Nate Diaz talks about his loss to Josh Thomson, Gray Maynard's title chances, and a lot more

Nate Diaz went on BJPENN.COM Radio, after his loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7, and he had a lot to say about his loss, about his future at 170, and much much more.

Warning: Explicit Language

When one of the Diaz brothers talks, it's hard not to listen. Nate appeared on BJPENN.COM Radio, for an interview following his loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7. He had a lot to talk about.

On Josh Thomson:

"I've never fought someone who wanted out of a fight so bad. I went in there and I expected a fight. I expected him to grab me, hold me, throw some kicks and move, some punches and move but that mother fucker was straight running and I had to chase his ass down. I was chasing him that whole fight. I was the aggressor. I felt I was reckless. I went in there. How can you not be against a guy who's running scared shitless for his life? I went in there, I'm chasing him around. I'm overaggressive trying to get a hold of him and that's why I got hit with some shit because I was overaggressive. I'm trying to meet the criteria to win these rounds."

"He got lucky, he jumped in there, he threw his punches and they stopped the fight.... I would like a rematch. He knows he's scared shitless. He won't ever talk about no rematch. The UFC won't either. I know and he knows he won't ever talk about a rematch. You can go and ask him that one. I don't think it was anything he did. It was more my bad than his ups.

"The last guy I fought, Josh Thomson, he was scared shitless when I was fighting him. It's unbelievable how scared he was in there. He was running for his life. He was making women when I was fighting him. He was making bitch ass lady sounds and that's not bullshit. I'm not here talking shit on him, this is reality. He was making woman sounds. He was running out of the clinch. I hit him in the face and he was going "Oh, oh, ehh" making woman sounds I've never even heard out of a man before during a fight. I'm hearing his corner telling him to smile and I'm like, "Yeah, smile mother fucker" and not a single smile came out of his mouth. He had a look of panic the whole fight. You have to be in there to fight these guys to know that. This is how it went. I've seen him in other fights, he was smiling at the other guy, bouncing around. He didn't have no time for that against me. He was frantic and trying not to get his ass whooped."

On Gray Maynard

"Gray Maynard got knocked out two years ago by Frankie Edgar. What the fuck has he done since then? I think he fought Clay Guida in the most boring fight I've ever seen in my life and now he gets to fight somebody for a title shot? Get to fucking work mother fucker! Gray Maynard.... Now I know what to do. Since I just lost via TKO, I should just take two years off, maybe a year from now fight somebody and have a boring decision fight and that'll get me back in there for a title shot because that's what Gray just did. He got knocked out by a guy that's not even a lightweight anymore."

A few points of interest:

  • The ref stopped the fight early.
  • He's never fought anyone as scared as Josh Thomson.
  • Benson Henderson is weird.
  • Gilbert Melendez is the true lightweight champion.
  • Gray Maynard shouldn't be anywhere near a title shot.
  • He won't fight again at 155lbs, unless it's to avenge a loss, or for a no. 1 contender spot.
  • He'd fight Josh Thomson again right now.

Those are just a few parts from this hour long interview. We'll add updates later, including choice quotes and maybe even a full transcript, so check back for more.

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