Dana White: GSP vs. Hendricks not 100%, neither is MMA in NY


Looking a little past the big events coming up for the UFC in the next two weeks, Dana White talks about potentially booking a long awaited super fight and the possibility of MMA making it into New York.

With two more events to go in a 4-event month, UFC president Dana White has a lot on his plate right now. In just a matter of hours, Ben Henderson will take on Gilbert Melendez for the Lightweight title as the UFC On Fox 7 headliner. Then, only a week later, Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones will defend his title against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159. On top of all that, there's plenty more on the UFC's plate.

For one, there's the matter of what's next for Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Following UFC 158, it seemed certain that Johny Hendricks would finally get his crack at the title after taking out 4 consecutive top-10 opponents. However, at Thursday's media event, White tapped the breaks on that idea.

Dana said that he intends to call St. Pierre on Friday and ask whether he'd like to fight Hendricks or UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva next. A super fight between two of the most dominant champions in the promotion has been on the UFC's wish list for years now. As expected, Dana says if that's what GSP wants, that's what GSP's gonna get:

If Georges wants to fight Anderson Silva, we're not going to tell him `No, you have to fight Johny Hendricks.'

If St. Pierre finally decides it's the time for him to fight Silva, it'd be a huge blow to Johny. No other contender has had to go through the gauntlet of top ranked talent that he has in order to earn a shot at the title. On the other hand, this would be one of the biggest possible fights for the UFC to book right now, and there's no way they pass on that opportunity. Either way, they'll have to wait for Silva to get through his next challenger in Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

Dana White also addressed the the possibility of MMA finally being legalized in the state of New York. If you remember last month, MMA fans did their annual celebration of an MMA bill passing the NY Senate vote by a wide margin. White seemed incredibly optimistic this year and reportedly went as far as to book the Madison Square Garden for a 20th anniversary show. Unfortunately, it appears Dana's hopes have dimmed recently:

I'm not as positive about it as I was a few weeks ago. Everybody wants it in New York except the Culinary Union.

The Culinary Union has been a huge thorn in the UFC's side for a long time now. They take issue with Zuffa owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta running Station Casino's as non-union establishments. They've backed a big PR campaign to work against the UFC. But, their greatest success so far is definitely keeping the UFC out of New York where they could stage big events in notable arenas.

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