CB Dollaway's Ankle Injury, Surgery and Rehab- Updated

CB Dollaway may not be one of the higher profile MMA fighters, and maybe that's why his recent injury has slipped under the radar. He was scheduled to fight at UFC on FX 8 in May. Dollaway Tweeted about his surgery on April 4th:

He apparently suffered an ankle injury that necessitated the surgery. An April 10th Tweet from Ryan Bader contained a picture of Dollaway's ankle after surgery:

There is no word on the specifics of the ankle surgery, and I am left only to speculate on his injury. However, based on the location of the scar, it appears that he may have had repair of one or more of the lateral (outside) ankle ligaments. These ligaments are often injured with severe ankle sprains that involve the ankle rolling inward. (Here are some pictures of this injury from If this was indeed the reason for the surgery, he will probably be out of action for a few months.

Rehab after this type of injury will probably begin early with simple movement exercises for the ankle, and progress toward extensive strengthening of the ankle muscles. More importantly, CB will have to regain stability and control of the ankle through use of more advanced exercises, including balance retraining and plyometric exercises. Many of these exercises are done in single limb stance which combines balance and strength retraining.

If more details emerge about his specific surgery, I will update this post.

*UPDATE- April 17, 2013

CB tweeted a reply to a fan question, indicating that he will be out a minimum of three months.

It looks like it will be late summer at least before Dollaway is safe to return to training, depending of coarse on how his rehabilitation progresses.

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