Ronda's Foes Need to Beat the Living Snot Out Of Her

With Ronda's star shining so's rumored that NASA is launching a new satellite to monitor the situation more closely from mission control.

She's already signed a deal with William Morris Endeavor, been offered a role in the Hunger Games sequel and is rumored to be exploring all kinds of endorsement deals and product lines. This is likely just a fraction of what's being talked about behind the scenes.

Sara McMann said something interesting recently........she said she's happy that Ronda's the face of WMMA but she's also happy that the other gals can steal Rousey's media thunder "by earning it".

Spoken like a woman who truly thinks she's going to rain on Ronda's parade.

I admire the confidence.

While I agree that Sara's the most likely candidate to beat Rousey (I give her a 50/50 chance to win) I still think she's being a bit naive about her belief that merely beating Ronda in the cage will suddenly transform her into the darling of WMMA and open up the same endorsement & media opportunities.

In fact, I'd argue that Sara's going to need a lot more than victory to achieve even 25% of the media and endorsement interest that Rousey has.

Victory won't be enough.

She'll need to BEAT THE LIVING SNOT OUT OF RONDA in order to take her place as the darling of the WMMA world with mainstream media interest.

If Sara's able to continually take down and smother Ronda for 5 rounds (ala Jon Fitch) then she'd likely be booed out of the arena while generating very little mainstream media interest.......and even less endorsement interest (except for possibly a deal with Sominex, lol).

Many are speculating that McMann could use her wrestling to keep the fight standing (and KO Rousey on the feet) but there's little chance of that happening since McMann's stand up looked awful against Akano and Baszler. Her wrestling is the only thing that saved her.

Hitomi Akano is only 5'4" tall and only 125 pounds (naturally) yet McMann had to use wrestling to dispatch of that tiny fighter who's nearing 40 years of age. Plus Shayna Baszler decked McMann.

Sara's not going to KO Rousey on the feet.

McMann will probably attempt to beat Rousey ala Jon Fitch; take her down, hold her down, don't posture up and don't allow any space (and pray the ref doesn't stand you up). Rinse and repeat if possible.

Although I don't think she can hold Rousey down (for very long) after a takedown, it's still her only hope of beating I'm sure she'll try.

Unfortunately for McMann a victory ala Jon Fitch would do little to gain her any mainstream media interest or PPV buys.

The same is true for Tate, Zingano and Davis...

Make no mistake ladies... If you want to become Ronda you must beat the living crap out of her.

Those gals need to beat the living snot out of Ronda and wipe the cage floor with her face. They'll need to turn Ronda's face into a pile of goo (ala Cain vs JDS 2) and own her from one side of the Octagon to the other.

Anything less just won't do if they're looking to become WMMA's new "IT" girl with mainstream media coverage and endorsement deals with mainstream companies.

Having Jon Fitch as a contender was bad enough for MMA fans. We certainly don't need Jon Fitch Part Deux as the actual bantamweight 'champion' since PPV ratings would go into the toilet.

So ladies... Either beat the snot out of Ronda or go home.

Cat Zingano has some impressive domination victories but nearly all of those were against 125 pound women who were less than 5'4" tall and most of them had either losing records or mediocre records. Pennington is Zingano's only 135 pound victory but her record is only 3-3.

So until Zingano can finish a fight in the first round (against a top ranked 135 pounder) I'm not ready to call her a juggernaut yet.

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