The American Sniper, some UFC fighters and a bar fight

I just finished reading American Sniper by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle - he of the alleged punch and run on Jesse Ventura and who was killed earlier this year in his home state of Texas - and besides his experience in Iraq, he regales us with several bar fights he's been in. One altercation in particular was with a few mma fighters:

In April '07, we were in Tennessee. We ended up across the state line in a city where there'd been a big UFC mixed-martial-arts fight earlier that evening. By coincidence, we happened into a bar where there were three fighters who were celebrating their first victories in the ring. We weren't looking for trouble; in fact, I was in a quiet corner with a buddy where there was hardly anyone else around.

For some reason, three or four guys came over and bumped into my friend. Words were said. Whatever they were, the wannabe UFC fighters didn't like them, so they went after him.

Naturally, I wasn't going to let him fight alone. I jumped in. Together, we beat the shit out of them.

This time, I didn't follow Chief Primo's advice. In fact, I was still pounding one of the fighters when the bouncers came to break us up. The cops came in and arrested me. I was charged with assault. (My friend had slipped out the back. No bad wishes on him; he was only following Primo's second rule of fighting.)

I got out on bail the next day. I had a lawyer come in and work out a plea bargain with the judge. The prosecutor agreed to drop the charges, but to make it all legal I had to get up there in front of the judge.

"Mr. Kyle," she said, in the slow drawl of justice, "just because you're trained to kill, doesn't mean you have to prove it in my city. Get out and don't come back."

And so I did, and haven't.

I couldn't find much more on the story and if true, I was curious who the fighters were. Unless he was intentionally fudging the details, the only UFC card even close to Tennessee in April 2007 was UFC 69 in Houston, Texas headlined by GSP and Serra. Of the fighters on that card, only two picked up their first UFC wins: Thales Leites (vs. Pete Sell) and Heath Herring (vs. Brad Imes)

Chris Kyle's memoir is being made into a film by Bradley Cooper.

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