Cat Zingano and Miesha Tate just put on a war... Thoughts, Kim Winslow needs a pink slip

Before, I go on an angry tirade, let me say, holy fucking tits. That was an amazing, amazing fight. I couldn't catch it live, and was a fucking retard, finding out the result. But GODDAMN!!!

Good. God. Was that a fight. I wish I didn't know the result before I watched. Yet, it was still a great fight. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more not knowing the destination, but shit... it's about the journey, right? Or something like that

Miesha, Miesha, Miesha... she just can't fight with emotion. You can tell so badly, she wanted this... too much. She wanted to make a statement, sprinting out of round 1, working her ass off for the take down. She had success striking with Cat, when Cat was on the cage, but was so adamant on getting the takedown. Damn.

Technique for technique, Miesha had Cat beaten on the ground, but holy fuck. Good lord, almighty, Cat is explosive. Between her and Ronda, they are the most explosive fighters in WMMA today, in my opinion. Well, that is until the female Melvin Guillards, Phil Davis' and Uriah Hall's show up.

Bra-fucking-vo. Miesha Tate, Cat Zingano that was the best fight I've seen since Hendricks/Condit and before that I have to go back to UFC 153: Fitch vs Erick Silva. Without a doubt, my MMA fight of the year, so far. And zero doubt, WMMA FOTY.



Esther Lin, ladies and gentlemen...

**Now, Kim Winslow. I am going to try my darnest to not bash her in anyway, and come off like a respectful civillian.

Okay. WHAT THE FUCK. This isn't the worst stoppage ever. But this is the same referee that let Jan "Cuddles" Finney take a beating that would land most in jail from Cris Cyborg.

This referee, needs to get another job. She is horrible at it. I do not feel safe knowing she is overseeing the fight. When she's reffing I know I'm going to laugh, be pissed or flat out shit myself. I thought Tate was still fighting. She was definitely still fighting.

I don't know, I'm not Miesha, but she was half shooting for a take down, half hurt. Definitely, definitely not stop worthy. Plus, the amount of warnings she gave to the fighters. Earlier in the night warning Maximo Blanco 159 times to not grab the fence, telling his corner that if he grabbed the fence again she would take a point away, then Maximo grabs the fence, and he gets... wait for it... ANOTHER WARNING. My god.

How many fucking times are you going to warn someone to "watch the eyes?" (someone please tell me where the question mark goes)

I hope this is bashing, but I feel Kim Winslow is ruining MMA. Or at the least made the fight less spectacular.

Tate was hurt, yes. She was eating brutal knees, but she was in no way, shape or form, down and out, not defending herself. The fight goes on, and it going to a decision was out of left field, whatsoever. Miesha Tate, arguably took rounds 1 and 2.

All in all, I hope Kim Winslow can improve (less talking, better reffing), disappear or have a baby with Steve Mazaggati.


I was disappointed at first that Ronda wouldn't be coaching against Miesha. However, Cat has this inner fire. And if Ronda brings it out, she's going to be terrified. She won't be able to bully Cat like she did Miesha. Cat Zingano is a mom. She a W-O-M-A-N.

She purrs, she meows. And she don't back down. Needless to say, I'm excited as fuck. I'm so happy for women's MMA. That type of emotion is inspiring. The happiness in Cat's voice and face after she won. Magnificent. I don't know what it is that makes me resonate so much with them. I had this feeling when Ronda walked out for the first time, and after she won.

Cat's post fight interview, man, she... just. I don't know. I'm so fucking happy for them. She was so happy. Probably one of the greatest moments of her life. Miesha was game. Beautiful, beautiful.

Can't stop smiling for them. For this fight. Positive transference. Life is good. Life is good.

WMMA is going to make it. Shit, I think it already has.

See you in Jersey

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