BECW: DRAFT IS LIVE AT 3.30pm ET! S5 Recap, Draft Pre-Chatter, Final Roster, Rule Changes



What's up, bitches?!

So, does anyone want to take responsibility for letting a 2-5 regular season team go on to win the mutherfuking BECW Grand Prix? 0-5 against PFP and Sugel, 5-0 against Newt, OBP and lanky6. THAT'S WHAT'S UP!

I'll get to the Season 5 details in a minute but let's take a look at what's in store today and over the coming months.


Due to kreally going AWOL for the best part of a week, we had to look at other options to find a reliable player who could take his spot. Older players familiar with the kreally/McCaig debacle in Season 3 will then be pleased to hear that taking kreally's spot is indeed Mr McCaig himself, who is said to have killed his mother-in-law to get out of a prior engagement so he could make it today.


Courtesy of Zater and, here is the order in which captains will pick. Remember that the BECW draft is a snake draft, meaning the order is reversed every round. Someone would do well to remind lanky.

1. ScoreCardOTN
2. Andy Davis
3. Josh Hall
4. Sugel Mendoza
5. Andy Anderson
6. lanky6
7. Marcu$
8. RonSwanson
9. Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist
10. KMcCaig
11. John Danaher's Hair
12. Violent Newt


Here are your Season 6 divisions, compiled based on the wishes of the captains:

Division 1

Division 2
Andy Anderson

Division 3
Andy Davis

Division 1 is a real firecracker headlined by the S5 Finals rematch between lanky and Hall. The ongoing Houston rivalry between Josh and Sugel should be interesting too, and Sugel and lanky have been exchanging pitiful attempts at trash talk for a while now. And don't sleep on Marcu$, that guy is SOLID.

In Division 2, two captains who failed to make the Bland Prix are joined by RonSwanson, whose Bail Bonds crashed out of the playoffs in the first round. Finally, debuting captain Andy Anderson will need to step up his picking game to inspire confidence in his team.

Last but not least, juggernauts JDH and PFP face off in Division 3 where Andy Davis will attempt to secure revenge for being unceremoniously dumped out of the playoffs by Peefy-Pee. KMcCaig will likely be spending most of his draft trying not to pick kreally.


Owing to the short-notice nature of the preparations for Season 6, we had to do concurrent signups for new and returning players and as such ended up with a handful players too many. All new players who picked the final three events and confirmed their registration in time got in while those that picked two or two-and-a-half mostly did not. All new players that did not get in will be placed on a replacement player list if they wish (see details below). With Tim Burke missing picks in his final event, -Neil- takes his place.

See the final roster here in our Live Draft Spreadsheet.


Starting immediately, potential replacements will now be registered on a reserve list. We will keep track of their scores; if a potential replacement player misses picks, they go to the bottom of the list. When a replacement is needed, captains can then contact one of the players at the top of the list.

The reserve list will also function as a preliminary signup list for S7 for new players.


Every one of the returning players was gracious enough to offer feedback on a number of topics and while I haven't had the chance to closely study the various specific suggestions people have made, I got enough data from the multiple choice questions to make a decision on the rule changes up for debate:

Keeper league: 60% for, 20% undecided, 20% against. We will most likely implement this for Season 7, so we'll be taking suggestions throughout the coming season for specific ways of implementing it.

Hot bout: Feedback was all over the place for this one but the most popular option was keeping the current hot bout system.

Dropping scores in the playoffs: 65% voted in favour of keeping the current system where all 11 scores count in the playoffs while 20% were undecided and 14% against.

Limiting wildcard spots to teams ranked #3 in their division: Consensus was to keep the current system where all non-top 2 teams qualify for a wildcard regardless of record.

Determining winners in case of draws: In the regular season, we use the dropped score to settle draws but in the playoffs where there is no dropped score, we will now be comparing the highest score on each team to find a winner. If those are equal, we will count the number of perfect picks on each team.

I will be going over the ruleset shortly and writing it down so we have a complete and up-to-date list of rules.


Our esteemed former commissioner John Danaher's Hair came up with the following idea that met widespread praise from all the captains. As a result we will be furiously working out the details over the next week so it can be implemented immediately. Here is JDH's suggestion:

During the regular season, for each event, each captain will pick one player to engage in a head to head battle against a player selected by the opposing team's captain. The winner of the head to head battle will win bonus points for their team- I think that somewhere between 5 and 10 points is fair, but maybe you would want to determine an amount based upon the average margin of victory so as to strike a balance between the bonus being such a negligible amount that won't even matter and a large amount placing too much weight on this mini-game. - Each player will only be allowed to be selected for the head-to-head ONCE- meaning that 7 players will be chosen for this throughout the season. This has the benefit of not forcing captains to have to rely on shitty players but still having enough guys that won't be picked so as to prevent people from feeling singled out. Also, it allows a number of people to share in the fun while preventing a captain from being able to lean on a killer too much. - Captains must name their representative for each event by the PG event lockout. - So as to add another level of strategery, captains can announce their representatives at any point before lockout, so- 2 captains can agree to have their best guys going against each other or try to put together a mismatch. - Captains WOULD be allowed to pick themselves, causing them to either crash and burn by their own hand or showing some balls and really coming through for their teams... - My initial inclination is that there should be no head-to-heads in the playoffs, but if you/the community wanted the playoffs to have them, selected players would be eligible to be picked one time in the playoffs. OR, players would not be eligible thus putting more weight on whether or not to play one of your stronger guys earlier in the season... I think that this would really add an awesome new layer of rivalries and competition to the game- players would be calling each other out, selected individuals could potentially be heroes or goats if an event is decided by the head-to-head (though I'd expect that to be rare)-- you know that given the wide variance between players' individual event scores, there would be some epic upsets, plus some really cool battles between top players....I think that it could be really dope.

After reviewing the S5 winning margins, we came up with 25 points as a suitable bonus for winning your head-to-head-within-the-head-to-head (yo dawg) matchup.


This will be nice and short.

Final Team Rankings

GRAND PRIX CHAMPIONS Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit
2nd Place We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple
3rd Place Bloody Elbe
4th Place The Bjorn Ultimatum
5th Place Birds of War
6th Place The Fukers
7th Place Dana White's Bail Bonds
8th Place I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat!
9th Place (Bland Prix Winners) Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy
10th Place Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron
11th Place Legion of Lurkers
12th Place Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors

Individual Rankings, Overall

Rank BE name Score Previous Rank Change
1 sgiblin 661 1 -
2 swiftman 645 3 +1
3 Tim Bernier 642 7 +4
4 Josh Hall 640 8 +4
5 Ben Bauman 637 4 -1
6 RStephen4 634 9 +3
7 sday420 618 2 -5
8 FFC 616 5 -3
8 wonderfulspam 616 14 +6
10 benten20 611 11 +1
11 POW 609 6 -5
12 Body Triangle 606 12 -
12 alxn 606 17 +5
14 sklart 605 15 +1
15 Horselover Fat 603 24 +9
16 Dr. Octagon 602 33 +17
17 -Neil- 600 37 +20
18 TitanFan2K 599 17 -1
18 Marcu$ 599 29 +11
20 jafotinatos 594 9 -11

For more individual scores, go to last night's live spreadsheet.

That's it for now. See you at the draft in a few hours!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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