How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA on Twitter - TUF 18 Tryouts, Jones vs Sonnen, Ring Girls

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Time to fill out my TUF application. Q. Have you ever took steroidsA. No! Steroids are for pussies, besides my cock is small enough." -Ulysses Gomez

"Next questionQ. Have you taken illegal drugs in the last yearA. Drugs are for losers so no." -Ulysses Gomez

"Last question. Q. Tell us something interesting about yourself. A. I once killed a man just to watch him die." -Ulysses Gomez

"Hurry up @seanshelby, I'm ready to tryout." -Ulysses Gomez

"Man I gotta take a dump but I don't wanna lose my spot in line. Decision." -Ulysses Gomez

"Good news is I'm number 75, bad news is that I couldn't hold it and I Tim Sylvia'ed myself." -Ulysses Gomez

"Oh wow just saw one of the girls who is trying out. Haha wow I can't believe she's trying out." -Ulysses Gomez

"No dice guys, they won't let me tryout but Joe Silva gave me some good advice. Oh well I got a fight to train for." -Ulysses Gomez

"They said I can't tryout cause I'm a UFC vet but the app doesn't say anything about it. I think they were afraid of my sexiness." -Ulysses Gomez

"I talked to Sean Shelby before I left. He still said I couldn't tryout even after I yelled out "LET ME BANG BRO!!!"" -Ulysses Gomez



"They said I didn't make it because their was an age cut off at 34 and I'm 38 this year :( Never felt so old 👵 Lol! ...Yep I'm officially considered the old chic now :( The age cut off for the Tryouts was 34" -Kim Couture




"Chael Sonnen talks about his steroid PED use: #poison #TheCheatersChampion #youcallthisgangster?" -Jon Jones

"Take steroids in your prime testosterone levels drop then you take TRT to get in your prime again.. Maybe I should just join the team $$$" -Jon Jones

"Since when did promoting a fight mean accusing your opponent of using steroids? Can't be good for the sport right...? " -Dan Hardy, this.



"15 - the number of letters in the word hydropneumatics as well as Chael beats Jones. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"14 - the number of Stations of the Cross. I hope you're praying to every one of them. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"13: The number of Apostles (including yours truly) #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"12 - zodiac signs. All which read, hold tight to your greatest possession, soon it'll be taken at the hands of a Bad Guy. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"11 - 21 Dec 2012 = 21/12/2012 = 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11. The code has been deciphered. The end is near. 11 days... #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"10 - days until the headlines across the nation read, Chael P. Sonnen... Spelled C-H-A... M-P. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen

"9 - the age I stopped believing in the Easter bunny and soon calling you champion will become as real as him. #4/27/13" -Chael Sonnen



"Wow did last night really happen? Lol I think I'm still dreaming! I'm the #TUF17 CHAMPION!! @tufonfx@ufc #speechless" -Kelvin Gastelum

"2 clear the air, I'm still a @blackzilian In NL 2 C my daughter and during my stay training in famous Mike's gymMiami CU in a couple weeks" -Alistair Overeem

"I feel when at 100% there is not a man at 155 I can not challenge in a 5 round fight." -Diego Sanchez

"1. Hipsters love it. 2. I don't care what you ate. 3. I don't think your cat is cute. 4. You are not a photographer. #WhyIHateInstagram" -Tim Kennedy, hating on something because a large group of people already love it... Sounds like hipster behavior if you ask me.

"I learned not to throw away a sock just because the other one is lost, eventually you'll loose another one and regain a pair #wordsofwisdom" -Cub Swanson ‏

"Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated" -Cesar Gracie




"Getting my make up touched up by @roxylook 💜💄😚 can't wait for you guys to see the photos!" -Brittney Palmer


"Guess who designed this bikini for today's shoot?? 😉Good things to come in 2013!!" -Arianny Celeste


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