Glory 7 results: Giorgio Petrosyan dominates in Milan

Giorgio Petrosyan throws a kick at Hafid El Boustati at Glory 7 Milan - Ben Pontier/GLORY

Get complete Glory results right here at Bloody Elbow, as pound for pound great Giorgio Petrosyan was in action in Italy at Glory 7 Milan.

Glory 7 Milan went down this weekend, with a number of kickboxing's best in action, including pound for pound king Giorgio Petrosyan. Bloody Elbow has full Glory results from Milan right here.

The main event between Petrosyan and Hafid El Boustati went pretty much exactly as expected. Petrosyan executed the same basic gameplan he has shown against all of the world's top Middleweights - use his superb technique on offense, while completely shutting down his opponent's own offense. It was another technically masterful performance in a long line of them from Petrosyan. Unfortunately, it's also perhaps starting to become a bit too predictable. Petrosyan is so dominant with his particular style that there is little suspense to his fights these days. He's become very similar to Georges St. Pierre - an absolute master, but a master whose fights tend to offer little in the way of surprise. That makes him technically fascinating to watch, but not always as exciting at this point.

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Post-fight, Petrosyan accepted the challenge of the night's earlier winner Robin van Roosmalen, so look for them to face off later this year in Glory. Petrosyan vs. van Roosmalen was the finals at the Glory 3 tournament, with Petrosyan cruising to victory. A stand alone fight is unlikely to be much different, but is the best option for Petrosyan right now, particularly after K-1 GP champion Murthel Groenhart was defeated in Milan.

Elsewhere on the card, you saw a lot of decision, though that doesn't mean the fights were not without action. A particular highlight was Kaoponlek's beautiful Muay Thai inspired destruction of former It's Showtime champion Sergio Wielzen. Full results are below.

Overall, it was a solid show, though a bit of a step down from the highs of Glory 5 and 6.

Next up for Glory - Glory 8 Tokyo on May 3, featuring Jerome Le Banner vs. Koichi, and a one night 8 man Featherweight tournament.

Glory 7 Milan Results

Giorgio Petrosyan def. Hafid El Boustati by decision
Robin van Roosmalen def. Murthel Groenhart by decision
Davit Kiria def. Yuri Bessmertny by decision

Rico Verhoeven def. Jhonata Diniz by decision
Artem Levin def. Sahak Parparyan by Ext Round decision
Chingiz Allazov vs. Marat Grigorian No Contest due to accidental elbow
Sak Kaoponlek def. Sergio Wielzen by decision
Michael Duut def. Steve McKinnon by decision
Karapet Karapetyan def. Roberto Cocco by decision

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