UFC on Fox 7: Random observations and analysis for Thomson vs. Diaz, Brown vs. Mein

Esther Lin for MMAFighting

Dallas Winston shares observational scribbles for the Josh Thomsom vs. Nate Diaz and Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein fights on the UFC on Fox 7 main card.

Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson

  • Josh punched Nate right in the thigh and then kicked him square in the face and I don't even think Nate noticed, but it landed with the foot rather than shin.
  • I would watch Nate Diaz and/or Matt Brown fight anyone on any UFC card, any time.
  • Rogan calls the elbows Thomson's using "push-off elbows" and they're the same type Brown throws on Mein in the clinch: you get more heft in elbow strikes by bending your arm, almost to make your upper arm and forearm as one unit with more mass, but these are short uppercut elbows that are unhinged quickly, like a short tricep thrust, and slash with the point of the elbow.
  • Thomson achieves the unthinkable by finishing Nate with strikes. The high kick is not standard either -- rather than stepping forward into the kick, Thomson steps off-center, almost placing his planted foot all the way across Nate's body and towards his lead right foot. The unusual release also serves as the perfect set-up feint, as it looks like it could be the start of anything from a low kick, a right hook or a level change for a low single.
  • What does this do, status-wise, for both Thomson and Diaz? Is Josh more than "the guy who fought evenly with Gilbert Melendez" and a top-10 lightweight now? Are the consummate concerns with the Diaz brother's style of fighting becoming more apparent and exploitable? Has it become too predictable?

Jordan Mein vs. Matt Brown

  • The frenetic chess match that took place here was such a pleasure to watch. Brown suffocated Mein range-wise but the key was not letting Mein plant his feet and settle in. Just about every time the youngster was able to gather himself and reset with his feet firmly dug in, he'd reel off a blistering 3-4 punch combination and connect with emphasis.
  • This was an appetizing buffet of elbows. Considering how often I've ranted that elbows are still an under-utilized tool in MMA, this scrap --along with Masvidal vs. Means -- was a shining example of their diversity and effectiveness. Anticipating Brown's forward movement, Mein opened up with a nice step-in horizontal elbow that clipped his chin, and would've come in handy later on. Amidst his overwhelming striking onslaught, Brown knifed a few upward elbows to the head in the clinch along with his signature horizontal elbow from the single collar tie.
  • The fringe of striking distance is like sword play; elbows in phone-booth range are like swinging a meat cleaver.
  • Overall, this was a ruthless and cold-blooded performance from Brown, and probably the best showing of his career.

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