Manny Pacquiao vs Mike Alvarado could take place in October, negotiations taking place this week

Josh Hedges

Manny Pacquiao's next bout could be against Mike Alvarado in Macau this October. Alvarado and his manager are flying out to negotiate the contract today.

In addition to our coverage of boxing events here on Bloody Elbow, something we're always looking to expand to be your best option for comprehensive combat sports coverage, we also like to keep you abreast of any major news in the boxing world. And -- despite his shocking KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez -- it doesn't get much bigger in boxing than Manny Pacquiao.

It looks like Top Rank has their sights set on Mike Alvarado for Manny's next opponent as seen in these tweets from CBS4's Vic Lombardi:

In other news, just got word Denver's own @MileHighMike303 has agreed to fight Manny Pacquaio in October!!!!!!

Alvarado and his manager Henry Delgado are flying out to negotiate a contract tomorrow. Alvarado-Pacquaio in October.

I asked Delgado about Alvarado-Rios III. He said that can wait. This is Manny Freaking Pacquaio.

Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook had more on the potential bout:

Later in the evening, Brandon Spano of Mile High Sports said on his radio show that the fight is "90-95% a done deal," which he says came from Delgado.


This does not mean that Pacquiao-Alvarado is definite or anything -- Bradley and Marquez are still options, with Marquez having missed his own April 15 deadline of announcing a next fight. He's said repeatedly he doesn't want to face Pacquiao again, but there's so much money there that until that's officially off the table, that's what people are likely going to expect.

It sounds like the plan for the bout would be for it to take place in Macau, which would make it Manny's first fight outside of the United States since July 2, 2006 when he beat Oscar Larios by unanimous decision.

This would seem to be pretty good matchmaking from Top Rank. Alvarado has some star qualities and his stock isn't likely to get higher than it is right now after his win over Brandon Rios in their epic rematch. If he beats Pacquiao, it makes the 32 year old Alvarado a bigger star and makes a rubber match with Rios even bigger.

If Pacquiao wins, he is back on the winning track and Top Rank has plenty of options for him, including the fifth fight with Marquez. Alvarado can still go fight Rios again even in defeat, so he's on solid ground regardless.

We'll have more on this situation as it develops.

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