How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? -- Jon Jones' Nike Commercial, Chael Sonnen's Countdown

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.


"8 - the number where your winning streaks ends and your losing streak begins. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"7 - on the seventh day he didnt rest, he made Chael P Sonnen. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"6 - 6 to 1 odds Vegas gives me to beat Jon Jones. Screw what the dummies say, smart money is on Chael Sonnen. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"5 - the average star rating on Yelp for Mean Street Pizza. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"4.2 - fastest 40 time in NFL combine. I'd be impressed, but I play real sports, not trying to be best at exercising. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"4 - the number of moves it takes me to solve a rubics cube. Think I can't solve Jon Jones? #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"3 - New Jersey, the 3rd state in the United States and the home of my coronation. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen



"@ufc more weight classes ASAP??163,178,193More super fights more champion vs champion ,closer to weight better fights more potential ..." -Nate Diaz, I don't want to see this

"Wow didn't realize today was my UFC 145 anniversary.. One year later and Rashad and I still haven't spoke :(" -Jon Jones

"We allowed the media and our egos to get the best of us "@kilodecrudo: @jonnybones What happened between you and Rashad?"" -Jon Jones

"Was just buying beer the clerk too my ID and said "'re holding up good for your age". is 30 the new "old"? :(" -Bart Palaszewski



"Every match is different for . Watch as he trains to stay ahead of the competition." -Nike Pro Training

"Dear #lizbos & #lizbros, I understand that @nike is looking to sponsor a gay athlete. Maybe you can help that be me. #movemymomhere... @nike If u're looking to sponsor a gay athlete I am the 1st openly gay @ufc fighter. I fought in the 1st ever female bout!" -Liz Carmouche



"Trying to get inspired to paint a Donald trump painting." -Jose Canseco

"Just finish another painting this one is called Donald trump the wise dragondragon... First 5k buys it" -Jose Canseco, inspired.


"Sorry people Donald trump the wise dragon just sold." -Jose Canseco



"I wish I was a fish, that way I'd never have to leave.. #beachbaby #Santacruz" -Natasha Wicks


"My favorite place. #happyhumpday" -Natasha Wicks


"Screen shot from @ariannyceleste and my FHM shoot. So much fun. And yes. There were bruises after this position." -Brittney Palmer


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