choke her during intercourse, and when she'd plead with him to stop he'd respond, "Shut the f*** up, bitch."

She says Davis has threatened to kill her numerous times if she ever slept with another man.

If it is true that Davis was committing violent acts during sex and not stopping when asked, that amounts to what would seem to be a form of rape/assault, you can not force someone to commit acts against their wishes during sex. So this is a serious accusation that would deserve further investigation by authorities.

There are also pictures of Patterson's alleged injuries from some of these violent episodes.

The story is also interesting because Patterson is claiming that Davis has been turned more violent by his fighting in the UFC, according to TMZ stating "I am afraid that the numerous fights have negatively impacted his mental stability." In addition she is pushing the idea that he has an "increased attacking ability."

Davis, for his part, is claiming that Patterson is the violent one and has made threats on social media.

Update: TMZ posted the following update:

We just spoke to Phil's coach, who told us ... "This is a nasty custody battle, and people are gonna say things that are completely not true ... He's one of the nicest people ... he's a Christian and he's a role model. In fact, he just got back from the Dominican Republic building churches and schools."

And here's a weird one ... Vantris just posted on Facebook that it's all a lie ... saying "Those pictures are not even me ... ." Never mind that she's SAID she filed the same photos ... in court documents.

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