Mr (s) Fox: An A.C. PC Dilemma

I have so far stayed out of this ongoing debate and had planned on it till I read the fan post directed to Roth. It got me thinking about the political correctness of modern thought and idealism.

First off - my stance: We should accept Fox's desire to be both physically and known as a female. Life is to short to get hung up on labels. I think that under full disclosure that if another woman wants to fight Fox then book the fight. My only issue with Fox is the lack of disclosure and lying (from my understanding) about having been licenced in another state on the Florida application

Now to my main point/question:

Can an athletic commission deny Fox a license to fight with out being called _______phobic?

Can anyone say without prejudice that Fox is equal to someone your average female of the same age? Or even a birth female who is exceptionally athletic? I do remember reading about the two leading physicians (one may have been the one to due the procedure and prescribe the hormone therapy) and they said (para-phrased) yes she is equal and has no advantage. I freely admit that I do not know better; however my contention is that they (becuase their reputation & livelihoods depended on their answer) had no other answer available to them.

So now what?

If this is the case, why not inform the AC's before her application for her first pro fight. I respect a person's individual right to not announce that information to the world until they are ready and it is a shame the world is such a place that people feel that way... but this is not applying for a desk job or a sales job or even a construction job...this is hand to hand combat. This I believe is an exception to the rule as it were. Hey, if another woman, man, transgender signs that dotted line to fight Fox, with full disclosure to who they are fighting I say let them fight. But what if he AC says no? How do they word it to avoid controversy?

You can have a legit reason for your stance that Fox should not to fight women and not be a ______ist or _______phobe. There have been many people saying stupid things about Fox and then people stupid things about that person. I will forever fight for your right to your opinion as long as you do the same for me; nowhere does it say we need to agree.


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