Anderson Silva Vs. the english language: The champ seeks victory by 2014



During his unrivaled reign of terror across the MMA universe, (that includes) occasionally crossing divisional boundaries to flawlessly overtake unworthy foes in a whirlwind of aesthetic violence, the scintillating middleweight overlord has had many detractors. One of the main sticking points of said detractors was the GOAT's inability, or as some believe his refusal to speak the language of the country in which he's employed. Well, looks like all the God needed was a little incentive, I'll let Eduardo Cruz over at fightersonlymag explain...

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is going to star in a reality show of a different kind between now and March 2014.

Now a major star in his home country of Brazil, Silva has picked up a sponsorship from language instructional producers Wizard.

As part of the deal, Silva had to agree to use Wizard products to achieve fluency in English and the company is making a reality series documenting his struggle.

"Making a commitment to achieving fluency fluence in English was crucial for this agreement," declares Silva, who wants to stop having a translator with him for interviews in English.

"I want to win this challenge badly. Now it's for real. Anderson Silva gives his word."

During the promotional press conference, held on Tuesday March 26, 2013 in Rio, the champ was said to be in a joking mood and candidly speaking about missed opportunities in Hollywood due to his difficulties with English. For the time being, the reality show is merely a web series that can be followed on social networks, but can find it's way onto Brazilian television.

Original article in Portuguese

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