The True Reason Sheila Gaff is Fighting Sara McMann

Sara McMann is fighting very soon and the MMA world isn't the least bit concerned about the total lack of quality of her opponent. MMA writers are pretending that Sheila Gaff is a reasonable tune up fight when the truth is far more telling than that.

Not a single MMA writer has examined the true quality of Sheila Gaff as a 135 pound fighter.

BE wrote a single article on this topic and attempted to paint Sheila Gaff as an imposing striker who has a chance against McMann, totally failing to analyze her true record.

Sheila Gaff is not even a ranked 135 pound fighter and yet she's facing off against a potential title challenger named Sara McMann? And no MMA writers can even point out this fact?

Let's not forget that McMann is on a winning streak against top 10 competition yet now she's purposely fighting a non ranked fighter at 135 pounds who hasn't even beaten a single opponent in this weight class in 3 years. LOL.

Sheila Gaff's last 3 fights were at 125 pounds, not 135 pounds.

Gaff hasn't even won a single 135 pound fight in 3 years, going back to March 2010. LOL.

In fact, the reason Sheila Gaff dropped down to 125 pounds is because she LOST 3 fights in a row at 135 pounds and got discouraged at her lack of success. She basically couldn't hack it at 135 pounds and lost 3 times in a row.

Funnier still... If we go back to March 2010 and look at Gaff's last victory at 135 pounds.......we'll see that the quality of that opponent was laughable since it was against a woman named "Lena" who has a record of 0-2 (no wins).

We have to travel back in time to the year 2009 to find Gaff's last victory at 135 pounds over an opponent who has a winning record. LOL.

Yet Sheila Gaff is the woman they brought to the UFC (the major leagues) to fight a title contender named Sara McMann? ...And nobody is protesting the quality of this opponent? Talk about MMA journalists not doing their jobs. LOL.

Oh... It even gets better for McMann...

Sheila Gaff has a "berserker" style where she starts out swinging wildly and is therefore easy to take down. She has poor takedown defense and poor wrestling ability. She's basically tailored made for McMann to easily take down (and easily hold down) when she comes in swinging wildly.

This fight is akin to Mark Hunt vs Cain Velasquez. It's a takedown clinic waiting to happen. It's Jon Fitch versus a 7th grader who's never wrestled before.

It's basically a way for McMann to show off her powerful wrestling against a fighter who can't stop a double leg. It's more of an 'exhibition' fight than a tune up fight.

It's clear that McMann's manager made good on his public statement that McMann wanted a few easy tune up fights. It's clear that her manager doesn't want to even risk the possibility of a defeat until a title fight happens.

Tune up fights are fine for somebody coming off a loss, but let's be honest...

#1) McMann's on a winning streak and is undefeated against top 10 competition (she's ranked #5).

#2) This fight doesn't even qualify as a "tune up" because it's basically UN-losable. It's more of an "exhibition of skills" akin to the Harlem Globetrotters whipping their no-name rivals in a funny show.

I estimate that Gaff's statistical chance of winning against McMann is about -2% (yes, that's a NEGATIVE 2% chance of in LESS than 0%). That's not a typo.

A tune up fight should at least provide for 'some' statistical possibility of your opponent winning the fight. Right? LOL.

A top 5 fighter on a WINNING STREAK shouldn't be importing UNranked cans to pad their record.

Let's also not forget that unlike Rousey (who moved down a weight class to fight Tate) Sheila Gaff is moving UP a weight class to fight BIGGER fighters than her last 3 fights.

McMann should have fought Alexis Davis but I guess she's 'scurred' to fight somebody who might have better submission offense than Hitomi Akano.

I'd be willing to bet that McMann will try to avoid any top 135 pound fighter before she fights for the title. She'll avoid Zingano and she'll avoid Davis if possible.

McMann will likely try to coast into a title fight by having the UFC import a bunch of non grappling cans who have no ability to resist her wrestling or submit her from bottom position.

I guess her last fight with Baszler kind of scared the crap out of her. She barely won that. She doesn't seem to want any more real competition. No wonder Alexis Davis can't get a fight right now.

What bothers me is that the MMA journalists are not doing their jobs by reporting any of these facts objectively. If Ronda had imported an UNranked can to fight in the UFC then the MMA world would be going nuts.

I'd like to see Sara McMann fight Alexis Davis since I believe Davis will submit McMann on the ground. But for that to happen Sara McMann needs to learn a little courage.

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