(not very relevant, but sorry- it's glorious)

Well, hello fantasy fight fan fukers. It is I, JDH, Commissioner of old, come back to reclaim The Semen Throne for a day. Putting up a fanpost presiding over these proceedings is really a trip down memory lane for me- like that fateful day in the summer of my 13th year when I saw runnels of blood snaking their way down my alabaster thighs and I knew: I had become a woman. Well, that woman has grown into the glorious, fierce bitch that I am today and I proclaim to you all, MUTHERFUKERS! LETS!!!!

This is the first motion in the divine chess match played by the Fates and Furies of MMA predictions- where heroes will be forged from a trial of fire and ice and.... celibacy And new goats will emerge from the decrepit corrals in the back of the shame farm. Will a new legend rise from the embers to join swiftman, crazybones, wonderfulspam and myself in having their busts carved into the ivory cliffs of Mount Hairmore? Will there be more failures to join the likes of Subo, subbevil and krCampbell as single celled organisms who survive by consuming methane gas in the swamps that reside below the Holy Mount? If there are, their stories begin today.

P.S. A new place of shame has to be created for Andy Davis- who the fuck volunteers to captain then doesn't respond to a single one of the hundreds of emails sent since FUCKING JANUARY resulting in spam having to jump in and captain 20 minutes before the draft!? Not only is that just a dick move, but you would have been easy to beat- now we have a fucking supercomputer to draft against. You sir, now live in a puddle comprised of the excrement of the goats in the Shame Farm. You don't even get methane gas...that's too high class for you- you're forced to subsist on however many nutrients your body can leech out of cannibalizing its own organs and tissues until it consumes itself- then, you'll have to eat your own feces which will be solely comprised of pieces of your own body in order to recycle your own flesh- getting every last millisecond of your miserable existence that you can.


Captains- remember that you must put "Official Pick" in the subject lines of your picks- only posts with "Official Pick" as a subject will be counted.


Snaking draft order:


2) wonderfulspam

3) Josh Hall

4) Sugel Mendoza

5) Andy Anderson

6) lank6 (LOL)

7) Marcu$

8) RonSwanson

9) PFP


11) JDH

12) Violent Newt

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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