Championship Rounds MMA Looking for New Writers

Our site is and our Twitter is @Champion_Rounds. We have been a site for over a year and a half. We are steadily growing and put this offer on here because we know that Bloody Elbow has some amazing fans with great writing skills. Check it out.

Before contacting us read all of this including the very important Memorandum of Understanding. Our e-mail is

We are looking to expand our CR family. We are looking for 2-5 new writers who are dedicated to delivering quality journalism for the MMA community. As of right now CR is not a money making website (however that is a future goal and when that days comes we will handle it then as stated in the MOU). So, you will be writing out of love for the sport. However, we expect professionalism, dedication and we expect writers to have experience writing or blogging about MMA in the past (if you do have experience we want to see your work. If not then we will ask for you to write something for us).

What we are looking for:

Musts (all of these are required):

Quality writing skills

Organized (timely, well edited posts, up to date on the world of MMA)

Sends in posts to editor on time


Able to write up predictions for major promotions (UFC, Bellator, Invicta, MFC, One FC, WSOF, RFA, Legacy, XFC, Cage Warriors, Titan Fighting, etc)

Able to write out recaps of UFC events

One or more of the following (preferably more):

Willing to write daily news posts (could be a team effort with more writers)

Able to write occasional article or column

Podcast/radio experience (just commentating)

Have insider info (someone who knows news before its news)

Be creative and come up with new ideas for the site

Have promotional skills (be able to promote our site in creative ways that are effective)


Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provides the principles and framework for the relationship between David Klass and Samuel Klass ("the Klass Brothers") and the new writers regarding their roles and responsibilities for the ongoing direction of Championship Rounds (CR).

We agree to the following role definitions:

· Samuel Klass holds the title of Editor-in-Chief of CR.

· David Klass holds the title of Senior Editor of CR.

· A new writer will hold the title of contributing editor; however, you can advance as time goes on.

· Only the Klass Brothers can speak officially on behalf of CR.

We agree that the following principles will guide the direction and content of CR:

· The content that comprises CR is the intellectual property of the Klass Brothers.

· All final decisions on content and design – both substance and aesthetics – are the domain and responsibility of the Klass Brothers.

· CR represents our personal and professional reputations in the public realm.

· CR content will always convey the highest possible standards of professionalism. No swearing or inappropriate language will be allowed.

· CR will treat all fighters with respect.

· CR is not currently designed as a revenue-generating enterprise. If the time comes when revenue generation become a part of CR, all parties will meet (virtually) to discuss the formalization of a reworked agreement that reflects that fundamental change in objectives.

The quality and accuracy of our content will continue to be our primary objective, while recognizing the importance of a professional, updated web presence. This MOU is intended to establish the framework for the early stages of our work together and is subject to modification over time as mutually agreed upon. We will review the direction of CR on a regular basis with a formal evaluation of this Memorandum periodically, starting from the signing date of this document.

We are excited to be taking this important step in the life of CR and look forward to working closely with you as we take CR to the next level together.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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