UFC 159 Press Conference News & Notes

Evening BE'ers. I had the fun and privilege of being at the presser today and getting to ask people like Jon Jones, Michael Bisping, Dana White, etc. a number of very pointed questions.

I even got answers to some of them!

I also used my lovely technology device to record what everyone was asking, and some of the answers were very interesting. We've already heard what Jon Jones has to say about Matt Mitrione and Dana White's thoughts on Tyson Fury wanting to fight Cain Velasquez, but there were quite a few other interesting tidbits and words that could easily stir up controversy.

Here are a few before I link the rest of you to my articles over on Mania.

Michael Bisping: "Fucking Alan Belcher is no Dan Henderson or Vitor Belfort."

"My phone hasn't been ringing daily because I'm fighting some retard from Mississippi."

Roy Nelson: Kongo's evolved a little in MMA, and he seems to fight a bit according to what opponents want to do, so he expects Cheick to be on his bike a bit this fight. He doesn't think we'll see the clinching version of Kongo that we've seen in some fights because that would play into his strengths and not Kongo's. Nelson might have to resort to Diaz tactics and flip him the bird. He refuses, however, to do the running man, as what happened with Nate Quarry and Kaleb Starnes years ago.

"I didn't train for a track meet, I trained for a fight."

Jon Jones: was also "very happy with the editing of TUF" because he said a lot of bad stories about the wild life in Vegas and that "UFC could ruin him right now if they wanted."

He currently weighs 216 (215 and a pound worth of breakfast) right now.

Jon feels that Sonnen has three sides: the fight side, the normal gentleman side and the fight promoter side. He only takes the fight side and the gentleman side seriously. His line of "I want to hurt him so bad" that he said to Dana was just "BS," and he said it to him because he knew Dana wanted to use it.

He actually took it from Georges St. Pierre in his lead-up to the Nick Diaz fight. Jones also does a horrible GSP imitation.

Jones and Phil Davis are friends, but he knows they're going to fight at some point. They've known each other through the wrestling community, but he wants to have a positive relationship with the "Martian Manhunter."

Alexander Gustafsson is probably next, but Gegard Mousasi isn't on his radar (in part because he isn't on UFC fans' radars. Hardcore fans, but not the average fan).

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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