Fight Stats: Henderson vs. Melendez



Here we go again. Another Bendo fight, another controversial decision. Well, there haven't been that many controversies... This, Edgar II, and Cerrone I are the only ones that come to mind. Yeah forget I said anything.

Again, I’ve documented every strike that landed with a bit of anything, and there's an image for each one, except in the cases of what I call ‘distraction’ strikes. Those are the clinch strikes that are meant more to be distracting than damaging. They’re still accounted for in the tally, but they only get one representative image in the collage, even if there are several strikes. Also included this time around is a checklist to accompany the collage, in which every strike/bit of offense depicted is listed sequentially for reference, and sometimes they include a bit more info about a particular strike’s perceived effectiveness.

I may have missed something due to a bad angle, or misinterpreted the impact of a strike here or there, but I did my best to accurately account for what went down last Saturday. May this info be well received by the staturbators and fight nerds.

The dons at Fightmetric have the ‘total strikes landed’ count as follows: Henderson - 92, Melendez - 56.

As usual, my tally is a bit different.

Ben Henderson - 110 strikes, including 3 leg kick knockdowns and 3 seconds of superior ground positioning.

Gilbert Melendez - 67 strikes, 2 takedowns with 40 seconds of superior ground positioning.

Click the collage for a friggin huge image.

- Round 1-

Henderson - 25 total strikes

6 head strikes, 7 leg kicks, 1 body kick, 6 kicks to ankle, 5 heel strikes to thigh

Ibisnqll12az5z_medium Ix7wsxndt8oyj_medium

Melendez - 13 total strikes, 2 takedowns

7 leg kicks, 2 body punches, 1 knee to body, 2 takedowns (with 40 seconds of positional ground dominance), 1 illegal knee to downed opponent

Ieaxiitiwmclt_medium Ijpyjh0qtzbmq_medium


- Round 2 -

Henderson - 24 total strikes

13 head strikes, 4 body punches, 4 knees to body, 2 leg kicks, 1 thigh punch

Il4hit9gf0iz3_medium Iwtrekkfyzrce_medium

Melendez - 15 total strikes

5 head strikes, 3 body punches, 5 leg kicks, 2 knees to body

Ibxh4zbcuojl3n_medium Iemfxga0imrzm_medium


- Round 3 -

Henderson - 20 total strikes, including 2 kicks that take Gilbert’s legs out from under him

5 head strikes, 5 leg kicks, 4 body punches, 3 knees to body, 2 body kicks, 1 knee to thigh

Ibtp0ws8ksboag_medium Ieiwpjyjmroh5_medium

Melendez - 20 total strikes

15 head strikes, 2 body punches, 2 leg kicks, 1 body kick
Ikhmenunaa6n4_medium Ijaypsam9l2xi_medium


- Round 4 -

Henderson - 24 total strikes, including a leg kick knockdown and 3 seconds of positional ground dominance

6 head strikes, 5 body kicks, 7 leg kicks, 1 leg punch, 5 heel strikes to thigh Ijeli2r1msvxm_medium Isxnwpvvm1zum_medium

Melendez - 8 total strikes

2 head punches, 5 body punches, 1 knee to body

Ibiakckvfxagib_medium Iq23r6mkuz3qy_medium


- Round 5 -

Henderson - 17 total strikes

7 head strikes, 4 knees to body, 5 leg kicks, 1 body kick

Ide2fjgxubksn_medium Iev1hqwmyhmyy_medium

Melendez - 11 total strikes

7 head punches, 2 body punches, 1 knee to body, 1 leg kick

Ibtlg7krjh91rx_medium Ibv6rcb0ad0ex_medium

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